And The Story Begins…(epi-4)

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Episode 3
thanks a lot jasmine rahul di , Swathee , isuri , Ishan, Annie1,jyoti

ishitha says aai shall we go to shopping , baby needs some things and i too need to purchase.
Madhu says ok , chalo
Raman closes santhoshi’s eyes and brings her to a place , he shows her a big house
Santhoshi asks whose house is this , such a beautiful place
Raman : this is our house
Raman’s sister rinki (in this ff only rinki is the sister of raman , simmi and romi are not there ) says bhaiya are u serious . raman says i am serious , this is our house
Rinky and santhoshi hug him .
Santoshi says mere sath bahar chaloge , kuch shopping karni thi
After some time……
Ishitha, madhu and the baby enter the mall . raman and santhoshi enter next
Ishitha goes forward
Raman bumps into madhu and apologises to her
Ishitha goes to buy a saree
Santhoshi says i want to buy some sarees
Raman says fine , come and takes madhu
Ishitha : aai , hold her na
And gives the baby to madhu and goes looking for a nice saree
Raman says ma , tu vahan dekh , i will wait and turns but madhu who was standing facing raman turns the other side
Raman thinks…..why am i feeling so restless , i can feel that some body close to me is here
He goes towards santhoshi
The baby starts crying

Raman hears it and runs towards madhu because he is able to feel connected to the voice of the baby
He goes and looks at the baby and gets shocked , his world gets stopped at that moment . he jumps in joy and snatches the baby from madhu . madhu gets shocked
Ishitha sees all this and comes running
She says kya kar rahe hai ap , mere bacche ko dijiye and snatches the baby from him
Raman gets shocked , he says i lost my baby some days ago and now u r separating me from her , she is my daughter
Ishitha gets shocked , she says yeh nahi ho sakta and sits down in shock of losing her baby
Raman gets teary eyed and says thanks a lot for taking care of my daughter for these many days , please give my daughter to me , i am dyeing to see her
Ishitha gives the baby to him and cries . madhu holds her
Raman takes the baby in his arms tightly(abhi mujh mein kahi plays in bg )
Raman says thanks a lot ishitha , i never thought that i would get my daughter back . u took a great care of her thanks a lot and holds her hand
Ishitha cries her heart out
Raman goes wid her baby
Ishitha is about to go when madhu holdsishitha
Ishitha sits down in shock , she cries holding madhu

To be continued…….

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  1. Hi anzeela here
    Commenting for the first time on ur story
    Loved it
    I hope ishita is fine
    Waiting for the next update
    R there any of ur story on India forum or any other story on ishra that u have written??

    1. thanks a lot , glad that u liked it . yes i have written a story called ishra forever , here is the link
      and i have also written a combined ff with ishra , arshi , swasan and raglak , u can find that in my posts

  2. Jasminerahul

    the scene where raman sees his baby was lovely. I loved raman thanking ishita for taking care of the baby.sad for ishita as she was finding relief in the baby.waiting to see how ishra and baby meet again

  3. very emotional episode…felt very bad for ishita…

  4. Superb dear and very emotional

  5. Raman carry the baby and goes to his mother and informed that this is your granddaughter and my daughter. Santoshi get happy and carry the baby and kiss her. Santoshi ask Raman who had the baby and I want to thank her for taking care of my granddaughter. Raman agreed and bring her to meet Ishu and Madhu. Ishu is in deep shock while Madhu tried to consoled Ishu but notice Ishu weak and get worry. Raman and Santoshi meet Ishu and tell Ishu to thanks her but Raman see Ishu condition and did not understand what happen and why is she so silent then ask Madhu. Madhu tell Raman and Santoshi that baby is her life and she lost husband and baby. Ishu was about to committed sucide but stopped because of your daughter cried out to get her attention and took care of her as her daughter. Raman and Santoshi get stunned by Madhu explain about Ishu pain in her past. Ishu walk away with heavily pain. Raman noticed Ishu lost and see oncoming truck to about to knock her down then he ran to save Ishu that shock Santoshi and Madhu. Madhu cried for Ishu. Raman feel bad see this then Santoshi decided that Raman should marry Ishu for baby sake. Santoshi tell Madhu that she is looking for wife for Raman and mother to his daughter and bahu of my family but now I see your daughter and she is so lovely and want Raman to marry her. The baby get happy and gurrle which shock Raman then agree to marry Ishu for his daughter. Raman ask Ishu to take baby as you are now mother of my daughter and she is the part of you and even mine. Ishu see this and take baby to hug and coo to the baby. baby start to smile and gurrle which make Madhu, Santoshi and Raman happy. Santosh informed family relatives that baby has been found and announce for Raman’s marriage. Shagun did not know about it then get shocked by reading the newspaper that Raman and daughter reunited and wedding of Ishra then Ashok ask what happened then Shagun show Ashok of Ishra marriage and daughter as family. Ashok plan to revenge on Raman by telling lied to Ishu about Raman being bad person then Ishu is about to believe him but then thinking about Raman caring for her. Ishu ask Raman about daughter’s mother Shagun. Raman tell Ishu about Shagun dumped him for Ashok and she is the one who left my daughter and she separate my daughter from me then you found my daughter and took care of her in my absent then ask her why. Ishu tell that Ashok meet her and told her bad about you then Raman get fumed then baby start cry and then knowing that daughter is afraid of his anger then he calm down with Ishu console the baby then Raman tell Ishu that Ashok is his enemy and lied. Ishu tell Raman not to worry about it and she will not believe Ashok and she only believe you then Raman smile then think about to romance with her then Raman send sleeping daughter in the cot then start romance with Ishu. Ishu get blush by see Raman naughty and then they started romance. When baby woke up and cry then Raman expression change by hearing baby cry then Ishu laugh then goes to baby and carry her. Ishu tell daughter that she is naughty and want mummy then baby smile then Raman come to Ishu back then coo the baby and side hug Ishu.

    This is not true story and I know that you have alot of twist, Varsh!!!! Very lovely story.

  6. Emotional yaar

  7. emotional update raman got his daughter poor ishita raman took his daughter from him he thanks her for taking care of his daughter

  8. sad updat ….poor ishita

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