The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 7


Hello lovelies. So guies do read it and do comment. Hm so I wanted to say yes saanskar will be grey sided but don’t worry he wont turn into black side.
Nd ya I wanted to ask you guies I was thinking to start a new ff that will be on reincarnation. So tell me how many of you are interested.

Ep 7th

‘I am so sorry gini please please forgive me’ he pleaded hugging me with concern.
‘Its okay sanskar I will always be there for you. Its just that I m little upset’ I spoked after some seconds of silence. While hot tears full of pain landed on his shirt through my cheeks where I have hided my face so as to cry secretly. Gini you crying he immediately came out of the hug and wiped off the tears.
‘I am sorry gini I just played with your dignity. I don’t know but everything blackouts in a second and I could not see anyone except you. You know what gini..
And he started narrating his story while he gestured me to sit. I sat on the couch opposite to him and started listening to him carefully as if I was likely to have exams the next hour
‘In these years I have not searched for you. I thought you left me for sid and I was really angry on you. I became a heartless beast. My employees don’t want to work with me. Even at times I just could not handle my anger and kick off peoples. The day you left me I signed off fighting from pressure and that beast inside me captured my inner feelings. I started drinking and and I’
‘Shhhhh stop sanskar please’ I careesed his face. ‘I know I should have trusted you. I was wrong. I should have trusted you after knowing the extent you love me’ I said while trying to keep him calm
‘Vese I wanted to ask one thing who is this laksh?’ he said while I was surprised seeing him coolly asking about a guy from me. This is the proof that he is recovering
‘Vo he is my friend’ I replied while I was expecting him to readily pounce on me. ‘Full name?’
‘Laksh somani my classmate’ i said while goose bumps crawled down my body. I was really proud to say his name. unknowingly I felt happy nd contended. He has something special to do with my heart. Whenever I take his name from my mouth I hear a guitar sound in my ears.
‘What the heck?’ I jerked nd came out of imagination, I saw his eyes widened with surprise no actually this must be understatement with shock
‘What happened sanskar? Are you okay. You know him’ I asked curiously
‘Ummmmm. Let it be. I wanted to know one thing do you still love me’ I was unsure why did he skipped the topic so fastly
‘What type of question is this?’ I stiffened a bit with the type of question I had to answer on. Though its answer was sweet but mouthing it in my voice for sanskar was becoming hard for me
‘Say na’ his eyes bleamed for my answer.
‘Um I ya ya I love you’ I replied and tried to be as lovingly as possible
‘Haah okay’
While I stared him and then at ceiling above us hiding the sky the moon and its moonlight. I just remember an incident that took place 7 years back when I first came to knew about his depression.
‘Sanskar why did you punched him so hard say’ I held his color in anger. I just don’t like sanskar fighting with anyone and that too for me.
‘Gini he he took your name from his mouth with dirty intention he called you hot se*y nd’ he said while I left his color
‘shut up you jerk. It is not right it was my matter then why did you poked your nose in between’ I shouted at the top of my voice.
‘It was my matter damn it you are my business right’
‘Sanskar you are unbelievable you kick off anybody on road. Cant you just control your anger’ I shouted at him while I could see his red eyes, he grabbed my arm tightly and pinned me to wall
‘Don’t you get it gini it is my matter how could anybody say anything to you. If in future also it happens then I would do the same and ya why cant you just wear a kurti and come, if you know you will called hot in these dresses’he yelled at me while his grip tightened
‘Sanskar ah its hurting please leave me’ I begged while tears started building up. ‘You promised me that you will get over your anger while we moved in a relationship’ tears full of pain nd anger flowed down my eyes paving there ways onto my cheeks. I felt betrayed. I hated the ways he was talking to me,the tantrums he was throwing on me.
‘Vo I vo I ah my head. Yes gini I promisd but this was different. Gini don’t cry I cant see you like this ah ah gini save me my head is spinning everything is blurring up’ I panicked seeing him like that. I could not think anything nd I immediately hugged him and tried to calm him up but to my horror he fell off on the ground. I was bitterly shocked.after a second I came into my senses nd took him to the hospital.

