Story: Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty( DT2- NeSam)


Chapter-1( The Continued Part)

“Heyo, Sweety, how you doing today?” His cheery voice worked as a balm to her bruised self respect.

“Dev, thank god, I need your help.” She sighed.

He seem to sense the urgency in her tone.

“Just a second, Sam.” He muttered.

There seem to be a long pause and shuffling of feet and closing of a door.

“Yes, now, what is that you need my help about?” Dev asked her in gravelly tone.

“I need a place to stay.”

Sam held the phone to her left ear by the shoulder and went towards the wardrobe.

“But, I thought you already have a place to stay.”

“Well, I don’t now.” She sighed again.

There was yet another pause.


“Ah, yes, what happened?”

“Long story.”

Sam took out her suitcase from the wide wardrope and put that on her bed. Flinging clothes from the hanger she gulped back the sobs which threatened to take over her throat.

“f**k, are you crying. What the hell happened? I know you would never dissolve to tears in even worst situations.” His voice sounded worried.

“I will meet you tonight, alright?” Her voice broke.

“Dammit, Sam, if I hadn’t too much work, I would have come to you right away, babe.” He cursed once again.

Sam felt like she really was a brat, calling and crying over such petty issue.

“No, no, it’s nothing to worry yourself about, Dev.” She breathed. “Look we’ll meet and talk, alright. I really need your help finding a place to stay first.”

“Yeah, I will be right on it, Sam, don’t worry about it and tonight you’re going to talk and I’m going to listen, and I’m going to beat the shit out of the man who hurt you.” He growled in the phone fiercely.

Sam smiled a little at his pissed off tone. Dev never got much angry.

“How do you know it’s a man? Sam frowned.

He chuckled.

“I know you through and through, darling, and something tells me that it had to do with this dream man of yours.”

Sam felt her cheeks flushed hot.

“Of, Course not. It’s not Neil.” She flustered up.

Dev laughed shortly.

“You just agreed and gave away his name, Sam.”

“Well, are you not busy now?” She asked, annoyed at the way how he could see through he lies.

” Well, I’m though, and Sam, you can’t avoid things. You’ve been infatuated with that guy far too long.”

“I’m not infatuated with him.” She said defensively.

You are. Maybe more than that, Her inner voice told her. Ugh, shut up, she muttered back in her mind.

“Yeah, sure, tell yourself that often.” He sighed.

Dev voice said he did not believe her, none at all.

“Dinner tonight?” She asked next, changing the subject.

“Yes, Plaza Deco, at eight.” Dev told her.

“See you then.” Sam said a little relieved, and cut the call.

Sam sat there feeling much sad and uneasy. Time to leave for work. She decided to pack the rest of the clothes later after coming back from the studio.

Taking a shower was never so refreshing as she hummed out a tune, deciding to wear jeans and t-shirt. The clothes were slightly worn, though she didn’t mind because today these were going to be dirty with paint real soon.

She took the bag of extra paint brushes and canvases and walked towards the bike she always used.

It was better a commute than any car, one can enjoying the breeze flowing through the tresses and the feel of the sun on her skin. Admiring the beautiful view while paddling the bicycle. She was about take it out when she heard a familiar purr of Neil’s car. She ignored it and moved away with her bicycle.

“I will take you.”

The deep husky voice and flatly said words froze in her walk. Sam whipped around towards the right side. He was wearing a blue suit and he seemed ready for work. His hands on the steeting wheel. He was generally very good looking but with his Jaguar, he looked like just got out of a business commercial advertisement. A GQ model.

He had on the Park Avenue glares on, he was poker faced as a statue, Sam remembered his earlier words, turning around the side walk, She slid on the bike and paddled away furiously. The nerve. First, he makes breakfast, hurts her with brutal words, calls her ass fat and prissy, and then offers her to drop to work, the freaking nerve of the bastard. Sam’s nostrils flared. Only a day, Sam, and the next day to this, you’re out of his place.

