Story : The Billionaire’s Girl ( Swasan fanfic) Chapter 1 Contd.



His eyes opened and with it his body brought various kinds of hurt along with the movement of his left hand. He grunted out loud like a wounded animal as a sharp pain sliced deep into his flesh and penetrated into his flesh and more deeper in the bones. His eyes burned and scalded as pain hit him hundred fold. He shook it off gritting his teeth.

Unknown quarters of a pink wall entered into his vision and alerted his senses to a guard instinctively. He grunted sweating and soaking to the bone. A slight movement to his right hand on the bed froze him abruptly on top of it.

The fighter that he was his hand immediately caught the danger by the neck and he drew it across roughly and pulled down the man under his body while trying to suffocate him to death.

A soft moan of a voice suddenly straightened his body and narrowed his eyes. He blinked looking down at a squirming face of a young girl trying to push of his hand which was right now strangulating her neck.

What the f**k.

Eyes too large and face too pale she choked trying to talk. His jaw gritted while he let go off her. Everything came like a swift whisper of a breeze. The memory of her before he fell to the ground falling into a black chasm. Mouse.

He felt hunted by this woman everywhere.

He glared at her as sweat trickled down his eyes lashes and more down his neck. He was shirtless and his left shoulder was banded around by a thick white plaster. He scowled feeling like real pu**y now. The doings of the damned little hot doctor.

He pushed her away while she gasped for air. Her hair went flying across his face and his eyes caught the long white summer dress she had on around her thin body.He liked a woman with curves and she didn’t had any there going on. Pain sliced away such thoughts.

“Hurts like a mother f**ker.” He grunted in a sandpapery and in a gravelly heavily unused voice.

She sat there near his right leg gasping still for heavy breaths. He looked across the room. It was a small dark corner but the bed was big. It was mahogany one with king size width and it curtains. Resembling an Arabian nights princess style decoration around it. He scowled around at her.

She blinked and drew back frightened.

“How long have I been out?” He asked her sharply while trying to look at his wound.

She jerked and the long black hair around her face curled into waves.

“ have been unconscious all night.” She said in a quite voice and let out more about it as her eyes caught his in a stare…”Your stitches came off last night and you lost alot of blood again. I had to transfuse the blood myself.” She said while looking across at a stand which had a blood drip and he observed with blinking eyes that it was attached to his right wrist.

He grunted in visible distaste while trying to pluck out the needle.

He straightened when she jumped at him like a pissed off kitten.

“No. No. Please don’t do that. You’re going to fall into unconsciousness again.” She said hastily in a firm admonishing tone.

She held his hand in his and immediately his eyes sliced to her elegant hands.

Amusing. He looked up lazily while settling back into the soft pillows.

“Call your father into the room. I need to speak to him.” He ordered her curtly instead.

She blinked suddenly thrown off the loop and rapidly.


Her soft thin lips opened to respond.

“I…I…my dad isn’t here.” She replied in a low unsure voice.

His eyes narrowed in response and he looked around the very girly room in a slow swipe. Bedazzled walls and butterfly stickers everywhere. There were beads. Stones and pebbles. Those were filled in vase glasses on each of a wall decoration. His eyes slid to hers in a mock.

What was she five?

Her face reddened when she caught his assessing eyes around her space. Her spine straightened she looked offended ad hell.

“This is my place. Mom and dad don’t stay here.” She said in defense against his insulting eyes on her.

That rubbed off his wrong. His jaw ticked as he drew his right hand over his toned stomach.

“And she lives here all alone.” He murmured to himself gruffly.

He didn’t know why it bothered him that she lived alone but it did. The chit of a small woman was independent as hell can be all alone down in the deeper layers of earth.

He smiled lazily though and she frowned in confusion sitting by his side quite fearlessly and comfortably.

“You shouldn’t have brought me here.” He drawled while staying rigid on the pillows.

He feared if he twitched then the pain would go up a notch high that is to a two hundred fold now.

She gave him her curious black eyes but her lips stayed uncurled to respond.

He tilted his head towards her on the pillows. She had arranged this for him to half sit on it but he pounced on her like a crazy boar head on loose just now.

“Now I know where you live.” He murmured huskily…”Aren’t you afraid of a man like me knowing well about where you come back in the night?” He asked her in hard voice.

He wanted to frighten her out of her wits for saving him twice.

She remained unblinking staring at him wide eyed and curious. A small kitten would bunch into a ball better than her. She though remained regal like a fearless of the kind.

“You don’t look harmful.” She said in a un hesitant voice.

Wrong thing to say. His body jacked up on the bed and the pain hitting his every fibre cut off the blood supply to the brain and he drew down on the bed groaning.

f**king pu**y he was indeed for her to think that he was harmless. Right now he felt worse than a fly.

He glared across at her and promised with his eyes a retribution for such a blunder coming out of her mouth. She didn’t know still who he was. Oh, he now waited for acquainting her to his place. The scandalous and the most sinful of the clubs in the country.