‘Doctor how is he? What happened to him’I asked with a unpleasant tone. I saw him staring at me. Actually he was not alone staring me, the way I was looking my hairs messed, my kajal worn out my lipstick half off as if I was a abandoned women
‘He is now fine but please see that he takes his medicine on time. But what happened that made him that angry’ I told him about his fight and all the incidents after that
‘But what what medicines’ I was heck shocked as if I had heard of a chudail on a dark night
‘So he didn’t told you? You are ragini right?’ hain he knew me was I so famous.
‘Han but how do you know me’
‘Sanskar has a sort of depression which make him a wild beast sometimes. He has no control over it.’
‘what..So it’s a type of dual personality disorder’ I was shell shocked of the recent revelation‘Say doc I am really worried’
‘No ragini the beast is not is other personality it is him only. Just the difference is it makes him blank and anger overpowers his other feelings emotions’
‘I didn’t know about it but how do you know me’
‘Sanskar told me about you in one of his curing sessions. Actually he is overprotective towards you’
‘But why’ what is this going on. This means I didn’t knew sanskar even a bit
‘This is all connected miss. The basis of this depression and overprotectiveness towards you. See his depression started when his bhabhi died in front of his eyes due to an accident. He loved her a lot. She was like a best friend to her. His family is not supportive towards sanskar because of his dancing passion and therefore it made him more connected to her. She supported her always. And then you came and now he don’t want to lose you’
‘Oh but’ I tried to interrupt in between but in vain
‘Let me complete. I am not sure. Its is the conclusion I can make out as for the information given by him’
‘Hm so how could I help him doctor’
‘As for now you can make him keep calm. Don’t leave him. Hug him to give him warmth nd made him take medicines on time’

‘Sanskar do you take your medicines regularly’ I asked coming out of my thoughts
‘Vo vo I I don’t take them from past 6 years’ now here I was really angry
‘Sanskar wth how could you do this and that is why you reacted like this’ I concluded
‘Sorry from know I will take them but only if you give them from your beautiful hands’
‘Haha funny okay’ Though I made sure I look calm but because it came upto my dignity a storm was flowing inside me
‘Gini I..’
Knock knock
‘Damn who must be there. If its mom then I am gone Sanskar go for know. From the window you came go na please’
‘But say I love you first’ I was so irritated. Was it the time to joke
‘I love you go go now’ I said being frustrated
‘Its me beta’ Oh no mom had to come only at this time ughh ‘Come in mom’ I had to hug her after meeting her after 2 months ‘So how is masi know’
‘She is better beta. Sorry I left you alone’ momma caressed my face
‘No mama its okay’
‘Are you okay you are looking tensed’
‘No momma I am okay vo work pressure you know’ I said trying to hard the emotion inside me‘I am tired let s sleep its too late momma’
‘Beta wait I have a surprise for you’
‘Yes that my marriage proposal have been approved by you’ Oh shit why cant I control my tounge
I bit my tongue
‘So sanskar told you’ she pouted
‘Um yeah’ I said and smiled sheepishly
‘Are you happy’
‘Yes momma. I am happy’ I replied
‘Wait I ll be back after freshening up’ she said
Momma came after 5 min
‘Momma please sing a lori for me please’ I pouted
‘Okay come’
I slept on her lap she started
Chandaniya chup jana ho lori lori …………
After seconds of lori I slept

I love you ragini and I will get you at any cost.
Your creamy cheeks, rosy lips your small nose nad your big eyes I wanted them to be just mine.
‘Ehhhhhh’ I heard her voice. Oh god why cant she leave me alone
‘hi’ I had to say
‘keshe ho mele babu’ oh how buttery is this I hate her
‘Oh baby I am fine’
‘But I am upset and I am warning you if you betray me then I will not leave nd will expose you’
‘Ale mela babu why are you feelng this you know n I only love you’

‘Goodmorning beta wake its already 8 don’t you have to go to office’ I thought I was hallucinating but reality striked me mom had come yesterday and now it was 8
‘Mom its 8 why didn’t you wake me earlier. I had to make breakfast as well’ I jerked
‘Don’t forget I am back. I have made your breakfast. Go get ready know’ she ordered

‘Goodmorning’ I said to everyone and weny towards my cabin
Hm these are all fine. Now let me check this. Okay so I should distribute the works. Laksh might help me.I called peon nd ordered him to send laksh to my cabin
‘Mam he is not there’
‘Is he on leave’
‘Mam no application have been arrived yet’
‘Okay go’ I don’t know but I was feeling uneasy.He didn’t came to office and didn’t gave an application too despite knowing these office rules. No but he is not like that. He is so discipline in this matter and he also didn’t inform me too. let me call him
Switched off. What know his phone is also switched off. Now what. Uhhh why am I feeling lonely and alone. Why am I missing laksh so much.I should call sansku
‘Hi gini’
‘Hi sansku’
‘Any problem you called me at office hours’
‘No I was feeling lonely so’ I tried to be calm
‘Its okay gini don’t worry I am on the way to your office to meet harsh and md of the company. I will meet you and go’ he assured me
‘Ty sansku’
While I tried to capture my mind towards my work

