And The Story Begins…(epi-17)

Ishita was wounded but at the right time she runs out and notes the car’s number . she calls the ambulance…
After some time….
Police ask ishita if she noted the car number . ishita says yes , i noted the car’s number and tells the car number
The police track and say this car is in the name of shagun arora . ishita says can i speak to her before u arrest her
Ishita and the police reach shagun’s house . ishita slaps shagun and says , what do u think of urself ?
U will hit somebody purposefully and leave from there and nobody will find u .
Shagun not knowing that police are outside says how will u prove that and why do u care , he is my enemy , he says he has become more successful , i want to show him who this shagun arora is , my ashok will help me , he only told me to do this accident , he told he will help me
“u want to know why i care for him , because i love him , i love him a lot , he is my husband” says ishita shouting at the top of her voice shaking shagun hard .
Yeh hai mohabbatein title plays in bg
The police comes in and arrests shagun . shagun stares at ashok with hope . he says i am sorry shagun , u need to go to jail . a girl comes from behind . she stands beside ashok hugging him . ashoks says i have found my new girlfriend and this was the only way to get rid of u .
Shagun gets shocked . she breaks down , she realises her mistake . she goes with the police.
Ishita rushes back to hospital .
Doctor says u can go and see him , but it will take some time for him to get up . she goes and sits near raman . raman mumbles ishita’s name in sleep and holds ishita’s hand tightly , ishita recalls her talking to shagun ,she had told that she loved raman , but she could not get over it . am i doing wrong to shivam by loving raman , but i cant deny the fact that i am in love with raman thinks ishita
She reminisces all her moments with raman , their first meet , their marriage, their rain dance , raman taking care of her during her illness , raman protecting her like shivam . she was overflowing with emotions agar tum saath ho plays in bg
she knew what to do know , she calls her friend shruti and talks to her
Shruti Ishita cries
Shruti : don’t cry ishu , stop it , u love him a lot and u cant change this , u loved shivam and u lost him , it was all a bad dream , i saw my old ishu back after u got married to raman , shivam was ur past , he will remain in ur heart forever but raman is ur present and ur future , don’t cheat urself
He tries every way to make u happy ishu , he loves u ishu , go back to him forever and tell him how much u love him
Ishita smiles and gets teary eyed and kisses her phone and says , u r my best friend shruti , u help me in any situation
Shruti : i am ur best friend , i know that , now go to raman
Ishita goes to raman and looks at him
Raman slowly gets up
To be continued….

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  1. Hi varshini…. Sorry I didn’t comment on the previous episode…. But I must say that both the episodes were awesome… I was thinking what will be raman’s reaction when he comes to know ishu loves him… Eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes… But please don’t end it soon

  2. Oh! ishu love raman so sweet update next part soon

  3. Lovely story and am loving it.

  4. finally ishu accept that she is in love with ramn…now what will ishita do…eagerly waiting for next one….

  5. lovely update…waiting for next one…

  6. awesome update ishita declares shagun she loves raman

  7. Jasminerahul

    shocking that its shagun who was behind raman’s accident.she herself confessed her crime to ishita and police caught her.nice.ishita slapping her and bursting out her love for raman was superb.the unexpected twist was ashok trapping shagun as he wants to be with his new gf. ishita guilty about falling for raman.but how sruti convincing her by making her understand was lovely. because of this ff I am liking divyanka drashti combination. I loved them together in SPA dance too

  8. Lovely scenes. Pls update soon

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