Let her gasp then and run away screaming from him in terror. For now, he god damned needed to lie down and remain still.

“Indeed I’m harmless.” He muttered sarcastically breathing hard and his eyes glinted into her bemused ones. The scent of her perfume drawing into his lungs and flared up into his blood…”You’ll surely know soon how harmless I can be.” He concluded in a warning and hinting at the words otherwise.

He saw her gulp hard visibly. The vein in his neck heated faster and showed out the anxiety she was feeling inside. So, she was afraid of him and he liked it that he frightened her though her eyes gave away nothing of the inside working of her brain. An appreciative gleam entered into his eyes. She covered it well.

Independent and fearless was his mouse. He smiled at her lazily.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend to flutter after or you a frigid determined b*t*h going only after the patients?” He aske her curiously in a rough voice.

She straightened immediately and a deep flush coloured her cheeks.

“Frigid b*t*h?” She asked angrily…”How dare you…” She started in a flare up.

He smiled at her courage to face him. She would barely fit his fist and he could really snap her tender neck. If he was a worst man he had already done it but sadly he was damned stuck in the worse category.

He still had time to burn in the depths of hell for his sins.

He cut her off with a slid of a look.

“b*t*h. Girl. Woman. Nuances. Ain’t an insult. It’s what we call a girl around the’s kind of an address..” He smiled a little at her bewildered look…”even for a respectable woman like you too or that you’re too polished for it, huh?” He asked her mockingly.

She should find him crude and brute and he didn’t care for her opinion because that’s what he was raised as. A brute indeed in her eyes as they rounded shocked disdainfully at his language.

He indicated with the flick of his forefinger for her to come closer.

Her eyes rounded huge at that. She blinked twice before she got around that he did that. Great. A dumb girl.

“ want something?” She asked unsurely while moving closer to his right hand.

He caught her hand instantly and she drew in a hiss of a shocked breath before her body hit on top of his. He minded the injury over his left shoulder. Immediately soft curves curled around his naked chest and his front completely. He beat back a pleasured groan. Not the reaction he should have for a mouse but it sent electric shock through his body. Now what the f**k had he been without a woman too long to feel this woman like this.

Feel. He scowled inside. His eyes narrowed as her face young and fresh appeared in his vision fully. She gasped in disbelief that he did that.

How many times was she going to get shocked like this. It was amusing also a little disturbing.
He clearly was running out of the number of the time she blushed in his presence. He sighed at the naivety of the woman.
His right hand curled around her back.

“Now.” He said gruffly…”Stay like this.” His voice thick with sleep and warmth.

She opened her mouth to reply but nothing came out instead he observed the even white teeth and luscious red inside of her mouth and lips.

“Forget it. Don’t think scandalously. My body is too cold. I just need your warmth. Curb the wheels turning in your mind to silence.” He ordered while closing his eyes.

She stiffened and he felt the delicate twitch of her bones and muscles. Her legs stiffened awkwardly on his and he banded his right leg over her thin frame.

“I…I..I..wasn’t thinking anything like that.” She said stiffly and he could feel the heat in her skin permeated into his sweetly.

blo*dy hell and adorable. f**k his poetic mind now but he was creating romantic lines in his brain relentlessly annoyingly.

He chuckled at her response and his body straightened when she sagged against him in complete trust. She was really brave to do that. Care for the man like him. Her hand moved over his chest and stayed like a furtive touch. His bleary eyes opened into narrowed slits over her bent head. She was now hearing his heartbeat.

He breathed deeply. Her soft weight over his body felt worth it to live through a century. He suddenly felt pure. The damned feeling came back. He was filled suddenly with too much sweetness.

“Why do live alone?” He asked her abruptly and huskily.

She sighed. Great. Now she was getting comfortable over his body. Purring like a cat in a slumber.

What the hell was she falling asleep on top of him now. Then it got to him that she had been taking care of him since all night. He felt like a real prig for grabbing her neck like that.

His head sagged on the pillows as the meds she gave him started working their magic. He was falling asleep too.

His hand moved over her curls and he slid his fingers into her scalp. He massaged her head and moved his fingers in a caress over her hair. He did this slowly and unconsciously.

“Are you asleep?” He asked her.

He got a sigh again response and soft gush of breath falling warmly over his neck.

“Kind of.” She murmured finally in response.

He smiled. If she was fully awake then she would have jumped three feet off the bed to see herself sprawled on top of his body so intimately. Right now, her breath evened out and she was out like a light in another second.

He grunted as slight twinges jacked his body and stiffened his muscles in hurt. Instantly she tightened her arm around his middle.

“Careful about the stitches…”She said mumbling in her sleep..”I told you to take the painless injection…found you near a drain….stubborn…”Her words trailed angrily in a curse.

He would have laughed but his body thought better minding the pain.

“Interesting…” He murmured while falling into a light restless slumber.

His breath evened out along with hers…..


Credit to: Blue

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