Knock knock
‘Come in’ I said
‘Laksh you. Why did youtook leave and you didn’t inform me also. You know how much I missed you’ I said in a hurry without realizing what I said
‘Oh so you missed me’ oh shit now what would I explain him
‘Ah I mean yes but’.Why are you staring at me. Come sit down’
‘You are gorgeous’ he replied
Seat has left behind. What do you want stop there.He came closer towards my seat while I missed my breathes. I sensed him coming
‘So you missed me’ he came more closer while our foreheads touched
‘Yes I missed you so much’nd a tear escaped from my eyes while I looked into his painful eyes
Tring tring
I came into my senses. So he was not there it was just a dream damn it, why I have only laksh dream
‘Yes say’ I took intercom
‘Mam sankar sir is waiting for you can I send him in’
‘Ya okay’

‘Hi gini’ while I stood up and went towards him
‘Come in. so this is my cabin’
‘Tatz cool gini. Why don’t you work with me’ while he looked at me eagerly
‘No sansku its my new job and bdw co are going into merger so top level s are going to work in same building’ he smiled
He gave me a clever move look
‘Han yr how could I forget that’ he replied casually
‘Vese you look hot in this formal dress’ he tried his flirty dirty tricks on me
‘Ah so your daily dose chalu’ gave him a unbelievable look
‘Hehe tum ho hi itni beautiful’ while I imagine him singing ladki beautiful kar gayi chull
‘What ever’
‘Gini look at me. Are you happy with this marriage’
‘Han han sanskar’
‘No actually pandit ji told us the muharat and that is in two days or after 6 months’ he said
‘So 6 months is better’
‘No gini I wanted to marry you after 2 days’ he replied casually but I was not so happy
‘But sanskar its too fast’ I tried to reason it out
‘Please gini. If you would be there with me than I may recover fast please’
‘Hm let me talk to mamma’ now I have no choice left
‘Vo my mamma will talk to her’
‘Okay but for now sit down and I will order green tea’
‘Yeah so you remember my choice’ he said while his eyes shined
‘Hm how could I forget you. You were my everything’
‘And ragini you you were and will always be my sunshine. Sunshine to my dark face. Sunshine to my grey side. You are a medicine to my life and you are a rose to this beast. I I
‘Shhhhhh stop stop sanskar. Why always you start your sorry story and spoil my romantic mood’I saw one his eyebrow moved towards northwards
‘You are saying this to lighten up the moment. Haina’ ughhh today I was saved
‘Ummmmmm ya’
‘Huh I know you so well’ ya he was right he literally knew me well.
‘Oo la la nothing new’
‘Huh. You are looking stressed today’ he was again right
‘Vo hm.. gussa to ni karoge’
‘Say na’
‘Vo laksh I had not seen him from yesterday evening nd he is not picking up calls nd even he is not picking up his landline’
‘Shhh shhh calm down gini he might be busy’
‘No he is not so irresponsible. I should go to police’
‘Nahi nahi bilkul nahi’ He reacted weird. Well he was actually sweating profusely
‘What happened sanskar’
‘Vo police. No ways if laksh would have gone somewhere himself then’
‘Han but’
‘No but vut gulaboo. Stop thinking so much’
‘Gulaboo who is gulaboo say’ I faked anger
‘You. See yourself you have turned whole pinky pinky’ he said while his lips curve in a small smirk
‘So rude you mr monkey’
‘Oye do I look like monkey. Whole lot of girls are behind me’ he said proudly
‘Han they are behind you because they cant tolerate a money beside them’ I started laughing
‘What the heck they just want me to accept them as their gf. See how much in demand I am’
‘Haha the monkey in circus also have lots of demand’
‘You gini wait I will not leave you easily gini. I will see on our special night’
‘Shhh you shmeless chiiiii euuuu I hate you’ ughhhh his shameless side is always behind me
‘No don’t say that again’ his eyes literally welled up
‘Hey sanskar it was a joke yr. see now you turned pinky pinky. Now yu are my gulaboo’ I tried to lighten up his mood
‘Chiiii gulaboo I am a stud, a bloke’ he replied
‘No but you look so cute yr’ while I smiled sheepishly
‘You like it’
‘I love it’
‘Then I will always be like this’
‘Hatt you flirty filthy man. Everytime flirting’
‘Gini you look so cute at this sort of face’ nd I gave him whatever look

I will not leave you. You betrayed me. You lied me. I will definitely not make this happen
I loved you and what did you gave me. Now see what I will do. Face it beta face it
So this is it. Do comment sorry for typos yr

Recap: marriage of ragsan. Shocking revelations. Ragini hurted to the core. Laksh nowhere to be found.

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