And The Story Begins…(epi-6)

I am back wid the 5th epi , really sorry for the late update
Thanks a lot jasmine rahul di , anzeela,ishan,isuri,parichary,sowmy,jyotia and aysha khan
Here is the epi
Ishitha gets shocked ,she remembers all the moments spent wid shivam , she gets teary eyed and goes away . raman gets puzzled
Ishitha goes and hugs her mother and says ,aai raman is asking me to marryhim for his daughter ma ? i want the baby back and i don’t wanna marry raman , how dare he ask me to marry him
Madhu : ishu , raman is not wrong . he cares for his daughter
Ishitha goes away
Madhu thinks , god pls make my daughter’s life beautiful , her happiness is only in that baby , so let her get united wid the baby
Madhu calls and talks to a girl . she says please meet ishitha in our home , she is very depressed shruti .
Shruti(played by drashti dhami ) : ok ma i am in india only , i am coming to ur house soon
The next day…..
Ishitha is still thinking of raman’s words , she suddenly hears a bell on the door . she goes and opens the door . she gets surprised seeing sruti . she hugs her
Ishu : how r u here , u were supposed to be in Switzerland .
Shruti : i know my best friend ishu is in problem , how can i be there
Ishitha says ok come in
After some time….
Shruti : so u love the baby
Ishitha : yes a lot
Shruti : listen to my words ishu ,cant u do this much for a baby who u consider ur daughter
Ishitha : but i love shivam a lot , i cant marry raman
Shruti : u can never become a mother ishu (ishitha gets teary eyed )and u have lost ur love , u r missing even a lil happiness from ur life , why don’t u understand , when u r happy and u have an unknown connection wid that baby cant u do this much for that lil baby who is without a mother
I am not telling u to become the wife of mr.bhalla , i am asking u to become the baby’s mother
Ishitha gets thinking
She says i am so happy u came for me
Shruti : what r best friends for
And hugs ishitha
The next day….
Ishitha talks to raman , she says raman i need to talk to u , meet me at my office
Ishitha and raman meet…
Ishitha : raman , u asked me a question yesterday , the answer is yes
Raman gets surprised
Ishitha : but u should not expect me to do the duties of a wife ,i am only the wife of shivam and i will remain that forever , i am ready to become a mother to ur daughter , not ur wife .
Raman : i am so happy , i promise u , i will never try to become ur husband , i know u will be a good mother to my daughter
Ishitha : our daughter and smiles
Raman smiles
To be continued…….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Surprised to see drashti as ishita’s best friend, first time I am seeing this combination, ishita sruti scene was lovely. Happy that ishita decided to marry raman

    1. thanks a lot di

  2. Lovely update
    I hope ishita get happiness in her life
    Update next part soon

    1. thank u , sure

  3. Superb dear

    1. thank u

  4. Kumud

    Awesome but short why

    1. thanks a lot , i will make next epi longer

  5. superb episode dear…bt try to make episode little bit long…

    1. thanks a lot , next epi will be longer

  6. awesome update ishita was upset as raman asked her to marry him shr told her mother she asked her to accept but ishita was not ready madhu called her freind and asked her to make ishita understand next day shruti came and made ishita understand ishita agreed to marry raman

    1. thanks a lot

  7. Lovely part. yay!!!! Ishu agreed to marry Raman.

    1. thanks u

  8. Rashita

    Nice one…… Yah ishra are gonna marry…. Wow…. Finally again for ruhi…. Grt… Ishita and drashti I mean sruti relation was nice… Epi could be somewhat longer….. Update soon…

  9. Rashita

    Nice one…… Yaaaaayyyyy ishra are gonna marry…. Wow…. Finally again for ruhi…. Grt… Ishita and drashti I mean sruti relation was nice… Epi could be somewhat longer….. Update soon…

    1. thanks a lot , this one is short , but next one will be long

  10. Rashita

    Sorry by mistake I gave 2 comments…

    1. its ok di , i too have did this many times

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