Story : Before Dawn (Drawn Together Series) Chapter 1

Chapter-1 (Danger)

Shaina, as usual after a lonely dinner in the vast dinning hall, came upstairs sighing heavily, she showered and changed into the night clothes, a red shirt pajama bottoms. She was lost in thought, combing her hair, the water droplets slowly fell on the dressing table from her tresses.

Her eyes strayed down, and she spotted a small neat folded rectangular paper.

Brows furrowed, she lifted it up and unfolded the paper.

“Kids are going to die. Beware.” Shaina read out.

Her eyes widened, as she frantically read the words again. Her chest heaved up and down in fear. She clutched the paper to her chest thinking. It was only a second, then she turned and put on her red velvet coat and pumped her legs to movement.

She ran down the stairs where the kids room was. Oh, heavens, the sweet little kids. Her breath shortened as she took charge on the aisle of the second floor.

She burst the door wide and looked in, the beds were empty and made. The room was spick and span. So, they were indeed in danger then. Oh, good lord, what should she do.

Shaina spun around and ran downstairs, there was no sign of servants as they retired for the evening. Where was this husband of hers?

Shaina ran outside and panted in exertion, looking wildly around for help, just then, she heard the horses neighing.

Breeze. Came the reply. Yes, she thought and ran towards the stables.

The horse was free. It was plucking the roots of a green weed with its teeth. How strange. It should be inside the stable, right?

Shaina moved towards it, with thudding of her heart. The wind was wild now, and it started to drizzle a little. Lightening creased the sky, thundering time and again. Her long hair flew up in the air, her eyes squinted as the dust flew up too.

“Breeze…” Shaina tried to talk to the horse, slowly approaching it with caution.

The mystical created, raised its head and trotted back a little, its black shiny hair gleamed, as its eyes spotted her. It’s nostrils flared, as she raised her hand slowly to touch.

The horse smelled her and moved forward, as her hand settled warmly between its eyes and nostrils. She rubbed her hand slowly, whispering words.

“I need your help, Breeze. Will you let me ride you?” She asked in a whisper as her other hand settled around its neck warmly, feeling safe already.

It neighed a little and Shaina smiled. Still caressing its velvety hair, Shaina slowly moved behind and somehow with lot of effort got on top of it. She knew very little of horse riding. Very early in life her father had taken all three sisters for few lessons, but she had backed out then scared out of her mind.

She prayed to god and lead the horse to move forward. The drizzling turned to pelting of stones from the sky, Shaina could hardly see through the way in the night. The horse took force in its trotting. It sped on the ground and flew in the air and she felt her breath knock out of her. Maybe it wasn’t a great idea, she thought as dread took over her mind.

“Slow down, Breeze!” She shouted and screamed through the storm.

She looked back, and saw the house lights get out of site and she was now where in the tea farm. A few trees passed, the horse did not listen to her.

A big great lightening from the sky thundered down, making her wince lots and shiver. Oh, no. As instantly Breeze roared and went wild.

It swung her up and down, almost throwing her to the ground and stampeding on her.

God, she was going to die today. Breeze went flying in the air and, Shaina closed her shut tight and waited for the last moment of her life to perish away.

Her body went flying, but she was clutched tight by the waist and was pulled, swung and plonked down on hardness of two thighs. The rain water lashed on her face, entered into her eyes, nose and mouth drenching her body in a cold shiver.

She looked up and caught a pair of angry looking green orbs settle on hers in deep rooted temper. Dark brows snapped together, a hard scowly mouth and harsh angles stared back at her as if wanting to snap her neck into two. The rain water running down from the dark head, locks splatched attached on the forehead, his full lips moved.

“Are you out of your mind? What the hell were you thinking before getting on top of my horse?” A deep rumbly, growl erupted along with the thundering.

His strong arms banded around her in tight painful grip, and her body was sitting astride in his lap. Her night gown ripped away and exposed her bare thighs.

Miraculously, the horse was controlled and it did stop running wild.

Shaina stared back surprised to her core into his face. His eyes travelled down to her a open mouth. Rain from every where pelted down stones at them drenching their bodies, till to the bones. Shaina started shivering clucthing onto his hard biceps. Their rubbed together creating a frission of heat.

His eyes snapped to hers.

“Are you dumb now?” He asked another rumbly question, and his eyes settled on her shoulder.

His jaw locked and ticked looking at the torned and ripped night shirt.

“You’re injured. Let’s get you home.” His tone now turned soft, as he pushed Breeze and turned him around.

Home? What home? Whose home? Shaina thought tirely.

