And The Story Begins…(epi-3)

Recap: ishitha’s flashback
A lady comes and says ishitha mam , i came to know from rahul sir that u r the new ceo of ahuja industries . mam a company called bhalla industries want to make a deal wid us .
Ish: what bhalla industries ? i have never heard of that
Lady : actually mam it used to be a very small company then , now i dont know how within a month , this company got so many orders and dealerships . and i think this will help our company as well as theirs

Ish : arrange a meeting wid the bhalla industries owner
Lady : sure mam .
Ishitha goes and sees the baby sleeping , she says u look too cute while sleeping and takes her in her arms and says , bahar chale hum ?
She takes the baby and walks on the road

She thinks
Iss bachi ne tho meri zindagi hi badal di , she is an angel sent by god to me , may be her parents are searching for her , no no ishitha , they would have left her because they would not have wanted her . but will u give her back if her parents ask her . no no , she is my angel , i will never give her to anybody
Suudenly her thoughts get interuptedby baby’s cries . she says bas , bas bas kya hua . she calms her down

Ishitha thinks
May be she is ur life , yes , she is ur lifenow . u love her more than anybody
And holds the baby tightly as if somebody will snatch the baby from her
She gets a call , she answers it and says ya , sure i am coming now , she says baccha thodi der nani ke sath rehna , mein jaldi wapis a jaungi (be for some time wid nani , i will come back within some time)

She goes home and says ai , i am giving my life to u , take care of her , i will attend my meeting with mr.bhalla and come back
Ishitha comes wearing a white saree . her mom says ishitha , wear some accesories and a nice dress

Ish: i dont have any purpose in this life mom , my daughter is my life . for whom should i get dressed beautifully . my husband liked me a lot when a weared red saree and had gajra in my hair , my husband itself is not there . for whom should i dress up and leaves
Madhu: pls god make my daughter’s life colourful again

The pa says mam , mr.raman bhalla is waiting for u
Ishitha says hello mr.raman bhalla . raman says hi , mrs.ishitha , shall we talk about business
Ish: first of all , i need complete profit of my business , then only i can help ur company . so i make clear of my self , i only care abt my business profit
Raman says i have come here only for that

And ishra talk about business

Precap : ishitha and madhu come to a shopping mall wid the baby . raman and sathoshi too come there


  1. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    ishita is so attached to the baby.hope she will never lose her. sad that ishita is wearing white.hope raman makes her life colourful. wow..ishra met

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