The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 8

Hie guies
I know you all must be mad at me bt please understand I had my exams nd now I am totally free so will update regularly
Episode 8
‘Bye sanky’ I bid him bye as he had to leave to his office nd even I am not feeling well. I should take half day.
‘ya sir thank you’ I took permission nd went towards the lift.
Laksh where are you neither you are picking up calls nor you are replying I am feeling helpless. What shall I do. I reached my flat nd opened it. I was tired feeling helpless I had to do something, I need to take someones help.. sid wont he help me.. I took my phone before I could call sid there was a call from other side.. it was laksh thank god
‘helloo laksh where were you re you ok’ I was little exited you know
‘sh sh my baby calm down I am okay vo there was problem at my granny place so I came here, sorry I didn’t inform you’ baby do he call me like that
‘okay okay no problem but what is this baby’ I asked
‘vo vo leave it.. I m busy talk to you later nd please don’t call me till tomorrow I will be busy get that’
‘okay but..’ tut u I wanted to ask more.
So he ended up the call abruptly.. what happened to him he was sounding so different. I wish he is all right I don’t know but these negative vibes aren’t getting over me, even after talking to him. Let just forget him I have marriage 2morrow. It is so abrupt I cant even imagine it. My dad how will he manage he is in dubai now, it takes a day to come from there. Though it’s a small function but reception is going to be grand till then I pray dad comes.
‘rago beta what are you thinking’ mom asked
‘vo vo just I was worried about laksh nd marriage’
‘laksh wo ur classmate’
‘beta see 2morrow is your marriage stop thinking about him. Are you happy’
‘mom definitely sanskar needs me nd as I promise I will always be there for him’
‘hm acha I forgot to tell sanskar will come in n hour to take you to shopping’
‘nd mom baki arrangement’
‘don’t worry haldi will be in morning then mehendi will be there after 2 hours but sorry there will be no sangeet, we can keep it before reception cant we?’ she said inhaling large amount of air .
‘ ya we can but these all arrangements who will do’ I questioned
‘sanskar had hired the best event manager they will do it, you relax’
‘ya mom okay now I should get ready or else I will get late’
I took long anarkali suit I know ssanskar likes traditionals n even laksh likes it. What what why do I always think about laksh. Do I love him but what about sanskar. I am so confused. But whatever it is I will be happy seeing sanskar happy that’s it.
‘gini where are yo?’ I heard sanskar’s manly voice
‘ya here’ I smiled
‘may I come in I saw sanskar standing near the door’ he smirked a bit
‘yeah aa hi gaye ho to come in’ I stood nd started searching for my mobile.
‘you look hot’ he said
‘excuse me I am looking hot nd in traditional?’
‘ya I swear’
‘uh you stop flirting’
‘no I am not literally baby’ I started coming forward I could sense his smirk
He came onto me to hug me but I escaped nd took pillow from my bed nd threw it on him nd ran in the kitchen where my mom was working.
‘hn sansku chale’ I chuckled I bit nd mom smiled
‘go now ull get late’ mom said

‘This one’ she asked me for the 2nd time but I was busy staring at her. This angel is going to be mine in next 24 hrs. she is amazing nd I am mad lover of her. I can do anything for her.
‘sanskar where have you been lost’ she waved her hands to cpyure my attention
‘uh han this pink one is amazing go try’
‘yeah yeah’
Its 10 mins already how much time is she taking
‘gini’ I knocked the dressing room
‘ya’ I heard her nostaligic voice
‘how much time’ I asked leaning my head on the door
‘vo’ I stumbled a bit nd got imbalanced nd fell on gini.
‘sorry sansku vo I opened the door’ she stood up and balanced herself
‘it okay you re looking pretty’
‘vo sankar my back chain I cant close it can you please call someone’
‘why someone I am there na’
I locked the door
‘shhhhh’ I put my index finger on her lips nd twirled her I came down a bit to her height. I could see his bare back her buttery skin. I came forward towards her hair nd got lost in her fragrance. My one hand was on her neck nd another on her chain. I put my force to close it. It did but was hard. I thanked the designer millionth time for making this dress nd the shopkeeper for giving it to her. I saw blush on her cheeks nd her closed eyes. These two things make me out of control. I could not stop myself and kissed her neck. ‘sans..’ she whispered ‘shhhh.. why are you so gorgeous’ I asked
Knock knock
‘oh shit what will we do know’ she asked
‘first of all say ull take 2 more minutes’
‘no but we have to go nd now sanskar baby it will be your punishmenet for taking my advantage’

