Story : Being Me ( Spoiler )


Sid silently and slowly treaded towards Aarti’s room to tell her what he saw. When he entered her room, he saw her crying miserably clutching the bedsheets and her face was contorted in the pillow.

That wasn’t what he wanted to have a glimpse of. His aunt hadn’t even cried when uncle died. She had bottled up her emotions and acted strong. But today she was crying.

It was all due to that boozy bastard. He had been hurting Adi and consequently her aunt too.

Sid didn’t like it a bit.

He went inside and tried his best to console his aunt. Sensing his presence, Aarti lowered her cries to muffles but when he came and hugged her, her heart leapt and she broke into tears again.

“I peeped in through the window.” He told her truthfully not knowing what else to say.

Aarti cried more seeing that now there was someone else too who knew Aditi’s secret.

“I promised her I won’t tell anybody and this promise…”

“Is killing you now.” He concluded it for her.

“Will you help her? Will you protect her for me? Will you prevent her from going into abyss of blackness and emptiness? Tell me you will. Please Siddarth. Save my daughter.” Aarti asked going desperate.

Sid was worried seeing her restlessness which would soon turn into madness. He couldn’t let her become mentally depressed.

“Promise me Siddarth, that you will protect her no matter what.” She asked frantically getting anxious and traumatic all over.

Aarti wasn’t in her senses right now. She didn’t gather the significance of the words she said and the promises she asked for.

She didn’t need to ask for the promise. He was certainly going to protect and help her out. He wasn’t much bad of a person to stay mum seeing injustice leashed upon someone. And Adi wasn’t someone. For some reason, Adi meant a lot to Piyush. And if Piyush was so protective of her, then there was nothing left to doubt about the preparation his brain was doing to fulfil his responsibility and prove his loyalty to their friendship.

There wasn’t any need of a promise. But seeing Aarti harrowing helplessly for Aditi, he gave in.

“I promise, Aunt.”

He didn’t even have a cue of what he just pushed himself into. Let alone being aware of the fact that promises are made to be broken. And the day, he wouldn’t comply with his words was getting ready to ricochet at him when he least expected.

“Promise me Siddarth, that you will keep your promise forever.” She asked again, her words several notches calm, proving the fact that she was dead serious.

A sudden constriction in his heart told him not to go for it. Not to promise something he wouldn’t be able to do. He wouldn’t be able to protect Aditi forever even if he wanted to.

But he being he, the greatest manipulator, manoeuvred his own heart in his favour, convincing himself that he would be true to his words, come what may.

“I promise, aunt.” He repeated his own words.

Somewhere in the other world, angels and elves laughed heartily at his foolishness. Apparently humans still continued with their habit of suppressing the voices of their very own hearts. But seemed like more recently, children & teenagers too had learnt shrewd manipulating skills. And he was no exception. The little elves set off, chuckling amongst themselves, preparing for the day, when he wouldn’t turn true to his words. The day, when his actions would betray his words.

And the angels were no less. They too joked about his little empty promises and his cluelessness about them. He hadn’t realized the intensity of the words his aunt said and to which he agreed to.

After getting some energy, Adi went up on the terrace. Light breeze grazed her skin and rejuvenated a part of her while the other part subconsciously took her at one end of the terrace. She looked around and saw trees and shrubs shining under the moonlight.

She let tears flow and sat down leaning against the boundary wall. She pulled herself together and pushed her head into her knees sobbing all the time. She cried and cried until she seemed to be at a loss of tears.

After some time, the door of the terrace creaked and sound of footsteps fell into her ears.

“Piss off, Raina.” She said without glancing him. She knew that it was him without even looking at the door. Aarti aunty wouldn’t come upstairs as she knew that Aditi needed her own time and that too alone.

She wiped her tears hastily so that he couldn’t see them or she would the news of the weekend.

Sorry dearies. It’s too late. I know.

I have been stuck up in my own mess and it’s gonna take long enough for me to resurface. So please wish me luck and be the understanding friends you all are.

“What you want from me?

I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it

f**k apologies

I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it

I’m not perfect, I got pride

That’s not what it is this time.

So f**k apologies

I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it

If I, if I, if I really meant it……..”

This is what I have been speaking lately. I am keen on humming these lines. I donno why.

And guys thanks a lot for supporting me and reading this one too.

@ Jessie. I know you wanna read Friendship or Love, but the truth is I haven’t written anything about it. And next update maybe that one. MAYBE.
So my apologies. Even though I Hum the contradictory.

Let’s shut up now.

Goodbye. Take care. Stay hearty, healthy and blessed. And above all SMILE LIKE A TEENAGER WHO JUST f**kED HIS GIRLFRIEND.

Coz life is too short to dwell on to the bad memories. Forgive but not forget cause every incident teaches you a new lesson.

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