Story: Billionaire Banker and the Chirpy Beauty (Chapter 1)



Morning came and Sam got up reluctantly, after the scene in the kitchen she paced about in her room going crazy. Shit, she shouldn’t have flipped out like that. What if Neil decides to throw her out? Where would she go? Damn, she didn’t think about the consequences of such an action.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. She was one useless woman. After much pacing and later twisting and turning in bed, she had finally slid into a disturbed sleep. She felt hungover. Yawning and streching her tired body, she got from the bed bleery eyed. The digital clock beside on the table, said it was 5:30 AM. Gosh, even if she slept quite late, her body wakes her mind right on early. It was a habit since high school.

Swiping her hand over the crow nest hair, Sam groaned out loud. She didn’t have timevto straighten her hair, now in the morning it looked like some bird just pecked and made a comfortable home on her head.

Her long black hair wasn’t silky smooth nor was it perfectly curled. They were somewhere in the middle. Resembling the strands of a broomstick. She got into the bathroom. Picked up a toothbrush. Humming a tune she brushed her teeth. Sam grimaced looking at her face and hair. She combed the messy strands and pulled the heavy volume in a neat ponytail. Spitting out the toothpaste, she rinsed her mouth and washed her face with an all skin purpose face wash.

Feeling the cool water her heated skin made her sigh a release a sigh. Drying her face with a towel, she blinked at her reflection in the mirror. Her throat was parched and so were her lips. She licked them. Sam looked lost. Unfocussed. It was the same question, repeating always in a pattern.

What was she doing? What had she accomplished? What had life in store for her in the future? Half way around the work she starts, much with excitement and alarcrity, later would not appeal to her anymore. Sam thought about the four paintings which were waiting to be finished, but she had not the guts to complete the art. She was rethinking her goal. Is painting her only one calling? Was something else not.

Sam padded barefoot and walked towards the kitchen. Her head full of thoughts.

It was okay to be taken lightly at home, but it was not okay when they, her family, sees her as useless. It was not a good feeling. Sam wasn’t weak and vulnerable as they assumed.

Sighing heavily, Sam willed her mind to turn to cheery thoughts. Forgetting everything that instant the gloomy thoughts, she turned to the way of the kitchen. There was a smoky aroma filling up her nostrils, her step faltered. Bacon and eggs. Her eyebrows drew together in confusion. Who might be cooking this early in the morning?

Surelt it was not Neil. He sleeps late and there was an odd timed cleaner coming once in a while. He does not have any cook or a servant. God knows where he eats. The kitchen was unused but resourceful, anyway though, it lacked of groceries and supplies. The week after she arrived, Sam took hold of the kitchen. She made breakfast and dinner, for lunch she was out working. Sam never ate out but carried a lunch box, well it carried a simple sandwich and fruit salad. She put the other boxes in the fridge and hoped that Neil would eat at home rather than eating outside, and she was pleased to see the plates empty in the evening.

Sam stopped dead at the enterence of the kitchen, her feet as if an electronic gadget pair of legs remained umovable, as if controlled by a remote. And the remote was held by Neil. What the hell was he doing in the kitchen? Early in the morning.

She looked on surprised as he swiftly removed the bacon strips and the slid them onto a bloating paper. The excess oil seeped away and he tossed those in a plate. Long crisy bacon. Her mouth watered. Neil emptied the scrambled eggs from the pan into the bacon filled plate. Hot coffee vapours spread in the air and reached to her senses. Almost immediately her body craved for it and her stomach grumbled having been sent a signal from her nose that food had arrived. The sound cut into the silence in which Neil was working so diligently. Even a heavy push of breeze would swiftly pass by without making a sound in his presence.

Neil looked up from the pan, and quizzed an eyebrow at her. Maybe, asking ‘you are up? Why?’
He was wearing the same track pants and tshirt of yesterday night. His hair was dishevelled, but he looked refreshed. Like he got up early everyday. He didn’t look sleepy or such and Sam wondered if he avoided coming out if his room because he didn’t want see her? The thought was ridiculous. She wasn’t that important, he wouldn’t go to such lengths only to avoid her, but she couldn’t help thinking.

Sam took a step back embarrassed by the grumbling sound of her stomach. She decided to leave him alone and turned around.

