And The Story Begins…(epi-13)

After 8 months….
Ishitha and raman had become best of friends , though raman had started loving ishitha and liked being with her every minute , ishitha had never taken their relationship ahead because she still loved only shivam
Ishitha goes and takes a courier from the courier boy and reads it . she gets shocked and sits down in shock . raman comes and asks her what happened . ishitha says shagun has sent a order from court . she says she wants the custody of our pihu . raman says what the hell , she left the baby in the train , the lady who did not care of her few days old baby , how dare she ask for our baby .
Ishitha : but raman this means that she has filed a case in the court , we should meet her only in the court
Ishitha goes to her room and sees pihu sitting with a doll and playing with it . seeing ishitha pihu smiles . ishitha’s eyes gets filled with tears , she could never think of pihu going away from her . she runs and takes her in her arms and kisses her
Raman says nobody can separate u from pihu , u r mother nd will be her mother . ishitha gets emotional and hugs him

Raman says we need to see a lawyer , rakesh will be able to help us
Ishitha : no we need a strong lawyer who can win this case
Raman : what about ur friend , shruti ?
Ishitha : yes i will talk to her

After some days….
In the court…
Ishita is holding pihu tightly as pihu is sleeping peacefully in ishita’s safe hands . shruti (played by drashti dhami) says shagun who is now saying that she is the mother of this child was the same who had left her few days old daughter in the train
Shagun’s lawyer mk says the baby was lost and my client had not left her in the train when she went wid ashok
Shruti : u caught the right point , she went with ashok leaving her child behind , if she had cared about her baby she would have , been with raman

Mk: i think we r going in the wrong way , shagun can stay wid anybody , the point is she wants the daughter
Shruti : then , the person who shagun is living with , will he accept ms.shagun arora’s so called love for her daughter
Mk : then my client’s ex husband too married a lady
Shruti : he married her for the baby , she was the one who found pihu and for the sake of pihu she married raman bhalla .

Mk : this so funny , a lady marrying a man for some body elses baby
Shruti : yes , this is truth and u cant understand their relationship and the bond between the mother daughter (shouting at the top of her voice she could not hera anything against ishita )
Amidst all this ,pihu gets up , ishitha says apne soya acche se forgetting all her worries at once . pihu holds ishitha hand and says something which is only understandable to ishitha . she takes milk bottle from her hand bag and feeds milk to pihu

The judge notices this and smiles
The judge says now the decision is taken , the baby will live with her mother
Raman gets shocked . shagun gets happy
Judge : the mother who married for the sake of her daughter , the mother who is more than a mother to her daughter . a mother who only cares of her daughter’s happiness . pihu’s mother ishita bhalla
Shagun gets shocked . ishitha hugs pihu and cries happily . a word stops her cry . ishitha asks kya bola tumne ?

Pihu says ma , ishitha was in a different world , she kisses pihu and says pls pls pls laddooo tell again
Pihu says ma . ishitha cries . raman smiles , shagun who was watching all this gets irritated .
Raman goes to her and says why r u caring so much for my daughter , i know u want to trouble me , u r jealous of me , i have got more successful , u left me because u loved money , i have money , i earn lakhs and lakhs of money a day . ur ashok is very small in front of me . i have a beautiful wife who takes care of my daughter . i have a beautiful baby who knows who is bad and who is good .i know u will try to come back to my life seeing my money . but don’t even dream of it . don’t even try to come to my locality . i usually don’t talk like this to any woman , but i can talk like this to u , because u r cheap . i hate u and turns angrily and sits in his car . ishitha sits near him and gives a glare to shagun

Precap : raman says i love u ishita….
What will be ishita’s response to raman’s proposal ? will she accept him as her husband

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  1. Hai varshini sis….iam shwetha and I just read your previous episodes of and the story begins…i was really amazing to read…i felt each and every scenes visually…such a wonderful story…and the precap is really surprising and can’t wait for a long time….please post the next update soon…take care

    1. thanks a lot , glad that u liked it , will update soon

  2. Nice dear

    1. thank u

  3. Swathee

    Wow awesome….! I loved it

    1. thanks a lot ?

  4. Ya it’s awesome ? I’m waiting for a long time fir your update its awosme you write soo amazing exited for next update she accept or not

    1. thanks a lot , sorry for the late update , next i will update soon

  5. Ya it’s awesome ? I’m waiting for a long time fir your update its awosme you write soo amazing exited for next update she accept or not

  6. RadhikaSharma

    Hey varshini the episode was amazing. Was waiting for your ff. Interesting precap. Post soon

    1. thanks a lot and i loved ur ff , actually i have read only half of ur ff Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love and not commented in even one episode because of my busy schedule right now . i think i will finish all the episodes within u update the next date , u r an awesome writer

      1. RadhikaSharma

        Thank you so much varshini. And comment when you read all

  7. Heart touching especially pihu ishita

    1. thank u

  8. what’s will happen next how can i know I’m just waiting…as a guess i think ishita will not accept at this time bt with time she will also fall for raman…

    1. thanks a lot

  9. Vanshika

    I’m feeling angry on you ?
    I mean
    13 parts
    And I’m nothing
    Anyways I read all and loved them totally
    But I’m still ? ? ? ?

    1. dearie , dont be angry on ur di , mein agli bar se zarur bataungi aur me kya kehti , my ff is not so nice also . sorrry for the last time , because i know u will forgive me , is it not . love u loads ,sorry dont be angry ???

  10. awesome update shagun is so disgusting she filed custody of pihu shruti ishitas friend fought case from ishitas side loved ishita and pihu scene their bond is so beautiful loved ramans warning for shagun precap is interesting

    1. thanks a lot

  11. Jasminerahul

    Raman loved ishita. wow.but will ishita love him easily?shocking that shagun wants pihu’s custody.ishra hug was emotional. loved sruti fighting the custody case.her dialogues were superb.judge noticing ishita pihu moment and ishita getting custody was so nice.pihu calling maa was beautiful

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