The story of birth and Rebirth OS

In this modern world people don’t believe the concept of rebirth but what does this rebirth mean
Scriptures says soul never dies it is immortal it can’t be killed or destroyed
It is written in holy books that every birth on this mother earth is with some motive it is to fulfil a aim everyone are born to full fill their part of duty
The universe is infinite it can’t be measured the vast galaxy stars meteors comet it is fulfilled with such things

Science has progressed a lot it is able to reason justify almost everything from birth of new life to how did earth form almost everything science has answer new researches new invention everything is moving with great pace every human emotion has reason critical human brain, but some where it fails, fails to justify some facts but finding those facts is not that easy
Time never stops for anyone it keeps on moving

Human started writing and keeping records around 3500 BC and earth was formed about 4.6 billlion years ago that means most of human history we have no records no evidence no clue nothing
When was this vast Milky way galaxy when it was formed we have no idea but we hear many stories about that
Different religion different scriptures different culture have many things to say everything has a reason and those stories saying can’t be wrong something is there that concerns us
Where there is positive negative would exist with it these two energies are always connected they help to balance this world
The theory of big ban explains us how universe was formed when two element strikes each other with same speed a huge vibration gets created
Space is vacuum where sound can’t be heard but such vibrations can be felt

On earth microbes are naked organism but when we think that earth is in centre of universe then human are naked oragnsim or those which are most smallest of all
Confusing na all these questions come to our brain but we get no answer
Coming back to earth
Is Re carnation of soul that possible
It is said that bad deeds done by you never leaves u they come back to u if u did a crime then u would get punished if not in this birth then in next birth
Soul never dies but body dies soul just changes the body but the sins that it do won’t get erased with new body
Some stories get left incomplete in birth but they come back to complete those stories they take rebirth to solve some untold puzzles

Universe the vast space a huge rock is shown it is filled with huge mountains it looks so deadly
Some one’s screams are heard
Three people standing in three directions holding a sword in their hand the sword is emiting a energy that is moving towards evil spirit who is getting destroyed
“I can’t” says a girl in cracking tone with passage of second she is loosing her self she is holding a sword in her hand that is taking all her mighty energy and transforming that to a powerful magic which is destroying a evil who is attached to a statue slowly the sword fell from her hand
The evil laughs a bit looking at her
“no” says a boy trying hard not to concentrate on her

The girl fells down
“don’t look their concentrate here” says a other voice
The man looks angrily and more energy emits from his sword
Those screams increases more and more
“I won’t let anything happen to you” says man carrying girl in his arms he is unable to move because of his injuries he tries hard
Suddenly some soldiers appears their
The man placed the girl their
And starts fighting with them
The girl looks painfully at him

Man is standing on verge of it Beneath him is the vast space
“this is not the end this can’t be” says man who is badly injured
“u can’t snatch her from me” he screams looking up towards the sky
“remember I always love you” he remembers the girls voice he smiles faintly and he fell down
Huge mountains filled with snow are shown deep in them a monk is meditating he opens his eyes
“this should have not happened” he says and gets up from his place picks his stick and closes his eyes and reaches a different world

The place from where the man fell
He looks here and their and finds many injured he looks up and finds a small place
He moves their
The walls have got broken as if some strong spirit had attacked their he moves still forward
And their he is standing at centre of universe from where the whole world is visible
He finds a statue its of some man who looks dangerous and ugly
He finds some sort of blue liquid their he touches it
“the evil will return again”

“no” screams a girl sitting abruptly from her sleep breathing heavily she get those bad dreams
Those nightmares of man falling from cliff are haunting her from many years
“ragini” calls another girly voice she switches on the light and looked towards her who is stil horrified because of those dreams
“again those dreams”
She nods
“I don’t know what to do swara” says she and gets up bed and stands near the balcony letting the cool breeze to sooth her pain
“sanskar” calls a lady
But he without caring moves away
The lady gets a bit teary but manages herself
“ha ma”
“wo sanskar”
“he didn’t have break fast and left for college don’t worry I’ll see that he has his meals properly” he said assuring her the lady smiled at him
So guy’s what do u think what is this story all about obivo its birth and rebirth
If u liked and felt interesting then comment
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  1. Shrilatha

    Hey it’s awesome but is it ragsan ..I love ur writings .. especially anything for u

  2. Crystal089

    guy’s its promo of the story don’t know how it got published as os its not so

  3. Crystal089

    guy’s its promo of the story don’t know how it got published as os its not so and its a ragsan story

  4. This was so good! It was like reading some mythological story. Will you continue writing this? Please do tell. I want to read more.

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