Story: Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (DT2 NeSam)

Chapter-1( Intimate)
Sam felt her heart beat faster than it possibly could. She felt Neil’s gaze dig holes by the side of her neck. She couldn’t possibly look around at him for fear that her heart would give out.

She saw that Dev was about to order their dinner, but Sam clutched her hand on his. Her hard nails biting on his skin.

“Let’s go dance.” She said urgently and desperarely.

Dev looked down at her death grip hold and then slid his gaze at her eyes. His green eyes turned speculative on her face.

“What’s wrong, Sam. Seriously, what is it?” He asked deeply, his voice a no nonsense.

Sam gulped hard.

“It’s nothing. Let’s just dance. Please?” She asked him as well as pleaded with her eyes.

Dev looked all over at her face worriedly for a second. He sighed and nodded his head.

They both got up and walked away hand in hand, ignoring the still hovering waiter.

Thank god, she thought.

They reached to the very end corner. A sort of a space as centre stage for dancing. Sam put her left hand Dev’s left shoulder. His left hand at her waist and their right hands joined together outstretched in a stance.

They both swayed to the smooth flow of the piani sounds.

“You’re acting crazy.” Dev leaned down and whispered.

“I’m a lot more crazier than this, Dev. Hope you didn’t forget that.” Sam smiled wide up at him.

Dev didnot return the smile. But his eyes flashed all over her face. His gaze thoughtful.

“It’s something bothering you too much, and you’re hiding it behind this false smile. I hope that you will talk about it, Sam?” Dev said looking down deep into her eyes.

His eyes glimmered dark foresty now and his lips thinned out and he seemed to be waiting.

“Dev….I.” She started to blurt out all her worries, stopping dead in the swaying when his phone started ringing.

Dev closed his eyes and opened them looking at her disappointed. He let go, moved back and took out his cell.

“I need to take this, sweety, but do one thing. Go back to the dinner table and order our food. I promise to come and listen to you talk after this, alright?” Neil asked her.

“Alright.” Sam agreed, sighing.

Dev smiled, leaned in, kissed her cheek. He turned around and left walking away.

Now what, she thought sadly.

She could have stood there like a fool but Sam felt like she was being stared weirdly. She very reluctantly walked back to the dinning area.

She reached the dim lit candle light area of table. As she took a step forward, a hand fell on her left shoulder effectively freezinf her in her walk. Oh, no, no.

She turned with heart in her throat but as she turned her eyes up, her fear flew away in the pleasure she felt coursing through.

A familiar face here in New York. A college friend.

“Oh, my god, Kanishka, What a pleasant surprise. How come you in New York?” She asked and threw her arms excitedly over her friend and hugged her tight.

Chance of her finding friends in such an odd place.

“I’m here for modelling assigement for six months. And I just went crazy finding you here, darling. Of all the places since a year, we find each other in such an odd place. ” Kaniskha matched Sam’s excitement.

“Come on, let’s have dinner.” She made Sam sit on the chair opposite to hers.

“But, I came with someone…” Sam tried to explain.

“Oh, don’t be silly. We shoud chat up now. I don’t see your campanion, now. You can leave when he arrives.” Kaniskha shushed her shut.

Sam shook her head. A lot more of fifteen minutes they smiling, laughing, giggling over random things. Gossiping about stuff.

“Ugh, look at that woman, Lyra. How does she do that. Ensnaring elegible bachelors, and now it’s Neil Gordon, who has fallen for her charm. I wonder what happened to the taste of intelligent men.” Kaniskha said digustedly.

Sam’s head jerked around and settled on the said mentioned pair. Neil and his campanion were having a dessert. He was smiling at her. Both of them were. It’s as if the world around them disappeared.

Sam swung her gaze around to her friend’s.

Okay, Neil was obviously a well know guy but did she know about the bruntte long legs.

“Do you know her?” Sam asked curious as hell.

“Yeah, she is a model belonging to the same agency as mine. And god, she is b*t*h and a pain in the neck. Always throwing around fits and weight, thinking herself a diva. A complete nightmare to the other models.” Kanishka ranted, disdain filling her almond eyes and voice.

