The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 2

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So lets get started with a new episode..
The story of broken trust and lost love : raglak and ragsan episode 2
Ya u all were right it was lakshya’s request…….

Ragi pov:
Omg the great Lakshya somani’s request……attitude guy….. he sent me request how could I believe…… oh god I am dancing……dancing like a maniac, I don’t know why but it feels good when somebody whom we have had feelings proves you that we exist for them…… though I don’t accept the fact that I feel for him can not suppress the happiness that I am having now.
No wait….. why am I so happy….. he is a boy….. and these people are not trustable….. I should just delete his request and block him….. don’t know what his intentions are……what he is up to.
But but
I don’t know why but I could not resist and I accepted his request…..
This was the first time I went against my mind…… but my heart do feel a nervousness about its consequences. Nobody knows what will I face in my life because of him.
To myself:
It may be because a ray of hope fell on me that yes I could be in love again……
LOVE what the f*** it is a crap…… how could you ragu……
Ya I could not fall in love again….. these relationships and all are just a name sake……
Ragu beware…….
I was then thinking about my flashback with sanskar……..

Yeah yeah I am in love……. I was dancing like a maniac….. today he proposed me….. my sanky proposed me……. Omg….. he is so courageous I didn’t know…… he proposed me in front of my gang of 18 and many more outsiders who could not help but to peep inside the circle out of their curiosity……
Thinking about how he went on his knees and gave me a rose made me blushed more and more…..
I remember we met for the first time 2 months ago on a road accident….. I blurted and shouted on him, though I realized lately that the person I was shouting on is so damn hot…..
Though our first meeting was a drastic incident but gradually with the passage of time I realized my love.
While thinking all about my first love sleep conquered me……

It was morning and today I have to go on a lunch date with sanky….. no my sanky…… oh how exited I am
I chosed a high waist jeans and a grey crop top with open hair….. I have a good quality of hairs and for this award goes to my mother.. she champi my hairs on every alternate days….. ugh the smell of that oil isn’t bearable though.
I did a light make up with a cherry red lipstick on my lips and smokey hot eyes….. with black high heels
Coz its was my first date I was a bit nervous …… m a sort of introvert girl therefore I was feeling shy as well…. I am not experienced in this field….. and to increase my tension my gang was there….. we are the best gang of our school though we have had some loop holes…. But among my gang only two were my best friends sapnu and sid….. though these two mad people are not talking to me as for the fact they had two reasons… first I didn’t told them about my feelings before sanskar proposed me… yes here they had a reason, being a bestie I should have told them about this but I had a valid reason to nullify this is the second reason that they don’t like sanky baby…… well
My thoughts were broken by his call…..
Sanky: where are you baby…..
Me: just coming 15 minutes…..
Sanky: okay janu waiting….. muahhh.
Call ended

And I was hell nervous when I reached there…… my heart was pondering so hard, it was all ready to explode.
We were in a private garden which was fully decorated just for me…… ah this feeling “of just for me”….
There he was with black shirt and grey brijish…… with sunglasses….. omg looking damn hot….. his nose is his best part….. I could take off my eyes from him but I had to because he caught me when I was staring him so deeply.He smiled while I blushed…. Ugh why did I do that?????
Next We chatted….. we had our lunch and then we just stand to go and there my foot slipped and I fell backwards.
I closed my eyes….. I was so nervous thinking that what will he think about me that I could not even walk properly……. But I was surprised that why didn’t I reached the ground and then I felt two muscular hands around my waist holding me tightly…..

Awww the perfect moment…… yes he…. my sanky saved me……. We had a very deep eyelock
And then I don’t know why why I hugged him, it seemed that I could not abide the fact that we were so close just some mm away…… and he hugged me back within a second…… more and more tighter…….. we could feel each others heart beat. I am telling you my heart would have exploded there itself.
I broke the hug as I felt shy thinking about my action…… but he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him…… then I saw him staring at me…… I was so so much blushing and his touch made butterflies scroll in my stomach….. he cupped my face n came closer more closer…… a bit more towards my lips….. I didn’t resisted but I was nervous// my lips were shivering…. I closed my eyes coz I felt him coming closer..
But then he made me surprised, He kissed me on my forehead.. while I was happy about the fact that he understands me so much…..

