And The Story Begins…(epi-5)

The baby cries continuously as raman tries to console her . santhoshi comes and checks the baby and says oh my god , she has fever. Raman rushes the baby to hospital
Ishitha cries her heart out . madhu comes and asks ishitha to eat food
Ishitha refuses to eat . she reminisces all the moments wid the baby . she says i thought my happiness will come back wid this baby , i thought this baby will never go away from me but i was wrong , god can never see me happy ,he snatched my shivaam from me , he snatched my unborn baby from me and now when i thought that now i have a reason to live , he snatched the baby who i considered as my daughter . i was very attached to my princess

Madhu hugs her and tries to console her
Doctor says to raman , i don’t know why the fever is not going down ,this may also be psychological problem , may be she is missing somebody , or she wants something . and where is her mother , i have not seen her since u came , may be the baby wants her mother , remember mr.bhalla , a mother is very important for the baby
Santhoshi says raman i think she is missing the lady who took care of her
Ramn : ishitha ?but why ?

Santoshi : yes , call her , may be our baby needs only her
Raman says ok and informs ishitha
Ishitha gets shocked . her sadness explodes as anger . she shouts , mr.bhalla ,when u cannot take care of my daughter properly why did u take her away from me and cuts the phone and rushes out
Raman gets surprised seeing her anger .
Ishitha enters after several minutes . she goes and looks at the sleeping baby
She remembers all the moments spent wid the baby . she takes the baby in her hands . the baby wakes up and smiles seeing ishitha and holds her hand . all get surprised seeing the baby smile after so much time

The baby feels comfortable with ishitha .
Doctor checks the baby and says now the fever is lil down , let her be here for some more time , then u can take the baby home
Ishitha takes the baby in her arms and sings chandaniya chup jana re , the baby sleeps peacefully
Ishitha keeps the baby and goes to raman
She says mr.bhalla , doctor says she is fine , u don’t worry , can i ask u something ?
Raman : yes
Ishitha : where is her mother ?

Raman : she left us for money , she is not fit to be called as mother
Ishitha : i think i need to leave now , shall i go

Raman thinks of his baby and says yes and sorry for disturbing u in the middle of the night
Ishitha turns and cries , unable to get away from the baby .
Suddenly she hears a voice . it was raman’s . he says will u marry me ishitha , for the baby who u call ur daughter ?

She gets shocked

To be continued……….

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  1. Superb dear please update next part soon

    1. thanks a lot , will update soon

  2. Hi I have come back after a long time to this website!! I read your prologue and then didn’t read the episodes so is it possible for you to give the link of previous episodes to me ?

    1. here is the link of all the episodes

  3. heart touching episode….end part was to good…ishita’s dissicion will change three lives worst to best…

    1. thank u so much

  4. Rashita

    Fantastic….. At last it was very cute Raman asked Ishita to marry him for the sake of his daughter….. Waiting for the update soon…

  5. Amazing love ❤️ it I can imagine all the scenes it’s sooooo beautiful Varshini it’s an amazing episode

  6. Honey

    lovely dr

  7. emotional update baby got fever raman got worried and rushed to hospital with baby otherside ishita was crying and cursing god doctor said maybe bay is missing someone toshiji asked raman to call ishita he informed ishita she got angry and came to hospital baby got happy seeing ishita raman asked ishita to marry him for baby

  8. Jasminerahul

    poor ishita was so upset.the baby was sick as she was missing ishita and for her raman called nice twist.loved ishita singing for the baby.Raman proposing ishita for the baby was surprising

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