Sam’s gaze slid on the handsome features of Neil’s face. Of course, he would go out with a model. A woman as cold hearted as him.

She slid her gaze back to the dinning table.

“Though they look good together and Neil i so handsome, I tell you.” Kaniskha said dreamily.

“Hmm.” Sam mumbled noncommitable.

And she felt the need to eye roll at that.

Kanishka’s keen gaze did not fail to see that.

“What? why don’t you like him?” She asked her frowning.

A year ago in college, Neil had always been the topic of conversation in their girl gang. He had been a student in the same university as theirs. And he had come to the annual function as a VIP guest, an alma mater. Since then, the girls used to rave about his dark looks, how handsome he was, how intense his black eyes were, how hot his toned flexed in the polished suit he wore. But, Sam was never a fangirl to his looks or him.

“He is so mean.” Sam muttered under breath.

“Well, he should be or else he wouldn’t cut out as a banker, earning millions, and each month.” Kanishka observed shrewdly.

Sam just shoved the piece of chocolate cake into her mouth. God, she was so hungry. And Dev was obviouly stuck with work.

Her phone vibrated message in her clutch. Sam took it out.

—Sam, sorry, I can’t make it for dinner now. I just left. See you tomrw, sweety and I’m sorry once again. u caught me up on busy days. wil get hold of u once i get out of dis mess….

The message was frok Dev. Well, now it was confirmed. He wasn’t coming for dinner. What misfortune has befallen on her.

Sam sighed.

“Oh, my god, they are leaving out of the hall.” Kaniskha muttered out loud.

Sam’s head whipped around. Neil and the shimmery gold sparkle of a woman walked out indeed. Possibly in the darkened garden outside. In the greenary and into the maze of the Begonias.

Sam felt her face heat up as she turned around abruptly.

“What must be they doing in the cosy bushes?” Kanishka asked her scandolously.

Alright now, She really felt the need to cut short this gossip.

“Hey, I just recieved a message from Dev. He is here….So, I’ll call you. Same number, yeah?” Sam hurriedly got up and turned before even Kanishka could say anything.

Sam walked forward fast, feeling a need for fresh air.

A waiter passed by her. A glass of orange juice on the tray.

“Hey, what is this drink? Who ordered it?” Sam grabbed the glass feeling parches, but as she looked around, her gaze froze on a embraced couple.

Sheer pure green jealously rose deep in her when she the brunette long legs put her hands on Neil’s shoulderd and up.

Her eyes turned a gleam. Her lips curved into a conspiratoral smile.

Sam had always carried a pepper plastic packet in her purse. It was a safety measure, as she couldn’t know how to use the maze spray if such god forbid urgent situations occur. It was better than removing the bottle from the bag.

Sam acted fast.

“Look, there are so many customers needing your services….” Sam intelligently made the waiter turn his head.

Acting much quick, she emptied the contents of the plastic cover over the glass. With the other hand she mixed it well.

The waiter turned around then looking at her confused.

“Oh, I’m sorry, for keeping you from the work. Do move along then.” She said sweetlt and smiled.

The waiter still looked fascinated, though he turned around and moved forward to the couple.

Sam waited with a smug smile for the woman to grab the glass, but her smile faded from her lips and she became pale as Neil took the glass and took a sip.

Sam cursed so loud that it travelled and cut the extreme serenity of the garden.

Neil’s head jerked up and he stiffened. His gaze swung around and moved into the space, connecting his intense stare at her eyes. Sam gasped. Neil’s face all red and his eyes turned red and almost watered because of the mouth blasting affect of the pepper.

Run you feel! her mind screamed, but her feet stayed glued to the ground as Neil’s burning gaze pinned her there.

Then her mouth hung open wide, when he took a sip again, and again. The sips turned into a big gulp. His face now deeper shade of red, his eyes now watered more, but he didn’t let go off his gaze from her eyes. Sam looked down at his other clenched hand, she winced seeing how much he was getting hurt by the pepper.

