And The Story Begins…(epi-2)

Hi guys , i am back wid the next epi of my ff , a big thanks to jasmine rahul di who suggested to continue all my ffs this epi is dedicated to her .
For the who have not read the previous episodes , here is the link

Prologue: prologue
Epi 1: Episode 1
Madhu remembers ishitha’s past ….


A beautiful girl is seen dancing beautifully on the song mohe rang do laal . she is revealed to be ishitha . she dances fastly and is about to fall when a man comes and holds her . he says ishu , u should not dance so fastly ,ishitha says i know u r there to hold me, shivam . yes the man was shivam , ishitha’s husband . ishitha says shivam its our first month anniversary shivam , i cant believe , i still remember mummy ji scolding u for hiding our love from her .
Shivam:yes ishu , its all really surprising , thankfully though being from two different cultures our families accepted each other and janu u still dance so graciously like i saw u the first time in the kathak show u were doing .

Ishitha:shivam , u saw me only three months ago , and how idiotic u were , u propesd me after i got down from the stage
Shivam: it was love at first sight ishu jaan , i loved u yesterday and i love u now and will love u forever and ever , i will love u even after i die (ishitha closes shivam’s mouth and gives him a angry stare)
Shivam gives a squeezing hug to ishitha (markhebi mahi tusey muh na modna line plays from bolna song in bg)

After si x months
ishitha says shivam , yesterday the reports of my tests came , i dont have some flu , infact i have some bigger problem . shivam gets shocked and says ishu what r u saying ?
Ishitha:shivam……voh , i am having our baby shivammmmm , u r gonna become father and i mother .
Shivam asks really ishitha , r u serious and lifts her in his arms and smiles happily
After some days……

Shivam says ishu shall we go on a drive . ishitha agrees and they go on a drive
Shivam says ishitha i love u , i love u a lot . ishitha says i love u a lot too and kisses shivam , shivam says i think pihu’s mother is in a happy mood today .
Ishita : no pihu is in a sweet mood, this was on her behalf , and ya by the way why pihu , i want a son like u shivam
Shivam: no , i want a daughter and her name will be pihu and she will be a great dancer like u
Ishitha: lets see mr.shivam ahuja, if its a son u should give me choclates and if u win i will make ur favourite dish

Shivam says done and turns back and kisses ishitha and turns back and sees a lorry coming in their direction , he tries to turn the car but he is unable to . with a great force he turns the car but the driver had been drunk , he comes and hits the car
Shivam comes in front of ishitha and tries to save her . shivam gets severely injured
Ishitha gets consciousness after sometime and sees shivam fallen in front of her holding her and protecting her from so many injuries . she tries to wake him up . he gets consiousness .
Shivam says ishitha , dont try to save me , i know i am going to die , i have had everything in my life . such a beautiful lover , a caring wife , protective parents and my cute pihu who will be born soon . ishitha says shivam no , dont . shivam stops her and kisses her and holds her hand and thinks , god , thanks a lot for giving me a wife like my ishu , i am happy , very happy right now and his hands fall off from ishitha’s hand . ishitha shouts ,shivammmmm and loses consciousness .

She wakes up several hours later . a doctor is beside her .
doctor: i am sorry mrs.ahuja i could not save ur baby
Ishitha says no….why did god punish me , he took away my pihu and shivam at the same time and breaks down
Several days later…

Ishitha is completely clad in white saree without any ornament or happiness in hr face . she says mummy ji i am going to mumbai to handle shivams business , imay never come back , because this place haunts me of shivam’s memories . shivam’s mother hugs her and consoles her
Fb ends……

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  1. arrey wow very nice fresh and new start

    1. thanks a lot

  2. so she found adi

  3. so she found adi not ruhi

    1. she found a baby girl , its not adi or ruhi and in this story raman has only one daughter right now

  4. finally u updated superb update ishitas fb was sad shivam died ishita lost their baby also poor ishita pls update soon

    1. thank u

  5. Jasminerahul

    ishita is a dancer. wow.I like it as I love dancing.shivam ishita scene was romantic. ishita pregnant and he wants the baby to be named as pihu.cite.shivam sacrifices his life for ishita saving her.sad.his last words to her was very painful. which actor is shivam?
    can you please update your raglak ffs?these days I am just craving to read more on them

    1. thnx a lot , shivam’s role is played by karan tacker . and i will try to update my raglak ffs as soon as possible

  6. Superb dear

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  7. Zaira

    Poor ishu …She lost her husband n baby …
    Super n romantic episode varshini …Loved it ?????

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