Story : Being me (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5 [Back Home]

Sometimes, it’s just you, meeting your own inner self at the dead end when you had lost every little bit of hope, feeling dog-tired travelling the long road, groaning over the little mistakes you made, smiling every smile of yours, crying every tear of yours.

General P.O.V.

Aditi bought a watch and a non-fiction book for Piyush. She was pleased that her dad allowed her to go. Her whole day went in a blur and in the evening, as she was heading out for Piyush’s, she informed Mrs. Aarti, her landlady that she was going for a friend’s party.

Aarti was more than happy upon hearing that Adi was making efforts in socializing.

When she reached there, Adi was greeted by bone-crashing hugs from Piyush’s parents. They welcomed her like she was their long lost daughter who had come back from the precincts of hell itself.

“Aditi, you are finally here.” They said disengaging themselves from her.

It was uncanny so as to how these guys knew her name and recognised her when she didn’t have the ghost of an idea about their mere existence.

“How do you know me? As far as I remember, we haven’t met before.” She asked feeling uncomfortable with the fact that she was among those people who knew her but who she couldn’t identify even in her daydreams. Though they seemed friendly and harmless but she wanted to keep tabs on every possible thing while she was here.

Piyush face-palmed himself hearing her query. He should have known about it. Adi wasn’t someone you could fool with your words. She was the one to believe things based on pure logic and reason. He should have been prepared for situations like this. How could he think that his parents would let everything go on smoothly without any incredulity and scepticism?

He ransacked his brain to come up with a witty reply but his mom beat it to him. He just prayed that she wouldn’t speak something extremely stupid arousing seeds of suspicion in Adi’s mind.

“Oh. We know you because the other day, Piyush showed us your class photograph and pointed out every kid’s name.” Piyush’s mum, Ms. Asha said cautiously covering up for her previous slip.

“For a lady your age, you have a pretty sharp skill at memorising faces.” Adi commented. Ms. Asha’s reply seemed honest but she had to be brusque and incisive.

Piyush took Adi away from his parents. He couldn’t risk leaving Adi with his over excited parents. They were ecstatic due to Adi’s presence not because it was their son’s birthday.

The party was a hit. Everyone seemed to be enjoying to the fullest. Sid was there too. Infact, all of them were there. Why wouldn’t they be? It was the birthday of a member of the Enthusiastic Eleven. None of them would miss it for anything else. But the shocker was Adi. They were surprised to see Adi mingling with Piyush’s family.

When the DJ turned on the music, everyone waited for the first dance between Piyush and his girlfriend Ananya. But Piyush dared to ask Aditi for the dance giving everyone more shocks than required. Adi hesitated, as she was now the centre of attraction. Piyush grabbed her hand and yanked her to the middle of the room.

“Just one dance with the birthday boy.” He whispered.

Adi gave in. She wasn’t going to create a scene here in the party.

Asha and Piyush’s dad, Raj; passed each other knowing smiles. They were happy seeing their son finally take a step forward towards enhancing his relationship with Aditi.

Piyush’s gaze landed on Ananya and he mouthed a quick apology. She just nodded her head in understanding and gave him a full-fledged smile.

Ananya wasn’t insecure about her relationship with Piyush. She knew he cared for Adi, but he never told her the reason. Even then, she was going to wait until the time came. ‘Cause she genuinely loved him. And she would wait for him.

What she wasn’t aware of was that there was going to be a day when his priorities would change drastically leaving her dumbfounded. A day when he would again choose Aditi over her. And that too, that there was a reason he was very serious about everything concerning Aditi.

The party ended on a good note. Everyone started leaving for their respective residences. Adi too turned to leave but Piyush stopped her.

“Do you have a ride home?” he asked her.

Honestly she didn’t even think about it. In her haste of coming here, she didn’t realize that the party would end at night leaving her no chance to use public transport. But she could ask her dad to pick her up.

“Sid will drop you.” He said seeing that she didn’t reply.

“Don’t worry, he is going the same way.” He added sensing her discomfort.

“Yeah… I am going to my aunt’s as I will be there during the weekend.” Sid chimed in.

“No. You don’t need to go out of your way to drop me. I live at a considerable distance from here.” She responded.

“You live near the airport. Right?” he inquired and Adi nodded her head replying, “Actually a few kilometres away.”

“So chill. My aunt too lives a few kilometres away from the airport. And you can trust my driving skills.” Saying so, he returned to his conversation with Manik and Shiv.

Piyush seemed to sense her uneasiness for he cupped her face and made her look into his eyes saying, “Do you trust me?” His heartbeat increased worrying if she didn’t.

“Yeah…” she replied looking into his eyes. She couldn’t understand why she assented to his question again, but the sincerity and truthfulness in his eyes pushed away all her doubts.

“Good. Believe me, he will drop you home safely.” Piyush said hiding his happiness which bubbled due to her reply.

She nodded in understanding. Even though she couldn’t help but wonder why he cared so much for her, she felt euphoric to have him as her friend. She had started accepting him as her friend. How could she not? With the amounts of efforts he put in for her, it was impossible to ignore him by turning a blind eye to all his efforts.