He did not leave a drop as she gulped down the poison.

The black was too powerful. Neil took a step forward towards her and Sam ran for her life. My god, he was going to kill her. Sam ran out of the restaurant clutching her dress up she ran as if the very devil was at her back.


Half an hour of wandering around a dim lit street, Sal felt so exhausted by the night’s event. She felt immense guilt hit her.

Why did she do such a stupid thing? She was an action than before a thinking one. but the result was Neil drinking the juice.

Crapity crap.

The pebbles hurt her walking on her toes, the thin slippers did nothing. Sam sighed feeling self pity course through her.

it was all over high school again. She used to pay back the hurt the bully barbies then who made fun of her. Sam wanted to teacg the woman a lesson, the brunette long legs for calling her names the other night but it backfired at her.

Sam heard a car honk from behind her but she ignored it. I’m walking on the side walk, you idiot, she cursed at whoever was behind the wheels.

One minute she was looking down at herself in much sadness and the next instant she pulled into a moving car.

Sam screamed and screeched. Two strong band of arms held her by the waist clutching tight in the middle. She beat at the hands with hers but whoever it was a man, didn’t let go.

Her breath whooshed out and she looked up, glancing straight into a pair of familiar midnight black eyes.

Her screaming stopped and the flailing of her arms halted abruptly as she stared at Neil in bewilderement.

What the hell?

Neil stared back at her serenely.

He held her hands tighter as she struggled to get off from his lap. Sam looked around. It was a the back of the Limo, a mesh closed off the driver from them.

Her wild frigtened gaze swung back to Neil’s gaze.

“Neil, let go off me.” She warned and glared up at him.

What the hell was his problem? Did he want her gone from the country too. What did she ever do wrong to him? Why was he treating her like this? He was swinging hot and cold at her, with his soft breakfast making move, then hurting her and then all this kidnapping her now. His split personality was hurting her mind.

Neil slid his other hand down her face. Sam’s eyes widened then closed tight as she braced for the slap to come. She waited with her breath caught up in her throat. His fingers slid on her heated cheeks.

Sam opened her eyes stared right into his eyes. He was really very close. His breath hit her lips. His body heat warmed her cold form. She wasn’t was aware that she had been shivering previously, but now she felt so much safe.

“Let me return you the taste of pepper you gave me.” He whispered huskily.

His lips touched hers softly. Grazing just a little bit. Their breaths mingled. His minty breath with hers. His nose touched hers. She felt him sliding hia rough little bearded cheeks on her soft ones. Tingles of sensations ran across all over her skin.

“Had fun having dinner with that loser, didn’t you?” He whispered on the skin of her neck.

His voice vibrated into her and Sam’s scrambled mind failed to grab the question.

But just then, his hold bit into the skin of the wrists.

Sam’s eyes widened with the pain. She jolted back realizing what had happened in the morning. All sense of safety left her sensitive heart.

She pushed at his shouders and screamed in his ear.

Neil groaned and muttered a lot kind of curses She didn’t know about which if her mother hears, she would have given a sound boxing under her ears if Sam ever utters such things in her company.

Sam screamed hard again and hit her slipper foot with force on his shoe covered toes.

He bent her down almost laying her body down on the seat with much strength. He got on top, Sam tried to knee him but he caught her naked thigh that had escaped from the slit of the long dress. The contact of his warm hand on her cool skin raised goosebumps on her flesh. He locked up her body with his.

His face looked furious. His jaw hardened and she feared that he was going to smother her. Sam screamed and flailed her arms again, he took hold of both of hers wrists and locked them together in his left hand and slid them up above their heads. He glared down at her, and Sam closed her eyes and screamed in terror.

“Oh, my god! He is going to kill me! Somebody please help!”

Really, Sam, in a closed up moving car, where will you find help, her inner voice said flatly.

Sam ignored the voice.

“Dio, Cara, you’re giving me an ear bleed.” His voice came out gruff as his accent got deeper.

