Story: Before Dawn (DT Series) Chpt 1 (Close in an Embrace)


Chapter-1 (Close in an Embrace)

The day after the storm incident, Shaina did not see her husband around the house. He wasn’t any where in the empty hallways. The kids were at their grandparents house for a weekend stay. She got to know that through the whisperings going on between the servants. She sighed, this is going on forever, when was she even allowed to bond with the little ones. She needs to break the ice soon.

With more of the whispering from the servants and from a cut out news article, she got to know more about him. The master of the house, her husband, Ridhaan Malhotra, a prominent lawyer of the country, quit his practice and came up to his home town, after the death of his wife. He and the kids live here in the unknown and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But the most puzzled bewildering thing to Shaina was, he didn’t look anything as smooth as a lawyer. He looked rough, grim, furtive and grave. He walked in a prowl of stealth, possessiveness streaking off from him. Of over his land and the long stretched tea farm. He doesn’t talk much, but except a few curt grunts.

He was all earth and mud. Somehow, to Shaina he didn’t cut out as a suit guy, working a nine to five job. He was like his horse. He was like Breeze. Wild, free and untamed.

Shaina put on her red coat, rubbing her hands together, she blew on her cold fingers, trying to warm herself.

The cold has settled in a thick shivering fog around the house. The evening was covered in a creamy layered mist.

She walked slowly, her thoughts turning wistful again. Her eyes glazed over, swam, and stinged as deep well of emotions rose and teared up her eyes when thinking of home and her two sweet sisters, Gayathri and Radhika. She shook her head, removing herself from the woeful depression. She wasn’t a weak person. She had weathered even more bad storms than this one. It was just a passing cloud, this moment of sadness. She knew very well how to be detached with feelings in a practised focus.

Unable to bear anymore the silence resonating across from the walls and empty corridors, she moved downstairs. Her feet took her out into the open in an unconcious walk.

She wrapped her arms around her waist, Shaina hesitantly moved towards the stables. A slow smile spread her lips wide. She walked towards the white wooden fence. Her hands folded on it, and her chin perched on her hands, she observed a black beautiful glide of the horse trot, run, and fly into the air.

It stopped mid kneeing, as it’s head jerked towards the direction of her presence. Nostrils flaring and snorting, Breeze’s black eyes spotted her.

The horse cautiously and carefully moved its four slim legs towards her in a jaunt.

“Hullo, Breeze.” She whispered, smiled and outstretched her right hand in the air.

Breeze froze, not getting closer to her hand. A deep suspicious air hung heavy between them.

“Aw, I’m so sorry about last time. I’m not going to take you in the storm again.” Shaina talked in a whisper.

Breeze snorted, as if saying.

“Sure, whatever.”

Well, techically it’s not an it, but a him.

She really wanted to pet him and make friends. Guilty that he got afraid because of the lightening. His ears twitched as a swank of dark silken strands fell over his eyes.

With a gleam in her gaze, Shaina took out a fistful of black grams from the left side of the coat pocket. She had earlier had taken out some from the kitchen. For just in case if she would find the mesmerising animal.

She again outstretched her hand and opened her palm towards his flaring nose.

“Come on, now, don’t sulk.” She tried, again, in a slow sweet tone.

Breeze moved forward, his nostrils flared hovering over her hand.

Shaina waited for a second in strained silence.

But, the obstinate horse, seem to roll its eyes at her, snorted in an air of nonchalance and sniffed away from her and trotted forwards ignoring her outstretched hand, and her possible friendship.

Shaina’s mouth hung open.

“Haww, such arrogance.” She muttered, looking at the horse’s back.

But her eyes bugged out, when she felt two strong, brawny band of arms slid across on either sides of her waist. The hands held the wooden fence in a tight grip. Her back strained erect, as a warm hard wall of a body hit her back. She felt a hot glide of breath fall over the back of her neck.

Shaina’s chest heaved up and down. Oh my god, it was him. She very well knew the touch. It was sanguine spreading all over her in a whisper of a shiver.

“Breeze wouldn’t care for strangers.” He whispered into her ears, his lips touching the skin under her ear….”He doesn’t like to be touched…God knows how he allowed you to ride on his back.” He whispered in a gruff.

“He did kill many who tried.”

Shaina frowned. He did? She looked across at Breeze, his opened mouth and teeth biting and pulling at an yellow flowered green weed of the ground.

Shaina shook her head. Though to her, he was a sweet heart.

“But, if you want to make friends. You need to do it properly….. Let him feel you.”

The last words said so huskily, in a deep languid murmur over her skin, almost derailed her heart beat for several seconds.

His cool breath fell on her heated skin of her neck, shoulder and ear, his voice notched down to a more mere whisper and husk.

Shaina felt her mind blank out, as his hand moved away from the wooden fence, glided across on her right shoulder. His fingers moved over her coated bicep and hand.

