Story: Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty ( Drawn Together 2)


Chapter- 1( Sneak Peak Of Nesam’s Story)

Sam was taking out a cool water bottle from the fridge, just then she heard footsteps sound coming down the stairs, Sam sighed. Yet another girl. Gosh! how many would he bring home in the space of two weeks. Sam didn’t believe he would really take her advice. Being his best friend’s kid sister, she thought he would feel awkward bringing women home while she was staying at his apartment. If it wasn’t for the art exhibition she would not have been at his place. Sam had no one in New York, after Radhika got married, Sam had no choice but travel all alone here without her beloved friend.

Sam had already paid the fee for the work shop here and once it was done she couldn’t back out as she had signed a year contract at an art gallery.

With heavy heart, she had said good bye to her friend and had planned the journey, though now she started out a video chat all day. Radhika would always talk to her pronto. She had shown Sam, her very own long streched expensive looking work shop, must say Radhika was doing very well in life.

But, Sam had a niggling of feel that Radhika was hiding something. Her shadowed face while talking over the video chat, created an axiety over Sam’s heart for her dear friend, but she was busy as hell now, in a month’s time she will be free to visit her friend in India. It was five months, now that she got married. Sam wanted to know about Radhika’s husband. She never talked about him. It was strange.

In the five months time, Sam shared her problem of staying in New York with her brother. Sam always does let out everything with him. He, the greatest brother in the world would hear out and come up with amazing solutions, but she couldn’t even imagine that would order his best friend, Neil Gordon, to let her stay at his apartment.

Neil and big brother Rohan go way long back to college. They were inseprable. Buddies. Best friends. Sam remembered the first time Neil came to her parents house along with Rohan for dinner. She was six years younger to them. They were twenty one year old college graduates, and Sam was a fifteen year high schooler.

When Sam first saw Neil at dinner, he knocked her out of breath from his beauty. He was handsome. Too handsome. She was staring the whole while at him instead of eating dinner. He never said hello or even gave a glance at her side. He seemed uncomfortable. With mom, dad and four of her sisters. They were five siblings. Big family. Rohan was the third one and he always fought with four of the sisters. Nidhi, Raima, and Suha, but he never fought with Sam. As she was the last kid in the family, the pampered one by all four.

When it came to appearance, all her three sisters rocked in that department, but sadly Sam was never was confident with her curves. She didn’t starve like the other women. She ate happy and stayed happy.

She and Radhika were the wallflowers in the high end parties, though at times, well, many times she used to rebel against the customs and codes of society.

Radhika and Sam would often sneak out at midnights and would party a few hours at random pubs, though she had to drag Radhika and threaten her much for being rebellious.

Other than those she never went out often. She was almost a goody two shoes. Well, she didn’t to hate to be one. Radhika and her point of view was the same if not they fight most of the time, that it was good to be alone and observing than rather being centre stage.

Sam’s passion was painting. She could get lost in colours, paint brushes and canvases for hours. Those spoke to her through her hands and fingers more than any friend can do. Well, except Radhika.

So, Sam was the family mouse hence lacked when it came to speech. Her dream broke when she saw Suha giving a clear visible eye and smiled at Neil. He returned it with his own dazzling one. His interest clear too. Both of her elder sisters were married and, but Suha wasn’t. She was twenty and very gorgeous. Suha was open and vivacious. She was tall and had a body of a model. She suited Neil. Sam was only fifteen and she had a teenage crush on him and nothing more. She was out of her mind if she thought Neil had anything to do with her. The mini mouse. The less s*xy and boring Sam.

Since the first day he visited their house, Neil was a constant sight in their family home. He became less distant and more attached to her mum and dad and three sisters except Sam. He was strained with her. Well, not strained, she was invisible to him. Like the stupid lamp in the hallway. He didn’t communicate with her. No eye contact or sense of acknowledgement. Sam did indeed feel bad. For about four years he ignored her or unware of her presence, then Sam got the oppurtunity to study in a prestigious university, which was sadly out of town. She had to stay in a hostel, but it was fun once she got out of the home sickness.

She still remembered the emotional farewell from home. Everyone were crying buckets, hugs, kisses and Rohan giving an embarrassing big lecture on staying away from boys and no hanky panky stuff. God, all her sisters laughed out loud and teased seeing her red face. When it came to Neil giving her a goodbye, he just gave her an awkward hug patting her back lightly with yet again sans eye contact.

Well, that was it with Neil. No wating for him after school. For dinner or for breakfast when he stayed back home. After those five years and still more three years later, she had met him now. She was twenty three and much mature. It was awkward just like it was then.The same avoiding of eyes and existence but she had to suck it up for her career’s sake.

When it hurt her that he didn’t find her interesting enough, even to converse, even then, Sam never hated Neil. He was like a movie star in her life and one cannot possibly have hate when it comes to favourite.

As Sam was contemplating about the past and so on, the plastic bottle from her hand slippee as she heard or rather covered her because of a shrilly shriek. Whoa.

It was coming from the mouth of the woman standing by the stairs. My god, she didn’t give it up with the maniacal sounds.