Italian? since when did he speak the language? Dio was God and Cara was dear in English…Sam’s heart stuttered at the word ‘Cara’ muttered so intently intimate through his lips.

Sam ignored the flutter and screamed nonetheless.

“Dammit, Sam. If you don’t stop screaming, I’ll kiss you. Hard.” He growled down at her.

With such a heart stopping threat, Sam’s screams died down as her eyes flew open glancing up at his fierce scowling face and eyes.

“Got the attention with that, didn’t I? and geez woman, what did you think, that I was about to rape you? Look down at your not so even a pretty self before thinking as such.” He snarled, his eyes glaring.

Sam felt her face heat up red. Mortified extreme at his words.

His black eyes slid down at her body, turning much artic cold they slid and held her hurting stare.

“And what the f**k were you doing roaming around the darkened streets dressed as a sl*t. Surely you would have been screaming rape at a sleezeball around a ditch just now. And trust me, he would have continued with it even with your screams. Next time, take a f**king cab home before anything bad happens.” He muttered on her face darkly.

Sam felt her temper rose up high to the skies.

“I’m not a sl*t.” She hissed back, tears forming in her eyes with his outburst and pain she felt on her wrists of brutal hold.

He ignored her and went.

“And where the hell is the loser? Did he find much more interesting thing than the boring one he had tagged along?” Neil taunted.

Sam moved her face away from his hate filled eyes.

“Dev is much better guy than you. He had no comparision. He is not a loser, you are.” Sam taunted in the same tone as his.

Neil clamped his hand over her chin and moved her face to his again. His eyes charcoal black now. His jaw set hard more. Ticking.

“Did you sleep with him?” He whispered hissed on lips.

Sam’s blood ran cold, at his words. Her hand automatically jerked free of his hold to slap him across the face hard.

But his reflexes were fast, he caught hold of her hand and held it tight.

“Don’t you dare, Neil.” Her voice broke, her eyes teared.

His eyes flashed to hers.

“Why should I believe you, huh? Nobody in New York. I’m all alone. Big brother help me please.” He acted her words….

His eyes turned cold.

“All, shit, lies and f**k. Why act as if you don’t know anyone here when you string around men in restaurants. Hugging, smiling, kissing…leaving them panting for you like dogs. You know what you are? A god damned tease. Your brother must be ashamed of having such a sister…” He concluded and got off on top her.

Sam felt every word of his cut into skin and slit a wound deeper in her heart.

“Oh, don’t look at me with teary eyes. The big innocent, sweet hazel would work on losers but not on me.” He flung the words at her and turned his head towards the Limo window.

“I’m moving out tomorrow.” Sam declared somehow much brokenly.

Neil laughed a little. Completely without mirth.

“And leave you to stay with that loser head that one I saw in the restaurant. Not in a chance in hell, baby.” He muttered under his breath.

Oh lord! what does he want from her? He throws her on the ground hard and brutally. Never leaving a chance to humiliate her and pulls her back just as harshly.

“Four months you’ll stay in my apartment, as I promised to Rohan. Four months after and you’re gone. I see you still not out, then I’ll throw you out myself. Live off the streets for all that I care.” He muttered harshly.

Sam cried silently, tears rolling down her eyes. She felt ashamed and also felt like all the things he accused her off. Her skin heated to a fever thinking that he thought of her all those things. That she was a two pence sl*t to him. The disgust in his eyes for her made her feel lower than an insect im a dirty drain.

She cried frok the heart, sniffing heavily. She saw him stiffen at the sounds she was making. His hand by the side to her hand clenched.

He was one cold, rude, ruthless, and calculatinf bastard, Sam decided. Her eyes filling more. She couldn’t sit beside him foe even a minute now. It killed her.

….your brother must ashamed of having a sister like you….the hissed out words hurt her soul and imprinted in her mind…


Next Part: Redeem


Hmm, made Neil too intense…oh so rude my god..he hurt sam tody toooo much.


So, how was the part guys?!?! do tel Chapter-1( Intimate)

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