Story: Billionaire Banker and the Chirpy Beauty (DT2- NeSam)

Chapter-1 (Humiliation)

Sam jumped feeling his breath hit the side of her neck. He was too close. His heat on her back. It burned her body right from the neck to every nerve, skin and cell. She hurried away and walked forward and sat on the chair. She took a crisp bacon strip and popped it in her mouth.

It melted right away on her tongue, leaving meaty smoky flavour. She hummed forking out the scrambled eggs.

He made better eggs than her. Surprising.

“It’s so good.” She appreciated the flavour with mouth full.

Neil didn’t reply but helped himself with large portion of eggs and bacon on another and sat opposite to her. The counter seperated them. Why couldn’t he sit beside her? She frowned looking at the empty chair beside hers.

For a minute there was only clicking sounds of Neil forking eggs and sipping coffee.

“What’s wrong now?” He asked, breaking the silence.

His brown eyes caught her fleeting ones and locked them into his stare. For all the avoidance of eyes all those years, it seemed astoundingly general. Disturbingly normal, to feel his eyes on hers. As if the familiarity between their eyes was centuries old. Calm and comfortable and it did no good to her already losing sanity.

Sam looked down at her plate.

“No, nothing is wrong. Why do you think something is?” Her voice notched up to a defensive note again.

Great, can you be anymore real.

“You have stopped eating and are frowning instead.” He observed coolly.

She had stopped eating and was frowning, and he observed that? This was bewildering to Sam.

Her swung back to his in surprise. He was looking at her from over the coffee mug.

“Why are you having breakfast now?” Sam asked him out of the blue.

“Should there be a time for me to have breakfast?” He hedged her enquiry.

He was asking her with a question instead of giving her an answer. Annoying man.


“You don’t rise before even ten.” She explained.

Neil’s eyes narrowed as his hand stopped forking the eggs.

“And do pray tell how did you get to such an observing conclusion? He asked.

Sam stared, wriggling the gleaming steel fork in her fingers. Neil had been in England most of childhood. He had a pretty deep accent when early he met Sam’s family. He lost some of it over the years but still, his voice held a deep burring quality. The smoothness of it slid through her like warm honey.

Sam gulped hard. Her appetite gone. What was she doing coversing with this enigmatic male?

Suha’s sly tone vibrated into her ears.

“You seriously think, you could catch his eye, Sam?” She asked incredulously, twirling her long black hair around her well manicured fingers.

Suha’s almond eyes settled on hers in a mocking gaze.

“Goodness, look at yourself. How could you even think, Neil would have any interest in you…” She walked across the room and stood in front of the mirror….”Well, it would take a lot to gain his attention, and sadly you and your body are way far from to get noticed in even an empty room let alone Neil seeing you in a different light.” Suha concluded, a thick sharp bite in her tone that hurt Sam’s skin.

Sam jerked out of the fog of memories when she heard Neil call out her name loudly.

Blinking she looked up into his enquiring eyes. Brown eyes stared back at her, his eyebrows pinched together slightly.

“What? She asked.

“Are you alright?” His voice sounded inquisitive.

Sam shook her mind from the haze of uncertainity. Perk up, you idiot. You don’t need his sympathy, her inner voice hissed at her. Shut up! she told it back.

“I’m good. Fine.” Sam assured, and smiled wide, her voice sounded too cheery to her ears.

You bring shame, her inner voice hissed again from the deep cacoon of her mind.

Barely managing not to flinch, she looked on at him smiling. He seemed unsure by the change of her attitide.

Sam finsihed her breakfast and grabbed her coffee. Wondering about brunette long legs and why she didn’t come down or why wasn’t Neil waiting for her.

He seem to polish off everything from the plate and as well as from the pan and she was surprised by his appetite. Of course, he was a man. A manly man. His muscles flexed when he stretched his hand to grab the pan. The sinews of the tshirt stretched too indicating his strength.

Neil started to leave.

Sam grabbed on to the opportunity. This might be the last chance, she didn’t know when she would get a chance.

“Neil, why are you talking to me? After all these years? She blurted out, flushing hot.

It was now or never.

His back was turned to her, muscles bunched. He seemed frozen.

