And The Story Begins…(last epi & epilogue)

So here i am with the last episode of this ff , thanks a lot for all the comments u have given so far , they have encouraged me a lot . sorry for the mistakes i made in this story ? .pls do comment on this part as this is the last part of this story

Shruti sees her and ishita’s pics , she says finally my ishu’s life is settled and closes the album . she says we had such a cute bonding , we met in our 1st standard and till now we r friends , i want the same bonding of pihu and my baby and keeps a hand on her stomach , she says i don’t know how will siddarth react to this , i have not told anybody about this . “what r u hiding from me”comes a voice from behind
Shruti gets shocked , she sees sid,her husband (imagine arjun bijlani ) standing there . she laughs and says i wont say and runs , siddarth runs behind her , she slips and is about to fall when sidharth holds her .they share a eyelock (zehnaseeb plays in bg ) . sid gets mesmerised seeing her beauty , she seemed a little more beautiful today for him . and shruti and sid say together , i have something for u . shruti and sid get surprised , shruti says i will say first , u r going to become father . sid gets teary eyed , he says really , this was the best moment of his life. Shruti wipes his tears and says really and tell me what u have for me . he says we r going back to india , u always said u liked india and wanted to be only there , i have finished all my work here . shruti hugs him. she calls ishita and informs her abt this , ishita gets very happy , she says when are u coming back . shruti says tmrw we r coming back , sid’s work is over .
The next day….
Ishita goes to window and sees raman standing down and waving at her . she goes down and sees raman . she says why r u calling me like this , u could come home and told me right ? . raman moves back . ishita gets surprised seeing shruti standing there , she hugs her. She says we will have great time now , finally u r back in india . sid says selfies pls . shruti , sid and ishra take selfies…

5 years later….
a lady is seen busily doing work , she goes and wakes a lil boy , she says golu baby , jaldi uto
the boy gets up and says mumma , it is only 7 o clock and no need to go to school today
shagun : when did i tell all this
golu: ok papa told this
shagun : ur papa no , he has spoiled u in every way
“who has spoiled whom” says manoj hugging shagun from behind
Shagun : why did u tell that today he will not go to school
Manoj : because today is our anniversary sweety
Shagun : omg , really ? thats why u did not go to hospital today (manoj is a doctor), how could i forget , this was the day we met for the first time
Manoj: its ok , every meet of ours was so beautiful
Shagun: yes i thought i wont meet u again after the flight trip , but i kept on meeting u again and again and everytime i saw u , i saw a different manoj and fell in love with u .
Manoj hugs her and says see i have got a gift for u and shows a ring
Shagun gets happy and hugs him . arav claps , shagun and manoj smile

Ishita is seen dancing . she turns to see a little girl standing there .the girl says mumma , i am getting late for school
ishita says laddoo i made u ready , i too need to practise for my show tomorrow
pihu : mumma , u made me ready , but my kumbkaran papa is still sleeping
ishita : he is always like this , its 8 o clock and he is still sleeping , let me wake him up
pihu goes . ishita goes and says raman uto , she pulls raman’s hand . suddenly raman pulls her . ishita gets shocked and surprised , she falls over raman
Ho.. kabhi kam na hongi ye chahate
Pal pal badhe, yeh hai mohabbatein (bg)
Raman holds her close , ishita says raman chodo , pihu will come now . pihu from behind says i have come .
Pihu : u always pull mumma and disturb her like this , i am getting late for school
Ishita blushes
Pihu : mumma , let him get the punishment for his doings , attack
Pihu and ishita look at each other and then start tickling raman, raman says pls leave me . ishra and pihu laugh
Dil kahin rukta nahi
Dil kahin rukta nahi,
Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
Dil meri sunta nahi(bg)…….
Shagun never cared for money after she met manoj , manoj was her life . she loved arav very much and arav thought shagun was his mother and gave her love of a child . ishita was no more sad , raman and pihu together had filled her life with colours and she knew that shivam would be really happy seeing her happy.shruti was happy with her son and sid and as always she supported ishita whenever she wanted . and
They lived happily ever after

*The end*

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  1. finally happy ending….really will miss this ff so much…one of heart touching ff which I read till today….if possible come back with new ff…wish you have a great future…

    1. thanks a lot ?

  2. It’s really amazing I love alll the parts I misss soooo muchhh you and your updates please comee back soon ??? with the bang sooo heart’s ❤ touching

    1. thanks a lot , i am glad that u liked it ? . i will try to come back soon

  3. happy and beautiful ending will miss this story pls come abck with new story on ishra

    1. thanks a lot ?

  4. Jasminerahul

    sruti remembering her friendship with ishita was sweet.I am so happy that sruti’s husband Sid is arjun bijlani.miss raina and I am happy that though you didn’t write for raina you made arjun drashti a pair in this ff.sid pulling sruti..eye lock and pregnancy revelation were romantic.nice song for them. leap was unexpected.really feeling happy that shanoj are together now.shanoj scene was very romantic. shagun aarav scene was
    cute.ishra pihu scene was so cute.nice ending

    1. thanks a ton jasmine di ?

  5. Lovely ending please dear come back with a new ff

    1. sure , will try to come back with new ff , thanks a lot

  6. Hi sis this is my first comment on this ff.i am a silent reader of this ff but sadly u end it very soon.hope u come back with another ff.IT WAS A NICE ENDING.ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE.

    1. thank u so much , i am very happy that u commented in this epi ?

  7. Riana

    Hi Varshini…I never commented on this ff…but still i came here to see the ending of this ff…And its totally Superb !…Specially the epilogue of 5 years n last part with yhm’s title track…thats my favourite ??????…Very good…And i have a request pls whenever u write any new ff…Ss…Os pls notify me…i want to read it..??…Thankyou ❤️

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