The car ride back home wasn’t silent at all due to the jerk sitting beside her who unfortunately was driving her home.

“So what’s your address?” He asked Adi turning on the radio.

She kept mum and avoided answering his questions.

“Oh come on Adi, how am I gonna drop you when I don’t know where you live?” he asked bewildered.

“Just stop the car where I’ll ask you to.” She answered.

“Alright.” He said backing off. He wasn’t in a mood to argue with her. He was going to visit his dad’s sister today and he was ecstatic for the meet. He was going to meet her after six years. They lived in the same city, just a few kilometres away but as unbelievable it was, he hadn’t seen his own aunt since the past six years.

“Stop” she said at a place which was just a few metres away from his aunt’s place. So he was going to be her neighbour for the holidays.

He applied brakes making the car halt with a screech.

She got down and muttered a thanks.

He greeted her goodnight and headed for his aunt’s. He wanted to surprise his aunt. And taking his car inside wouldn’t help him see the surprised look on his aunt’s face when he would boo at her.

Parking his car in the neighbour’s house, he sneaked in her house from the back gate. The lights were on and the main door was wide open. His aunt was still the same, he observed and tip-toed inside. There was no one in the lobby. But he could make out the faint sound of humming coming from the kitchen. He treaded towards the direction only to see her back beside the sink. Apparently, his aunt was busy washing the dishes humming an old song. She was saying something among the lines of, ‘Kaan rakhte hain dar-o-diwar, raaz ki sari baat sun lenge. Aur aahista kijiye baatein, dhadkane koi sun raha hoga.’

It didn’t take him long to realise that it was her favourite song years back. Seems like she still liked that song.

He silently made his way towards her all the while being cautious not to give her a single hint that she wasn’t alone in her kitchen.

“Boo.” He bellowed when he was just a few centimetres away from her.

The sudden shout made her drop the bowl on the floor. She turned around abruptly to see who the troublemaker was.

“Hello, aunt.” He said when she gave him a blank expression. Did she not recognise him?

“Siddarth?” She spoke but it seemed like a question. It was as if she was confirming that he was really here. He nodded grinning when she touched his cheek to make sure that she wasn’t hallucinating.

She hugged him tight when she realized that it was him only. “So you finally made it after six years.”


Adi waited for his car to disappear. When she saw that he was finally out of sight, she sighed and started walking towards her home. She had asked him to stop his car a few metres away because she didn’t want him to know where she lived.

She pulled out the earphones and plugged them in her phone. She turned on her currently favourite song.

“Born into Nixon I was raised in hell, a welfare child where the teamsters dwelled.

The last one born and the first one to run, my town was blind from refinery sun.

My generation is zero, I never made it as a working class hero.

21st Century Breakdown, I once was lost but never was found.

I think I’m losing what’s left of my mind, to the 20th century deadline.”

She hummed the lyrics taking small steps towards her abode.

“I was made of poison and blood, condemnation is what I understood.

Video games of the towers fall, homeland security could kill us all.

My generation is zero, I never made it as a working class hero.

21st Century Breakdown, I once was lost but never was found.

I think I’m losing what’s left of my mind, to the 20th century deadline.”

She always related her life to the song. It was as if the band had made this song just for her.

“We are the class of, the class of ’13; Born in the era of humility.

We are the desperate in the decline, Raised by the bastards of 1969.

My name is no one, the long lost son, born on the 4th of July.

Raised in the era of heroes and cons, that left me for dead or alive.”

These lines always filled her eyes making her recall her dad’s doings and question her actuality.

“I am a nation, a worker of pride; my debt to the status quo.

The scars on my hands, and the means to an end; is all that I have to show.

I swallowed my pride, and I choked on my faith; I’ve given my heart and my soul.

I’ve broken my fingers, and lied through my teeth; the pillar of damage control.

I’ve been to the edge, and I’ve thrown the bouquet of flowers left over the grave.

I’ve sat in the waiting room wasting my time, and waiting for Judgement Day.

I praise liberty, the freedom to obey.

It’s the song that strangles me, well, don’t cross the line”.

The song didn’t even end but she turned it off and wiped her tears as she had reached her destination.

Opening the gates she made her way slowly towards the stairs, only to halt when a sudden instinct told her to inform Aarti aunty that she reached home safely. She went towards the kitchen straight away because it was Aarti aunty’s favourite place.

“Aunty, I am home.” She said as she entered the kitchen but the sight which greeted her made her take a double take.

Sid heard steps coming towards the kitchen. So he helped himself out of her hug to wait for the newcomer. But, the one who came inside was totally unexpected.

“You?” Both of them accused each other.

Aarti was herself surprised that her favourite kids knew each other. She was stressing out herself since the moment her brother told her about Sid’s stay to decide to ways to introduce them to each other. Now there was nothing to stress about.

“What are you doing here in my aunt’s kitchen?” both demanded simultaneously.

Aarti decided to interrupt their conversation to avoid any bloodshed.

“Aditi, Siddarth is my nephew.” She said and Sid smirked having an edge over Adi.

“And Siddarth, Aditi is my daughter.” This was Adi’s cue to smirk.

