And The Story Begins…(epi-16)

Ishita wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to stand but she is not able to stand . raman holds her . ishita looks at him
Raman says u need to eat these tablets , for that u need to eat something .i have made some thing to eat
Ishita : i don’t want to eat anything from your hand
Raman says stop is yar ishita , pls eat and feeds her
He gives tablet and feeds her water . ishitha says i am sorry that scolded u yesterday , actually , i don’t know to shout at anybody , i mean , i cant get angry on anybody , so take out this thought that u love me . i don’t love u and i will never ever love u , so forget this and lets be friends or if u like to only be my lover , u should know that u can never come near me and i will hate u more

raman does not reply and keeps quite . he says now sleep , we will talk about this later
Ishita sleeps , raman covers her with blanket . raman turns , ishita looks at him . when raman turns again she acts like sleeping . raman sits near her the whole night but she actually never slept , she keeps seeing what raman is doing and surprised seeing so much love for her
She wakes up at the morning and looks for pihu .

Raman : i made her sleep near ma , ishitha says fine and goes . he says i am again sorry and yes a puja is arranged in temple
Ishita : what for ?
Raman : today is first death anniversary of shivam
Ishita gets shocked and gets sad thinking how she forgot . she gets teary eyed and remembers the day when she lost her husband and unborn child . was she forgetting shivam being close to raman . she felt really sad
Raman : lets go

Raman and ishita go and do puja and come back .
Ishita remembers all her moments with shivam . somewhat her respect for raman had raised to a very high level after he had arranged a puja for shivam’s first death anniversary . raman says u sit with pihu in the back seat
Ishita says its ok i will sit in the front seat and sits near to raman . raman starts the car . ishita closes her eyes and holds raman’s hand . raman smiles
Kabhi kam na honge yeh chahatein plays in bg
Ishita says drive the car slowly . raman smiles and turns when another car hits him . he holds ishita and protects her . he gets hit by the car

To be continued…

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  1. RadhikaSharma

    Hey nice chappy. Loved to see Raman’s care for ishita. Waiting for the next…

  2. Nice dear update next part soon

  3. Jasminerahul

    sad that though raman is so caring
    ishita is rude though she is ready to accept him as her sweet of Raman to arrange Puja for shivam’s death anniversary.happy that ishita appreciated it.oh raman risked his life to save ishita pihu.hope he gets saved and ishita accepts him

  4. superb one….

  5. superb update

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