And The Story Begins…(epi-14)

Raman says , ishitha , u always consider me as a friend , but i never considered u as my friend , i thought i fell for u after our marriage but i fell for u the moment u accepted to marry ishitha , i love u ishitha , i love u ishita , ishita gets shocked and slaps him
“what do u think abt urself , i married u only for pihu , don’t ever think of coming close to me” says ishitha angrily . some body slaps him again , he wakes up and sees pihu sitting near him . he kisses pihu’s hand and smiles at her
Thank god , it was all a dream thinks raman . ishita comes there interrupting his thoughts , she was wearing a red saree and had loose hair , she looked simple and beautiful in loose hair
my day is gonna be beautiful thinks ramn seeing ishita . ishitha says , ladoo wat r u doing sitting near papa and takes pihu wid her and is about to go when her mangalsutra falls down . raman takes it and gives it to ishita . ishita tries to wear the mangalsutra . raman says i will help u and makes her wear it (dil kahi rukta nahi plays in bg)
Mrs.bhalla comes there and says raman puttar , fill her mang wid sindoor too . she is not looking nice without sindoor . raman fills her hairline wid sindhoor . mrs.bhalla smiles and says now u look good . ishita smiles uneasily . pihu smiles too as if understanding the emotions of her father .
It rains outside

Ishita goes out . raman comes there with the umbrella .
Raman : why r u standing in the rain , its not even been a week that u have enjoyed in the rain , u will catch cold
Ishita : why r u standing under umbrella , u will miss the fun
And takes and throws the umbrella

Raman suddenly comes close to ishita and pulls her . he says why do u make me so happy . ishitha was utterly shocked . she says what do u mean and tries to go . raman pulls her even more close and says why do u make me crazy wid this beautiful face , why why why ?
Raman caresses her hair and pushes a hair strand aside . ishita says what r u doing raman ? (staring at him very angrily)
Raman keeps his finger on her mouth and says u don’t need to say anything darling , i know u love me and i love u a lot too .
Raman leans close to her and whispers , shagun is standing behind the tree and watching us , she wants to prove that we r not like husband and wife and cant keep our baby fine as parents , pls cooperate , i want to prove shagun that we r living happily as husband and wife .

Shagun : prove to me that u and ur wife r in love , i hear somewhere that she can never get pregnant , when u both r not husband and wife in real sense , then i will prove to the court that ishita cant keep my daughter pihu happy and get my daughter back .
Raman : do whatever u want , pihu is ishita and my daughter and remember , i will never let my pihu go to wrong hands like yours , try how much ever u can
Fb ends….

Raman slowly starts dancing with her .(barish song plays in bg )
Ishita was feeling some kind of attraction towards raman , shagun sees this and gets irritated , she leaves angrily .
Raman lets ishita go . he says i am really sorry . ishita shocked with the sudden closeness with raman says its ok raman , but don’t try to do anything like this hereafter and is about to go when raman stops her and says , ishita i hope something like this happens for real in our life , what i told to u before was true . i mean whatever i told to u know , i mean , i really mean it
Ishita : what do u mean raman
Raman : i mean i love u , i love u a lot , i started loving u long ago . i really saw u as a mother to pihu when i married u , but…u were a too good mother that i wanted to see u as my wife who loves her husband . will that ever happen ishita ? will that ever happen , pls tell me….

To be continued…

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  1. Hai dear…left me with a great thought….iam very much excited for next episode…please update fast

  2. Awesome ?? waiting for next update

  3. Superb dear of course it will happen between ishra update soon next part

  4. Amazing episode love ❤️ it

  5. Jasminerahul

    I was sad seeing ishita’s reaction to raman’s confession.but glad that its only a nightmare.though raman got romantic with ishita just to show shagun it was very romantic. loved ishra dance on baarish song.ishita too hot attracted to has finally confessed his love .hope ishita doesn’t get angry with him

  6. superb update

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