Her body shivered, but he looked down at her and pulled her up to his chest more tightly. His body warmth travelled to hers.

Her teeth chattered. Within minutes, they reached the big house. Her husband got her down and judging by the way she walked almost falling unsteadiness, he cursed heavily under his breath and flung her up in his arms.

He didn’t look down at her, but Shaina observed him. His face. It was layered. Swirling with what darkness she didn’t know. Her eyes closed though due to the exhaustion of the night. She felt him carrying her up the stairs. To their room.

But, her eyes flew open and she struggled. The kids. Where were they? Still missing. Oh, No.

His hands tightened around her more and he looked down at her finally.

“What nonsense?” He muttered under his breath.

Her body hit the couch, near the fireplace. Shaina couldn’t utter a word and her tongue felt heavy as lead. And when he removed his shirt turning around, she shut up and stared at his back muscles. He bent down and light up the fire, pushing the small cut woods into it. The room immediately envopled into a deep swirling warmth. It penetrated into her skin and heated her shivering bones. Though, her eyes widened and were arrested on his bent form.

He turned around, and his naked hairless chest came into view. Shaina breath shortened, as he slid his hands over his hair and pulled, the water travelled down in trickles from over his hand and down his abdomens, settling down over his jeans. Shaina gulped hard.

His eyes now swirling a storm of anger, taking form of the thundering of outside came to hers in a locked stare.

“What were you doing outside?” He questioned, in a very gruff tone.

Shaina jumped at his voice.

“I..I..the…” Her teeth chattered still.

Her soaked body shivering more and her eyes became droopy.

His face took a more hard look, as he scowled more fiercely than before.

“What about them?” He asked sharply, and Shaina winced at the snap in his voice.

Her eyes moved around on the floor helpless, and then spotted the paper.

“T…the…the note.” She managed to reply, her hand pointing weakly at the ground.

His body went alert and his eyes strayed to where her hand pointed, he moved forward near the dressing table and slid down.

He unfolded the paper and Shaina sighed in relief. Now, he’ll find where the kids were. They will be safe. They will be safe, her mind chanted.

His back muscles bunched up and he straightened up and turned to her. His eyes loosing the angry glimmer a little, he stared at her with surprised eyes. He moved forward and closer, sliding down on the floor opposite to where she lay on the red velvet cushioned couch.

His face took a weird look, it intensified as his deep breath fell on her forehead warm.

“You read this and got on top of a wild horse?” He asked a little incredulous, disbelief, and something heated in a honey like drizzle colouring his tone.

Shaina tried to get up worried that the kids were hurt, but his hands circled her waist, and his body got on top pushing her softly down on the pillow.

Shaina stared surprise, his upper naked body touched hers, and a shock wave of surprise passed all over her skin.

“They are safe, at their grandparents house.” He whispered down huskily at her.

Shaina sagged back more into the chushions in a relief.

His hand slid up her face, and settled on her cheek, his fingers caressed her cold skin.

“Somebody played a trick on you.” He said, his eyes staring deep into hers.

The green around his eyes turned dark foresty, his now half dried fell over his forehead shielding his eyes from her gaze.

“Didn’t you think twice?” He asked, his voice a deep curious.

“ I couldn’t.” She replied, thinking about the extreme panic her mind took over at that time.

His thumb finger slid down to her lower lip and his eyes turned a shade softer and so did his face.

“Why?” He asked.

Shaina stared now.

“Because, now they are my kids.” She said in a more firmer tone.

Let him not believe her, but she didn’t care anymore. Let him believe that she had a bad reputation or that, she was a rich brat. She was tired alot of all the explanations.

His hands turned more firm on her waist, as he stared down at her for quite a while. The fire aglow on his face, shading ripples of its orange hues playing at his hard rustic features. Something magnificent came over his expression as his eyes strayed all over her face, as if assessing her, trying to see through her from staring deep into her eyes. Almost scrapping fast her broken soul.

“Change into something else and dry your hair or you’ll get sick.” He whispered huskily and moved off from top of her.

His hands bunched the paper in his hand as a fist. His back strode hard towards the door, but he stopped when she called him out.

“But..where are you going?” She asked, sliding up her paining body on her elbow.

His head moved to the side.

“To set some matters straight.” He replied, his voice hard as nails, mysterious and angry.

He moved but turned around.

“Don’t open this door to anyone but only me. Understand?” His voice sharp and his stare travelled and settled on hers.

“Yes.” She nodded, and he slid his intense green stare all over her one last time and left locking the door behind him.


Next Up Part -Embrace.


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Song Dedication— Bad Romance–by Lady gaga


Credit to: kfar

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