And The Story Begins…(epi-15)

Ishita was dumbstruck , she was shocked , tears rolled down her cheeks .she comes and holds raman’s color and says how dare u ask this , i considered u as my friend , in spite of the promise u gave that this marriage will only be for pihu i took our relationship forward and gave it a name of friend ship . i hate u , i love shivam and i will always love him . she goes angrily . raman holds her hand and stops her , raman says pls listen to me . don’t take me wrong
Ishita : i was listening till now , because i respect u as my daughter’s father and yes i would have left ur house , i am staying only for pihu .
And goes angrily
Raman angrily hits his fist on the car and says raman , u r stupid , what was the need to tell all ur feelings to her today , how would have she felt . she has lost her husband who she loved the most . how will she move on with u as ur wife , so soon .
Ishita says i should not have let u sleep near me , i and pihu r sleeping in the guest room
Raman : no , i am sorry , u and pihu sleep on the bed ,i will sleep there in the sofa .
Ishita and pihu sleep on the bed . raman sleeps on the sofa

The next day….
Raman and the family members eat breakfast
“where is ishita ma ? she is the one who usually makes breakfast”asks raman when he does not find ishita
Santhoshi says she is still sleeping
Raman thinks that she is angry on him and leaves for office

Raman comes to his room and sees ishita stading near window and seeing out , he goes near her and says i am sorry ishitha ,i did a big mistake, friends forgive our mistakes , will u forgive me too and goes near ishita , ishita turns and is about to say something but she feels giddy and faints and falls down . raman gets shocked . he shakes her and asks her to get up . he takes her and lays her on bed
After some time…
Doctor says she has severe fever and i think she has not eaten anything , take care of her , she will be alright in few days
Raman thanks the doctor and comes in and sees ishita sleeping peacefully . ishita mumbles pihu’s name in the sleep . raman holds ishita’s hand and says pihu is fine and she is wid me . ishita sleeps holding raman’s hand and sleeps
Raman sits down and rests his head on the bed and sleeps holding ishitas hand

To be continued….

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  1. Amazing good to see Raman take care of Ishita

  2. superb update…waiting to see how story going to moving ahead….

  3. Superb dear update next part soon

  4. nice one…update next one soon…

  5. Very nice

  6. Interesting episode but this is short. Eagerly waiting for the next

  7. nice update ishita got angry on raman when he said he loves her

  8. Jasminerahul

    sad that ishita got angry.shocking that ishita fainted and has high fever.Raman is so caring.hope ishita realize how caring he is and accepts him.
    waiting for your comments

    1. thanks a lot , i still could not finish the latest update of ur vivah ff so after reading that i will definitely share my views on ur updates ?

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanks.kuch khatti ,hum dil de n phir bhi tumki r also updated.

  9. RadhikaSharma

    i was waiting for your update. it was great. but please try to post a longer one.

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