“I could ask you the same.” His voice was deep husky.

Immediately after he said that, Sam frowned in confusion. She never would get a straight answer from him, would she.

“Ask me what?” She asked, her left eyebrow raised in question.

He turned to face her. His features were devoid of any emotion.

“Why now? After all these years, Princess.” He sneered the last word.

His eyes now cold.

Princess? Who? Her?

“What?” She asked flabbergasted.

“Don’t act, it doesn’t that face.” He said irritated.

Her mouth hung open.

“Excuse me? I don’t act.” She replied defensively.

Neil looked frustrated, irritated and glanced at her now as if she was a pest.

“What is this now? You are not getting much attention, is that it?” He asked again, his eyes now pacific cold.


What the hell was he going on about?

“Look, I don’t have time for the tantrums, if it is anything you want, I will get it. You don’t have to create a scene here, alright.” He said still in an annoyed tone.

My, god. She was creating a scene? What the hell? He was the one who got up early in the morning. He was the one who ignored her all those years and he was patronising her as if she was a child.

“I..I..dont want anything.” Sam muttered, still bewildered.

Neil’s forhead cleared as he nodded his head and Sam felt mollified. Admonished. Humiliated. She felt like a brat, but she was not. She never was stubborn, or fought, or was an attention grabber. Just though now, Neil made her feel it.

Wait. Did Neil think she was a brat. That she was the one who ignored him. The bratty princess.

Laughter bubbled in her throat at such a thought, she gulped down the mirth as he turned around and left without a word.

Only then Sam peeled into an abundant belly clenching laughter. This was great, Sam did never thought she could manage to create such an impression. Oh, how wrong he was. Neil took her slience as bratty.

Well, what could she do now?

She ran towards the door.

“Wait, Neil!” She shouted.

He whirled around.

“I think you got it all wrong about me. I’m not who think I am.” She tried.

Neil looked at her as if assessing, but he didn’t wait with the long steps he was taking towards her. He stopped just an inch and peered down.

“Wrong about you being a selfish brat or about you being an ice cold princess? What things did I get wrong?” He whispered hissed.

Sam reeled back. He was serious. Deadly serious. He wasn’t joking. My god, this was worse than him ignoring her.

“I..uh, um not a brat.” She breath heavily.

Too much to take in. Run. Sam backed away before he got hundred levels up angry. He seemed to bristling and shaking with it.

She turned around to leave.

“And, Sam, no need to stay more than a day , if you don’t like it here.” He informed her bluntly.

The name ‘Sam’ was like a sneer. Full of mocking. Like he knew it was too high a name for her. His tone indicated as such.

Sam froze mid step and Neil pushed past her, but not before giving her the final blow.

“I don’t think you look like princess, you’re not what people call beautiful or even pretty or even thin. It’s all in your head. Get over yourself before you fall flat on your face, but, boy, will it not be fun watching this prissy fat ass of yours turn red in embarrassment.” He whipered the vicious jab of words in her ear.

And he walked away without even a backward glance.

And Sam watched her favourite star in her life diminish and blink away. Tears accumulated stinging her eyes with their sharpness. He did not just humilate her, but he broke her will. Of course then, Suha was right about Sam’s appearance, but Neil didn’t have to be an a*sh*le about it.

Sam walked fast with blurring tears, she reached the room she stayed cooped up all these days in. She didn’t have to do this. She never want to be where she wasn’t welcome and Neil certainly didn’t want her here. That was hugely apparently.

Picking up her phone she dialled Dev’s number. He was too an artist, he stayed in New York for some time now. He would help her. He was the only friend here in unknown waters and maybe he would help her in getting a room or sorts or even get her a job for paying the rent and such.

Pick up you fool, Sam huffed.

Few rings later, Dev’s voice tingled in her ear.

“Heyo, Sweety, how you doing today?” Dev’s cheery voice worked as balm to her bruised self respect.

“Dev, thank god, I need your help.” She sighed…..


To Be Continued….

There’s the part, and hey guys I might not he able to update DT and FAA now or tmrw…possibly only if I hav time den I can 🙁

So, how do like NeSam convo? Do tell, plssssss

til den, Keep smiling, my lovelies 😀

Credit to: kfar

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