I opened the door.. he was hiding behind me like a two years baby
‘ty vo’ a girl stopped talking after seeing sanskar I smirked.. she thought us to be gf bf nd started making amused faces as if we had done something.
‘see this is a ladies trial room not a place to do such things’ she huffed ‘I will complain about this guy’
Now the matter was going on too much I had to step in nd stop this ‘madam he is my would be husband nd I called him to check my dress’.. ‘oh acha okay I am sorry bt you both look adorable’
‘thanx aunty I have checked it you can come in’

This had to stop.. what is it going on he cant marry ragu.. I had to do something or else I will loose everything from my hand.. this had to stop
I should call him nd start my plan
‘helloo where are you damn it.. are you nuts crazy’ I spoke as louder as I can
‘listen I am sorry I am coming meet me at raju café in an hour I had to discuss something’ he was sounding tensed he wasn’t calm
‘okay hm’ he said

Ragu good night he said while dropping me at my flat
‘bye gn’ I said as I stormed in my room. I was feeling low what is it happening. Tomorrow is my marriage nd not a single thought is about my marriage besided they re about laksh. Marriage a sacred thread, a single time investment the most important day of a girls life. Every girl has some dreams nd wishes about this day but why am I being so uneasy. Even I do have some dreams but what is this going on.
I got lost in my thoughts and soon sleep overtook my emotions.
Wake up beta its 7 get ready haldi will soon start’ mommy said
‘gm momma’ I opened my eyes but my vision was still blurred I could see some faces. I rubbed my eyes nd now its clear they were siddharta, abhay, piya, swara, roshini, tracker nd misha.
‘hi guyz’ I smiled as wide as I could. I am so happy they are here they are my best friends. ‘what happened’ I asked as I saw their frowned faces.
‘you are going to get married nd that too with sanskar nd u have not even informed us’ an irritated misha said.
‘nd what did you thought if you would not have informed us then we would not get to know’ abhay said with his usual expressionless dark blue eyes
‘hey you vampire shut up okay she is my friend don’t interfere’ at least piya took my side. ‘but wait vampi you are right she is at fault’ I sighed nd pouted again as a miffed piya my support system didn’t supported me.
‘beta you carry on I am get going nd please make her ready fr haldi’ momma said as she smiled innocently seeing our bond.
‘okay aunty’ sidhharta at last spoke.
‘guyz I am sorry I should have informed you all bt I was really afraid if you all find out about groom nd ya it is haphazard as well’ I pouted as cute as I can.
‘sanskar are you out of your mind he chea’ swara said but I cutted her off
‘swara he never cheated on me it was bela who double crossed me’ nd I told them about the whole incident. I could see change of their reaction. Swara piya mish nd abhay were convinced. Tracker do not have that much of mind to challenge nd sid he was furious even after such a big explanation.
‘sid I said
‘listen I am not with you’
‘ae sid its all right sanskar may be right. You had to believe him your bestie is going to get married are you going bid her like this face’ misha said
‘like a sada hua mango’ tracker again cracked a silly joke
‘please sid’ I pouted with cute eyes
‘okay bt I am with y und nt with him’ I instantly hugged him out of happiness nd this was followed by others nd this came up to be a group hug. We separated nd I asked ‘where are others’
‘they must be coming, now come on u had to get ready’ misha said
I admired their faces. We 8 were always the bestest of friends though we were 17 in a group.
‘okay take this lehenga nd go’ piya said as she forced me in my washroom.

Recap: some amazing friendship moments, haldi mehendi of rago. Dashing sankar nd some ragsan scene. Laksh whereabouts. Some secrets.

So this is it nd I am sorry I know I am late but please forgive me guyz. I love you all. So I have concluded that I will extend this to 17 parts.

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