But I felt bad for him…… I don’t know why but I got the courage and kissed him there on his lips…. But I became more nervous and broke it in a second and tried to go……
But he held my wrist…. And pulled me towards himself……. I bumped into his chest…… he chuckled as he stroked my cheeks and made me look into his eyes…..his eyes bore into mine…… I was sensing he was coming more closer….. we closed our eyes….. firework seemed to explode
Then our lips met…… we had a liplock which was slow initially but became passionate with the passage of time……. We broke this sucking after 5 minutes not because we were done but the fact was we were out of air now.. I was feeling a bit shy opening my eyes……

I opened my eyes and saw him looking deeply into my eyes…… but I dared to see him and hide myself in his chest…… he smiled at my antics…. And said I love you baby
After sometime we went back to our destinations….. he had to go to his office as he was a intern and I went back home…
I came to my room and thought about whtever happened…. I smiled like a maniac….. it was my first experience….. my first date….. my first bf….. and my first hug…… and slept while thinking about him……
Flashback ended____________________________________________________________________

Thinking about my first love first bf Iwas crying……
My mind: Why are you crying suhani u hate that person right
My heart: because first love have a special place in life….. it was the first time I come across this feeling…… this feeling is a sort of remedy to all your problems……. This is the feeling which makes you understand how you can also love a person who is not your blood relative…… yes I accept I cannot forget sanskar….. he will always hold a special part of my heart…… but he can never be forgiven also for what he did to me…..
And see within a second my smile faded and tears are rolling down thinking about him….. I threw my clock in my frustration….. yes I accept I miss him…. My heart is somewhere empty without him….
A peep sound broke my frustration.
There I saw an unread message….. I opened it…… yes it was lakshya somani’s message…
Laksh: hi
Me: hi [ though initially I didn’t want to reply but he was my classmate so I need to]
Laksh: why are you ignoring me
Me: no its nothing like that……. Shayad I was a bit busy….
Laksh: okay….. and say what are you doing
Me: nothing….. just solving some maths question….
Laksh: acha can I ask you a question…..
Me: ya
Laksh: do you have a boyfriend??
Me: no I hate relationships…….
Laksh: okay…. Same I don’t have a gf but unlike u I love relationships….
Me: everbody has their mind set.
Laksh: why are you so stubborn….. and serious…. Be fun loving…… u have so much of attitude
Me: no sorry….. its nothing like that….
Laksh: no its okay……
Me: okay bye
Laksh: okay bye tc gn sd
Our chat ended……. After that day we didn’t chated again……. I didn’t want to get close to anyone…. Neither I had trust on anyone nor my heart was free to love because I think I still love sanskar
though i didnt understood what i really want but he always use to sit next to me in maths class for months…. I pay no heed to his presence and avoided him as much as I could….. I was so confused and messed up with my feelings… whenever I start thinking about laksh, face of sanskar comes with his betrayal.
we didn’t interacted much…… may be he understood that I am ignoring him……
but my bechara sa heart wanted something else….. yes I started to feel for him like I used to feel for sanskar…… but I didn’t had courage to come uo and accept the fact though I still feel something for sanskar……
the day came when I understood my feelings for him
christmas was 11:55 i got his message
hy dear happy Christmas…
i was suprised coz as much as i know him he never talked to anyone like this…
i said same to you and we chatted on some various topics like first time I saw him flirting and there came a topic on which something special happened……. it was like:
laksh: I am a man and a bloke so nobody could reject me.
Me: oh really you and a man…. Hhaa u r boy lakshya
Laksh: don’t laugh I hate you.
Me: whatever
[Though that I hate you pinched me but I didn’t react]
Laksh: so go out in this cold whether.
Me: what??
Lakh: as your punishment girl.
Me: huh you go why should i??
[and i was smiling and laughing there on his cute talks in a…….. dark room hiding all my fears
he was making me feel as if i really exist
and he replied just one thing and gave me such a happiness which i could not feel in that past 1and half year]
Laksh: chal okay TOGETHER FOREVER…..?? what say
Together FOREVER……. What does he wanted to say….
i was sitting there smiling and blushing having goose bumps all over the body…. i felt that as if he would propose me the next very moment….. but suddenly he went offline….
I was sad that he went without bidding me bye
next day he apologised to me for the whole chat because he was drunk and because he have a crush on me and therefore couldn’t control and sent these sort of text to me
but it was now clear that he don’t love me at least not fo know…
after that 8 months passed we didn’t chatted or interacted for a single time….. may be his guilt was not allowing him to make a way through and say a HI to me….. and I was angry on him so I would also not do it….. though I still feel for him
today I had my competitve exam to enter in CA course…… i came out being happy for i thought i would pass and just thenwe crossed each other….. after so many months he gained up
courage and smiled….. i did the same and we went on searching for our parents who were waiting outside the examination hall
that night he messaged me you forgotten me?? and i replied no no how could I forgot you….
it was the happiest moment for me literally…. but a sense of insecurity pinched me.
and we chatted till 2 but this time we shared a lot about each other.
we have to end it as I was feeling sleepy
For 2 months we chatted regularly and there came 23 july my result date
It was the night of 22 july
i was feeling nervous so i decided to go online…… and talk to him because I know though I had trust issues he is the only one whom I share everything and feel complete with.
there he was active but i dared to even say a hi may be it was my ego or whatever but the conflict of thoughts between me ended as i heard a pop sound on my phone
yes it was his message with good wishes for me and i also wished him
may be i wanted myself to be his lucky charm…..
the whole night I didn’t let him sleep and as a best friend he knew he has to be with me as I was hell nervous…….
The most dreaded day was here our results were declared and yes we both cleared…… he was definitely a bit more intelligent than me……. Uh….. I am not feeling jealous rather I should be proud of him he was the ranker of my city Mumbai……
Days rolled by happily as I knew he just have a crush on me so I didn’t shared my feelings with him.
May be that was a secondary reason…… primarily I could not also forget sanskar.
But a ray of hope was always there that may be he will also love me some day…… and may be I would dissolve sanskar’s every memory then.
Ugh…… some day???????? But when
My friends knew about my love interest so they just use to tease me up and as always I use to ignore them while blushing and hiding my smile…… hiding from whom my friends him or myself ? I could not answer this question uptill now…….
But everything has to get itself changed it’s a rule of nature……
There he met a girl from our classes and made her his best friend I really felt jealous . I could not share him with anyone. I thought him to be just mine but this was not the end and soon their rumors of being in a relationship started to take a road…… on a road which was made out of sacrifice of my love…….
I tried to console myself saying its just a rumor man its okay
It was my birthday…… he offcourse was the first person to wish me as I was his bestie and I felt too happy even though this is a small designation given to me in his life and that was the time I gained courage and asked whats going on are u in a relationship
And he denied……. I was so happy but soon a thought took over this happiness that may be he is lying…..
A month passed by and the day which I really wanted to disappear from my memories came……
He made his relationship public. Ya he was in a relationship.. he lied to me, I thought I was his bestie..
I was shattered I could not take it anymore
I lost my love again…… I cried and cried and cried and I cursed aashi for taking my laksh away from me
But soon I realized was he really my laksh……
Whenever I used to see them with together being happy I wished that I wanted to be that girl…… I could not resist crying…… but I didn’t came in between because I wanted laksh to be happy always. I loved him truly and I wanted him to be happy. I don’t have any grudges on him because he never said he loved me.
There was only one question in my mind that even though I came in his life first then why did she took him away from me……..
But I realized that love is not about begging or stealing it’s a feeling
It may remain one sided some times
“Ishq saccha vahi jisko milti nahin manzelien
Rang tha noor tha jab karib tu tha”
I stopped talking to him from that day……. But I want to keep him with me as a sweet memory.. because I know now I could not love anyone just because my love is my sweet memory now
From last 6 years we….. laksh and me just have two topics to message either it’s a birthday or any special occasion …….
He messaged me many time with intention to talk to me but I couldn’t reply because I don’t wanna become weak and I don’t want to undergo emotional breakdown again…… and again talking to him and killing myself because now there is no hope for me that he may ever love me…..I just want him to be in my memory.. memory which now affect me so much.. these memory help me to overcome the memories of betrayal that sanskar gave me… I wanted to stop myself from thinking about sanskar but off course I couldn’t do that he was my first love.. we had some special memories..
Yes I just have one shikwa with him that he didn’t bid a good bye to me……..