He caught hold of her palm and opened it.

“Relax.” His lips touched her ear shell, his other hand glided over her back in an intimate familiarity, rubbing out the tensed muscles, he moved. Holding her there in a tight yet soft grip.

“Don’t make a sound. Feel the night fall all around, listen keen. Your heart beat should resound. Your breath should reach his ears. Your body warmth should call him out.” He spoke into her ear in a burr, making a spread of tingles ran all across her body.

Shaina listened. But not the silence. But of him. She could feel the steady beat of his heart, vibrating over her back and sembling one into her chest. She could feel the heat of his hard wall of a body permeating and absorbing into her cold form. His skin’s warmth rubbed against hers creating an uproar of feelings. Of different kind. Of dangerous delicious thrill.

She would have fell on the ground in a melted puddle, but if not of his firm hold on her body.

His thumb finger moved in hot circles over the black grams and onto her over sensitised skin of her opened palm. The rustling of it penetrated the silence.

“You need to make him hear this.” He moved forward and made her lean front onto the wooden fence, as his weight leaned on her more. The whole of his front attached to her back in a tight warm embrace. His hands encirled her front more close.

Just as immediately the sound of the rubbing of black grams echoed around, Breeze’s head jerked up. His ears strained listening. The mist circled around them now in a thick white fog, completely shielding around the visibility into nothingness.

With what appeared to be a very amazing beautific view, Shaina stared on at the distant horse glide slowly towards her. All her senses heightened, narrowing, attuning, and focussing on only to feel the connection.

“Remember to let him feel you all over. Mind, body and soul.” He whispered again in a soft lull of his lazy voice. Tightening his hand on her waist, His fingers dug into her flesh all through the layers of clothing she had on.

Breeze stopped abrupt just an inch of distance from them, and Shaina stared into the horse’s fathomless black beedy eyes. He was indeed a mystical creature.

Shaina let out an ecstatic laugh, when Breeze muzzled into her hand, snorting sniffing and eating the black grams, after a minute more of an hypnotizing anticipated silence.

Shaina felt his lips spread into a smile on the skin of her neck when she laughed out delighted.

He then caught hold of her other hand, and put it on Breeze’s hair. His long fingers tangled with hers on top of her hand. Again the front of his palm folded on the back of her palm. The big tanned paw of his hand looked too agressive on top of her pallid weak one.

“Good job, Breeze.” He patted on the horse’s back, his large beefed up arm sliding up over her head.

Shaina’s head turned, but she froze, as his head was bent, his lips mere inches away from hers. Her nostrils flared taking in a breath of an alluring mixed scent of freshly roasted pine nuts, a heavy air of masculine sweat and deep spicy cologne.

Her eyes moved up from his scruff jaw, smooth planes, stared deep into his green eyes. The dark bush of eye brows strained, as the dark foresty gaze settled in a lock on her face.

But just as she was about to open her mouth, Breeze neighed high and nuzzled deep into her now empty hand.

Shaina turned her head abruptly, and the daze in her mind faded after a second later of its wearing off the heady feel. With a smile lighting up her face, she took out more of the black grams from the coat pocket.

She giggled and went on feeding him, but she failed in her enthusiasm to observe that the firm grip of his hand slid away from her waist, the fingers leaving an imprint, as the other hand too fell away from on top of hers.

She only realized, his vanishing act, when an extreme cold hit her back in a lash, taking and leaching out all the warmth from her body that previously had cacooned her in a safety.

Shaina sprung around instantly. Her eyes wide and searching squinted into the night’s dark and fog. Her form shivered and she pulled the coat tighter around her body.

Where was he? Her mind quizzed out.

She stood there despondent wondering over and over about where he disappeared, but a push and nudge on her back, staggered her forward.

Breeze had crossed the fence and stood nuzzling into her hair.

Shaina laughed a little and combed her fingers into the thick locks of his neck.

“Aw, Breeze…will you let me..”She tried to move up on his back, but he pulled away abruptly, snorting quite heavily at her in an angry blister… as if saying.

“Not in a chance of hell.”

Breeze gave his back to her, trotting away in a grunt, and in a much more displeased neigh.

Shaina sighed.

“Huh? You too.” She whispered in the dark forlonly.

She looked around trying to find if her husband was any where around, but none of a dark sauntering figure came into her vision. It seems like he disappeared into thin air like a phantom. Shaina frowned again, thinking if she did not dream all that…..


Well, this is BD part of DT series. Hope that u guys read this one too and like it 😀

Well, im stuck here in dis place…my mobile network itself isn’t workin well. Maybe i might not be here for about two days more 🙁
But i wil try to update in deez days if possible.


Song dedication—– Khoya Khoya dil… From the movie Hero.

Haha im like still singing the song even in the middle of the night…hope nobody comes running into the room.


So til den, keeeeeeep Rocking 😀

Credit to: kfar

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