As she took a step forward he said something that froze her.

“Are you not having breakfast?” He asked casually.

Sam was shocked. He talked to her. Five words. A sentence. A question. More surprisngly, how did he know she took breakfast at 6AM, exact. And his voice, so deep. Familiar. Soft. Weirdly different.

She turned around and walked into the kitchen. Difficulty in understanding of this move, she managed somehow to sit on one of the counter chairs.

He put the plate in front of her. She stared and stared and later looked up at him. His back. He was carrying the coffee pot, he poured it into a blue mug. Her mug.

Blinking rapidly. She got up. Was he trying to punch her later with this smoothness now. Give her the last meal and throw her out later. One thing she knew about Neil. When he was angry at something or someone, then he was mean angry. Long since she saw him hurt a guy right in front of her eyes in a pub, Sam decided never to come across his ire side.

She stood clutching her hands together so tight. Her fingernails bit into the flesh of her wrist.

“I’m sorry about yesterday night, Neil. I didn’t mean to…”She couldn’t complete the apology as he spun around at the same instant.

Coffee mug in hand he stared, right into her eyes.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

His eyes speculative. Curious.

She forgot about what it was? With his gaze he managed to wring her lungs out of breath.

Then realization dawned on her. Shit! The woman, he was making breakfast for the woman. How couldn’t Sam know she spent the night. Damn, if her cheeks weren’t crimson with embarrassment.

“I will be out of your hair.” She managed to squeak out the sorry words, she turned around abruptly ready to flee.

Before she could reach the door, Neil clamped his hand on her right shoulder. Her entire body froze in shock with his touch. By the touch of his hand on her skin. This was the first time she had come close to in contact with him and his presence. His body heat. His warmth. His sure confident touch.

She tried to shrugg off but he clamped his fingers on the right hand side of her shoulder blade.

Good, god. What was he doing?

Sam turned around to face him reluctantly. She tried to look anywhere but him, finally her gaze settled somewhere between her shoulder and neck.

“Go. Sit. Eat.” He ordered the words in slow deliberation.

Sam’s back snapped straight like ram rod. Her eyes flashed to his to glare at him. He did not just order her like she was a pet, did he.

“Excuse me.” She spat.

His eyes sparkled in annoyance. Cleary displeased.

“Breakfast.” He succinted, gliding his eyes towards the chair.

“I don’t want breakfast. I’m fine.” She said crisply.

“I don’t think your stomach would agree with your tone.” His voice flat, and eyes bored.

Well, well, looks like someone had humor, though a clearly very dry one.

Before she could match his sarcastic remark with her own chaste one, her body betrayed her and the vile hungry stomach of her grumbled more louder than before.

Her cheeks flamed, she was sure her face resembled a round cherry tomato. Damn the arrogant man.

His one dark eyebrow quirked up again. This time his eyes danced in just a little mirth. Awesome. He was enjoying her clumsy self absolutely.

“I’m not hungry.” She protested and defended herself, though very weakly now.

Neil’s eyes lost the humour and sparkle of annoyance returned, Sam drew her eyes awsy from his and stared at his shoulder instead. There was so much intensity in that gaze and Sam felt the danger in those depths, it would engulf her mind, body and soul. Oh, she would never let that happen or she was bound to become a love sick puppuppy and make herself a fool in front of the world and her family.

Sam was much better hovering on the sides rather than being the centre of attraction, and Neil was the epitome of being in the centre. Everything else whirled around him in circles. He was the sun and she didnot want to get burned by getting anymore closer to him.

Sam retreated her eyes from his shoulder as well and stepped back. Her eyes widened when he stepped in her space, caught hold of her left elbow and lead her swiftly to the chair, right infront of the tasty breakfast. Damn, how did he do it and how did she let him lead her. God, he was as sleek as a snake.

Sam glowered at the plate made obviously for the brunette bimbo.

“Eat.” He ordered again.

Sam jumped back feeling his breath hit the side of her neck. He was too close. His heat on her back. It burned her body right from the neck to every nerve, skin and cell…..


Ohhh crap, wrote tooooo much, haha.

Hmm, hope I didn’t bore u wit dis update.

excuse the mistakes plsssssssss.

Gotta go now, bye, loveliessss 😀

Credit to: kfar

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