The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 1

Hello friends this is sush and I am writing an SS
This is my first writing….. I want you all to support me….. I don’t know whether you will like it or not
But as this is my first writing it is very much attached to me I was literally crying writing it…..
I want you all to comment below please please support it….. I don’t have many many friends on telly but please just being a co writer or a reader you all support me……
Ragini Maheshwari (by tejasswi praksh wayangkar) : presently A CA and CS focussed on her carrier….. a bold and attitude girl….. but is sensitive inside
Laksh somani( by namish taneja) : A CA….. attitude boy….. rather intelligent
Sanskar inani( by varun kapoor): A CS and choreographer.
Bela mehta (by mouni roy) : friend of ragini 8 years back.
Lets get started… will about RAGLAKsan and raginis painful yet romantic yet a focused story….
set up: a middle to upper class family with a not so conservative environment where studies and education are given a lot lot importance.
place: mumbai

It will be mainly from ragz pov…..
The story of broken trust and lost love
Ragini’s pov:
It’s a story that started a long way back something around 7 to 8 years…..
I am 23 now and it all happened when i was around 15…….. but still I could remember each and every emotion I faced that time……

I had an emotional breakdown that year. I was in 11 grade, I tried to focus on my studies but it was hard because the way he betrayed me made me feel as if I am the worst girl alive.
He gave me the feeling of insecurity, hatred, broken heart, broken trust, and a lot lot more which I couldn’t explain in words…… I hate him….. I hate sanskar
[Yes he is non other than my sanskar…… no just sanskar inani…… a spoilt brat with heartless soul]
That feeling overtook every other feeling of mine. My happiness my trust everything fade away within a fraction of second. The love which I had for him changed into hatred within a moment.
That day….. the worst day….. I intentionally asked my friend to help me. and may be this is what i think i made the worst or the best mistake.
Just because I had some insecurity in my heart…..
No you are taking it wrong….. this insecurity was just not because of my intuition but because of a incident that took place…..
Some days ago___________________________________________________

He was in a restaurant with a girl…… it was a coincidence that I was also in the same restro with my gang….
I called him(phone)…. Just to check whether he says truth or not because he never mentioned me about this girl….. I have never seen her neither as a friend nor as his sister
Me: hello sanky
Sanky: han ragu…. Say fast I am in a meeting
Me: really sanky??
Sanky: yes baby… you doubting on me?
Me: where is your meeting going on.
Sanky: in a restaurant…. I am busy…. Talk to you later.
Call ended…. Beep beep
I was confused but I thought may be that girl is his new co intern…… as he is a to be CA.
[Note: sanky is 4 years older to rags]
But I was restless that night thinking about how he holded that bl***y girl’s hand….. while sleep overtook my mind.
Next day:
Location: my class
My friend bela not such a good friend but ya a childhood friend saw me tensed…..
Bela: ragini what happened you are looking tensed….
Me: nothing like that bela
Bela: don’t you dare lie
Me: okay so the thing is I am little insecure in my relationship……
and I told her the whole incident of the past day…
bela: listen ragini firstly u must not doubt him but if you have and you worried about your future then you should once do his loyalty test…..
me: is it right bela but if I am proved to be wrong then what
bela: ask him sorry and just make him understand. But you need to be really careful
Me: okay but how.
Bela: I have a plan.
Me: okay say
Me : oh yeah…… but we need a girl for this….. who who…..
And then
Me: yes I got the girl and you no who it is?????? It is you bela……. Please help me
Bela: no no ragu how could i
Me: please for our friendship…
After much much concern she said yes….
From that day onward my plan was ON
She sent him a friend request which he accepted…… after a month or so they made a plan to meet somewhere…… as per our plan……
This made me more tensed because in this month he never revealed me about bela being her friend….. and he use do healthy flirting with her but I cannot leave him or questionhim on this basis coz he may have an answer for this……. I need more to get my love fade away…… to break my heart and to break up with my trust…….
Ya that worst day of my life arrived________________________________________
I still had some hope in my heart
She went there as his friend. as he was not known about our friendship we took advantage of the same.
I was there waiting at a deserted place for her……
There she came with a bitter and expressionless face….. I was confused
There were many things revolving around my mind……. My mind and my heart were fighting like hell….
And this suspense was now over as the audio started…….