“Neil! Neil! Call the police!” The woman shouted again and again.

Sam opened her mouth to say something but she beat it to her again. Dammit, why do hot guys date dumb girls she couldn’t understand. Seriously, why would a theif be in the kitchen casually opening a fridge door rather than raiding the house. And, did Sam look like a theif? She was in PJ bottoms and t-shirt sweater for god’s sake. The last woman was much better than this bimbo, at least she didn’t freak when she saw Sam in the kitchen, but chatted up about how hot Neil was, which Sam didn’t want to know. She didn’t want to know how good he was in bed or how many times he made the giggly googly eyed girl happy through out the night. That had been the limitn She thought of packing up her bags and leaving but again what about her paintings. The time she spent on the four canvases, it wasn’t easy. Sam worked hard. Too hard and she couldn’t let that go. So, two months and that’s it, no more of this crap.

“Listen, I’m not a the…” Sam started to explain.

But, she thought the matter got worse as the woman’s face went red.

“Shut up, b*t*h! Neil is going to get you arrested, you just wait you two piece sl*tty theif!” She shouted.

Sam’s mouth hung open. Who the hell did she call a b*t*h, sl*t and theif. God damn, Sam was going to loose it. She was never docile or mousy when people tried to stamp down or humiliate her. If they hurt her, she gave it back ten times the pain. Her quick temper and mouth never shut up. Only with family and friends that she was silent.

Sam was about to humliate the woman when she saw Neil bounding down the stairs taking two instead of one step down. His black crop of hair looked drowsy dishevelled. He was wearing charcoal coloured track pants and grey tshirt.

“What the hell is going on here?” He asked, his voice gruff from sleep.

The woman ran towards him and threw her body on his chest. Sam felt the need to gagn

“Thank god, Neil. Please call the police.” She whined in a grating voice.

God, her voice irritated Sam to no end.

Neil shook her off from his body. His face though sleepy, didn’t look less handsome. He had a straight nose, which flared time and again in anger and annoyance. His eyes a deep hazel. They swirled with emotions. Sam knew that even now, he wouldn’t look into her eyes. His cheek bones were a smooth angled.

Neil was rich. He was a banker. He had large estates all around most of the world. His apartment was huge, his room was right across at hers but he never showed up at the place. He stayed out most of the days in a week.

When Sam first arrived at his apartment, Neil showed her to the guest room and he left her to it. Since then she saw him more less and less. He never bothered to know if she was comfortable. That was rude and downright mean. With such kind of attitude, Sam got to know that he didn’t want her at his place.

Way to make her feel welcome. But, what could she expect him to do, he was the man who has the vibe that says, ‘leave me alone, I’m badass f**kers’. That was the reason why Sam stayed far away from him. He was the man who wouldn’t like company even if he was the last man on the planet. He would very well stare at an empty space than talking to people.

“What are you babbling about?” Neil asked the woman annoyed.

The stupid brunette just kept saying that he should call the police.

“This thief, she was trying to…”

Neil looked across at her to where she pointed her finger. His stance got stiff as his shoulders spread.

Sam felt the full force of his narrowed gaze at not at her eyes but down at her body. He gave one slow swipe down from head to toe in slow motion. She felt uncomfortable when someone observes her body. Sam ignored his look and bent down to get the fallen water bottle.

“I was just thirsty.” She said to no one in particular.

Sam turned around to leave when she heard Neil sigh.

“She lives here, Petunia.” He said, his voice irritated.

She? She huh? He couldn’t even say her name and what kind of name was Petunia?!?

Sam whipped around, her temper flared.

“I stay here.” She bit out, looking straight at the arrogant idiot.

Neil’s gaze swung around and narrowed as she dared him to look straight in the eye. His head tilted to the side as his eyes settled on hers. Sam cursed inside her head, she shouldn’t have done such thing. Because now, he was staring. Arrested. Curious. This made her more uncomfortable than his slow swipe over her body. Sam put her weight on another foot.

“What?” He asked her softly.

Sam moved her gaze away from his and looked at the now bewildered looking woman.

“Don’t worry your head, I’m not a thief. I only stay here and hopefully will be out from this apartment in two months…” She said, and she also saw or more than felt his tall figure go stiff….”And my name is Samaira, not a ‘She’.” Sam concluded with a taunt.

She swung around and walked away without a backward glance. Closing her bedroom door shut, Sam slid down by it. Her body vibrating with anger.


Well, well, well, there it is, part2 of Drawn Together. Don’t get confused and worried, Nesam will be in Drawn Together too. I will loop two stories somehow. Hmm, I wanted to write a separate story of Sam and Neil since a long time, but I was already writing two stories, it sorta may get confusing, I thought, though I couldn’t resist myself and gave a sneak preview chapter of their story for you guys…

So, how do you like it? Pls do tell, it encourages me to write more.

I did have a little in the night, as though I tired I came up here straight to write.

I couldn’t comment guys coz my net is slow it isn’t uploading the page in my mobile. Misssss talkin to u lotsssssss. Im gonna recharge my tmrw.

Love u loadsssssssss 😀

Credit to: kfar

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