Sam reached her place and got into the studio and started lashing at the poor canvas with the paint brushes. Taking out every frustration on it. She felt a little light much much later. She took a deep breath and expelled it. The painting got finished. Her first ever. With wonder she saw a lone stranger on a moorland of a streched scenery. The morning fog falling all around the person. His back to the world, and his face to the serene greenland. Sam breathed out. How did she paint this? It was beautiful. Breath taking. Spectacular. She had painted an abstract art. Sam looked down at her hands and laughed in complete healing of her soul. Hmm, so this means, she should get often humliated by Neil. The frustrated anger over him lead her paint like this. What nonsense, she thought.


At around 6:30 in the evening, Sam got into the house, seeing it empty she sighed heavily. Thank god, he wasn’t here.

By the time, she packed her bags, and took a shower it was already 8PM, removing the paint off her skin was a hard task than she thought. She looked almost green, her hair was mixed with it, after lot of shampoo and conditioner cleansing the colors faded away.

Looking at the time, Sam hurriedly, put on a silver shimmery long gown, leaving her shoulders bare, she put on a little make up. Having done with it, she got out of the apartment putting the red shawl around her shouders, Sam got out of the apartment.

Sam raised her hand and instantly four cabs screeched to a halt to the side of the road she stood. Right on stopping the traffic.

Sam was surprised to the core, a second later, she smiled wide and got in a cab.


At the Plaza Deco restaurant, Sam waited near the table, looking around for Dev. She had ordered a lemon juice again, and had already done on the fourth glass. Where was this guy? She looked down at her wrist watch, which was a antique bracelet too.

Ugh, 9:30 PM. One hour. always late.

Sam fumed feeling smoke coming out of her ears, she took her sliver clutch from off the table, when just then she saw Dev enter by the door. Four tables separating them.

Dev looked around, and then his gaze caught Sam’s. He smiled at her and she scowled back, pointing her forefinger at her watch. He only smirked back.

Dev had been a friend of Sam and Radhika, they met him in the art classes in Delhi. He was a very talented artist. Already five of his paintings had largely sold out in India, he came here in New York for a meet up with his financiers for his art exhibit.

Dev was a charming, easy going kind of guy. He had always an ear for his friends, a complete boy next door, his smile was endearing and also his abs were hot. He had tattoos all over his hands and back. To the outsiders, he would look a total badass, but Dev wasn’t like that at all in nature.

He sauntered forward, his grey suit and gelled up hair made him look extremely polished. Sam looked on bewildered. What happened to the various shorts, colorful shirts and neon coloured hats. As you can get that, he was a party guy, but now he looked different.

Sam rose up from the chair smiling, and hugged him tight. Dev slid his hands embracing her by the shoulders.

“I didn’t know that you could clean up nice. What happened with the image change over now?” Sam asked him and let go.

Dev just smiled back, and travelled his eyes down all over her.

“And you look very much beautiful.” He said, his voice impressed and Sam smiled back pleased.

But, her smiled turned into a scowl again when he ruffled her next, like petting a puppy.

“Glad to see there is no paint on that cuckoo head.” Dev muttered, his smile turmed into a teasing one.

Sam rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Haha, very funny, not.” She laughed, her tone all sarcastic.

They both sat down opposite to each other. The table seprated them. A glass vase in the middle of it. There were forks, spoons, various kinds of gleaming spoons. Soup spoons. Dessert spoons, Small spoons, large spoons. It was a collection of them. Napkins neatly folded and shined white along with the table cloth.

“You didn’t answer my question? Sam asked, raising her left eyebrow, putting her hand on the table, she rested her chin on it.

“Oh, this, I had a meet up now in the restaurant. Got to clean up good or else how would I earn million bucks…..” He paused and Sam waited….”And the lady who is thinking of funding in my art gallery is super….” Dev grinned.

His even white teeth gleamed. His green eyes sparkled.

Sam smirked now.

“Now you’re talking.” She smiled and froze….”Wait that’s the reason you chose such an expensive restauro, or always small cafe’s with you, and I thought you were such a good friend.” Sam mock glared at him.

Dev gave her a once over, now settling his green eyes on her face. His keen gaze tried to penetrate her thoughts.

“How are you?” He asked her finally, a familiar sooting pull in his voice.