“And you both get it in your heads that I love you both equally.” She said and left them alone making faces at each other.

“Aditi, Get in here.” Came her Dad’s yell from above the stairs. His words slurred giving away the hint that he was drunk again. His voice was furious.

Aarti came running towards Adi to stop her from going upstairs. She wanted to protect her daughter from the drunkard’s wrath and madness.

“Calm down Aunty, I’ll be fine.” Adi said trying to convince herself more than Aarti. And went upwards to face her fate.

“Why are you so worried?” Sid asked Aarti absolutely unaware about the events.

Aarti didn’t reply. She walked off into her room leaving him clueless.

Sid ignored his aunt’s behaviour and treaded upstairs and towards the terrace.

“I told you to be home before nine and its twelve now.” Someone shouted making Sid retrace his steps and head in the direction of the voice.

“Sorry Dad.” Adi replied trying to prevent him from getting angry.

Sid stopped in front of door where the voices were coming from. He tried to peep in but the door was closed. He scratched his brain and realized that he could see what’s going on inside from the window in the balcony. He opened the door in the lobby which led him to his target window.

“Sorry. That’s all you have to say? You b*t*h. I was worried about you and you were probably sl*tting around in the party.” Adi’s dad hissed.

Sid gasped hearing a man calling her own daughter a b*t*h and accusing her of sl*tting around.

“Dad. I wasn’t slu… sl*tting.” Adi stammered, her eyes welling up.

“I’m not your dad. I have told you a million times that I didn’t give birth to a slag like you.” He barked taking hold of Adi’s hair and pulled them harshly.

Sid was dumbfounded seeing it with his own eyes. Apparently the man was so engrossed in abusing his own daughter, that he didn’t notice someone peeping through the window. Since it was already dark outside, Sid couldn’t be spotted.

“Dad.” Adi cried.

“Call me dad again and…..”

“I am really sorry dad…”


He slapped Adi but that didn’t deter her.

“I won’t repeat it, dad.” She cried.

“I bet you won’t even think of it after what I am going to do now.” He laughed maniacally and caught hold of her throat causing her to struggle for breath.

Sid couldn’t move. His limbs refused to function and his brain stopped altogether seeing the scene unfold in front of his eyes.

“Dad…. Can’t… breathe…” Adi struggled for words.

Suddenly everything seemed to make sense now. His aunt’s restlessness & Adi’s nervousness and hesitation before coming upstairs. It was as if they were aware of what was going to happen. That meant this was common. Her own father abused her. And she let him.

“Now listen to me carefully. I am going out for a week. And while I am out, I want you to download videos for me. You know what I mean. Things you do with random boys.” He chuckled darkly completely ignorant to the fact that Adi was getting short of oxygen.

“I know you love whoring around but don’t videotape yourself. Alright?” he asked but didn’t get a reply.

Sid had closed his eyes comprehending the entire scenario. He now understood why Adi was closed off. Why she always ignored conversations. Why she snapped at everyone. Above all he now understood that the reason behind her scars wasn’t her stupidity as she told the teachers, but her own father. And hearing him say those loose words to Adi, enraged him.

Adi struggled for breath. Tears flowed down her cheeks hearing those accusations from her own father. She tried to loosen his grip but he was so immersed in his ramblings that he didn’t realize he was tightening his grip on her throat.

It was hurting. Physically and mentally too. Tears didn’t seem to stop. And the world appeared to be moving before she totally blacked out.

When he didn’t get a reply, he glanced at Adi to see that her eyes were closed.

The b*t*h. She was sleeping even when he had caught hold of her throat. He dropped his hand from her throat to shake her from her slumber. But to no avail. Her body fell on the bed with a loud thud.

“Adi.” He shouted.

His voice caused Sid to open his eyes. He saw Adi lying like a lifeless body on the bed. He tried to move his feet. But his stubborn brain refused to transmit those impulses. He suddenly turned into a marble statue. Unmoving yet helpless.

He was constantly staring inside unable to do anything. He asked her to get up and be strong through his mind.

When Adi didn’t move, her father realized she was unconscious. He searched the room for water and his gaze landed on her study table. He ran walked towards the table, stumbling and falling. Tears formed in his eyes seeing his daughter lying like a corpse.

Grabbing the glass of water, he sat down on the bed beside her. He kept her head in his lap and called out her name sobbing like a child. He checked her breath and then sprinkled water on her face. When she didn’t respond, he poured a few more drops on her face causing her to open her eyes a little.

Sid was turning mad by each passing second. What was this man upto? First, he half-killed his daughter and now he was acting like a madman crying over her condition.

He was seeing red due to his own abrupt disability to move.

Adi flinched when something wet fell on her face. She tried opening her eyes but her body didn’t respond. A few more drops fell on her face again a minute later. She could make out the voice of her dad. He was calling her. She ordered herself to get up. Gathering all her will power and remaining energy, she opened her eyes and saw her father looking down at her.

She tried to summon words into her tongue but her body was drained out. He made her drink water. She felt a little better having had something down her throat.

He suddenly remembered something and jerked her head out of his lap causing her a neck sprain. He got up and left the room altogether saying, “I am going.”

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