Though the voices were not totally audible but i was able to understand what must have happened their.
Firstly they orderd some pizza or that thing then they started chatting…….
My heart beat was so loud about what will happen next ……
And their it was what I wanted
he hugged her and tried to kissed her but she gave him a tight slap like CHAPPPAKKK and went away and i got all my answers………..
I could not handle that and I brokedown there itself…… I was I was….. I could not express that…. That pain that hatred…..
this made me feel as if the whole world of mine has taken a u turn
i was devasted
and that feeling of being betrayed could not be expressed
i cried whole night, didnt talked to any of my friends for days but i had to act normal in front of my parents and to study as well.
I changed my number….. I never called him….. I never asked him about why he did this to me
As I could not handle that I tried to run away from him……

A YEAR PASSED BUT WITHOUT ANY CHANGES….. i had no trust on relationships now
there i was in mid of 12th grade a bold girl with an attitude…..
this day made another change in my life
when i saw him sitting just next to me in maths class……
ya i knew him from beginning of the grade but i never felt anything for him but today i dont know what happened but i felt good and smiled at his antics…….. he was so cute…..
though he was thought to be the most MR attitude guy: Laksh somani…. but he spoke to me first OMG….. the chat went on but it was all about STUDIES….. huh
but in a little while i realised what my heart was upto and that was the time i stopped myself as my heart was not accepting that i could feel like this as i had no trust on anyone now…. The flashback of that bitter night came in to my mind…… the pain that he gave me…… how many days I took to go to school and talk with others….
i left the class in middle and introspect about the whole messed up feelings of mine but as usual my mind always overtook my heart…..
days passed i did not talked to him again… ummmm may be intentionally ……. but one fine day i opened my fb to remove my and sanskar’s photos forever and just not locking it to ONLY ME so as i could see them and have a hope of getting him again
and there a new chapter started in my life
a request came and i opened it
guess whose request can it be??????
Don’t stop guessing

Precap: whether ragini accepted the request or not…… some painful and romantic flashbacks…… a shocking revelation…… bold avtar of ragini…..

Wait for next part and please support me….
love you guies…. take care…. it will be of 7-8 parts next part will be updated soon till then bbye

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  1. Amazing,

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      oh tysm lovely . keep reading

  2. Awsm
    Request from laksh

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      ya thank you….. yes may be….

  3. Awesome i loved it if u can make it ff plz make it, its really fantastic

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      oh you liked it that much…. i will try…. i can do that by expressing my feeling well…. i dont promise you but i will try… and keep reading

  4. Nice…

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  5. Megha123

    Awsm bt I think bela cheated her and request may be from laksh

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  6. Amazing story dear… Plz post next part soon

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  7. Sindhura

    Nice dear you.did well
    I think bella cheated her

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    Interesting start dear..loved it….

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  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    It is from Laksh
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  10. amazing yaar it is sooo interesting and i think request from laksh

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      keep guessing

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    good start… loved it. .. keep writing..

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    Good start dear. I think the request was from Laksh.

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    God sush it was amazing yrrrrr
    and u know wt i’m a frank person really this was worth reading….
    may be it’s laksh’s request n a new love story starting
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    and ya do cont. it….
    u have to …..
    for ur dear frd….
    otherwise will not talk to u ….

    Love uh…..??????
    Keep smiling n stay blessed
    Yashu !!!!!!???

    1. CAsush

      oh tysm dear….. this means a lot….. i will continue for sure…. once again thank you…. love uh 2 tada

  15. I think bela is cheating her and the friend request is from laksh….let’s see

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      thanx and ya keep guessing

  16. Awesome

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    awesome….loved it….and it’s interesting…. continue soon waiting to know more

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    Fabulous dear………. post nxt part soon.

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  20. awesome start , poor ragini she is so broken and does not trust anybody anymore . the friend request is laksh’s , is it not ? update next one soon , i cant wait more

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      love you

  21. this is ur 1st ff i loved it it’s amazing keep going

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