It’s a bright and a beautiful morning…… first day of my job after being a CA now its CA ragini maheshwari
Without laksh somani and sanskar inani around me… but yet in my memories.
laksh is now with his another love I think her name is shanaya but whateve I don’t care…..? really?
Yes I do care yr I still love him I love him to the eternity
My love has always increased for him there is not a single day in these 6 years when I did not cried for him…… as he is my happy memory because he never gave me pain as sanskar did….. I always remember him when I a find myself alone n lonely…… but I don’t want laksh in my life because I know he would not love me and that will break my heart more
Though we don’t have much memories but jitni bhi hai muje encourage karne ke liye kafi hai…..
Now again I started thinking about him…… ah

Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..[ thinking about how I fell in love with him but still could not tell him….. the love I am having for him could never be reciprocated……]
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..[ thinking about my broken trust, lost love and the love which never faded in these years…….]
Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan [ thinking about our first hug….. though it was a friendly 1 but still it holds half of my heart….. thinking about how we use to chat and how I was happy within my small world that I made with him ]

Though I didn’t expected too much from him….. but whatever it is if we love someone than automatically we want that person to reciprocate to the love which we had given to him…….
Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani [I am smiling and crying bitterly….. he has always been a sweet memory for me, a memory which made me what I am today]
Beep beep….. my alarm clock grasp my attention…. omg
Oh I forgot I am getting late for my office ummmmm……. I started getting ready

[ authors note: there she is miss ragini…… with full attitude on face…. A bold look
Wearing a see green translucent cotton shirt on a grayish black brijish cum trouser with black moccasins that made her look bolder and a hot red lipstick….. with her hair tied in a bun made her look damn hot
She was selected in one of the top companies as their CA and CS among 20 CA}
I reached office in my car……
There I was allotted my cabin and I couldn’t believe what I saw……
Guess what she saw……

Precap: the person whom ragini saw….. who can be the person…… why did he came…… what he is doing there…… he is sanskar or laksh….. a shocking revelation……. raginis bold avatar..

To know more read next part…… till then take care
And do comment it is my first SS and it is very close to my heart being a writer I am selfish……
Thanks a lot silent readers
Thank you

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