Sam lost her spark, she wanted to bawl, but she didn’t, she was already feeling homesick and Dev’s concern brought back all the beautiful memories spent with her family and with her best friend Radhika.

She gave him a watery smile, swallowing back the tears. She had to be strong.

“I’m fine, just that, this is all new to me.” She replied, without a glimmer of an interest.

Dev eyes turned warm, his expression soft.
He leaned forward and caught her hand, giving it a warm squeeze.

“It’s going to fine. It will turn up alright.” He said softly, smiling a little.

“So, haven’t you ordered.” He asked, affectively changing the topic, to make her feel better.

And Sam was thankful about it.

She was smiling now, a full one, she looked around the restaurant, there were morw polished looking diners around, having quiet dinner and conversation just like her and Dev.

Sam didn’t know why, but her eyes drew to the door, there were a few people entering and leaving. Her eyes almost strayed, but suddenly her gaze froze and stayed glued on a handsome pair of a tall gorgeous woman, hanging on the arm of a much more an aristocratic tall man.

Her eyes rounded and she gasped.

Neil and the brunette long legs. What the hell are they doing here? Sam’s shoulders drew down. She closed her eyes.

Why, Oh, why god, you do this to me always, her inner voice groaned in sufferance.

“What’s wrong?” Dev’s sharp voice, jerked her eyes away from the pair.

Sam with as much effort as she could muster up, rearranged her face and a smiled at his frowning face.

“It’s nothing. Just a….uh a fly.” She lied, still smiling.

Dev leaned back amused. His eyebrows raised.

“A fly?” He asked.

Sam again looked around, her eyes snapped back to Dev’s laughing eyes.

What? what Oh what did she say?

“Yeah..a fly.” Sam explained, and raised her hand to swat off an invisble insect.

Dev stared at her as if she has gone crazed.

Sam looked over his shoulder. He wouldn’t know anything, as his back was turned to the door. She stared wide. Breathless now. The pair were coming her way. Sam didn’t want to face Neil. Not now. Not never. Quick. Quick. What does she do now?

“Yikes! the fly went down the table. I need to kill it.” Sam screeched, and slid down under the table. Her body was covered by the dinning cloth now.

She saw the familiar shoes and heels pass by their table. Sam waited with baited breath. Thank god, she thought.

Dev slid down to the floor, he removed the cloth and stared at her now extremely worried.

“Are you really alright, Sam. Sure you’re not coming down with anything. Flu. Fever…….madness.” He asked her skeptically.

Sam felt her eyes, nose and face scrunch up in humliation. It burned her skin. She felt like she swallowed a spoonful of castor oil. Heck, she was ruining Dev’s night with her weird behavior.

“I’m sorry, let just have dinner.” She sighed, and Dev nodded his head still maybe wondering at the state of her sanity.

They both got out from under the table, Sam stared straight at a disapproving elderly waiter. He cleared his throat, as if thinking that the two of them were doing the dirty under the table. Sam felt now immensely stupid.

She sat down on the chair, sliding her fingers in her hair. Setting the locks proper.

“Your order, Mam?” The elder waiter asked, his voice full of condescending.

Sam was ready to burst out laughing, she gave Dev an impossible look. Dev grinned looking at the waiter in amusement.

But her mirth stuck in her throat, as she stared at a pair of very very very angry black eyes, glaring across at her from the table just infront of their’s.


Next up part- Intimate….


Sorry for the freakin long part but kya hai na, I wil keep boring u like dis more hahahha

Im soooo evil.

next part comng soon. after my dinner.


To clear da confusion of DT, Sam had early moved out of her parents home to stay at the hostl of a prestgs uni, der she met Rads and became her bestie. Rohan had his own condo, he seldom meets sam bcoz u wd knw less of her friends aftr she left home. And in the next part of DT, Rads name wil com up n Rohan wd hv an inclination about the name and Neil obviosly wodnt know about rads as he was meetin Sam since ages…..hope i cleared the doubt…dearriess 😀

how do u like da prt?!? do tell.

n how do u like Rohan from DT and Dev frm dis DT2 story…plssssss do tell?!?!?!


til den keeep rockin my loveliessss 😀

Credit to: kfar

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