Story: Beauty and the Beast FanFic (Historical Romance) Chapter 1



Rose was impossibly tired. She felt her little toes hurt by all the walking she did all this ehile since morning, but even if she tried hard, the sales were pretty low today. Nobody was ready to buy the poor red roses she carried in a basket so excitedly before dawn. Now the flowers looked forlorn and shrivelled. She shivered and removed the plain blue cotton bonnet from her head. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the torned dirty mitten of her left hand.

Mrs. Linda will be mad. How will Rose explain about the situation in the market. The orphanage slumber bed will not be availabe for her tonight. Rose moaned in sufferance and pain. After toiling and labouring all evening, she felt that a warm bed will give the tired body of hers the needed rest, but now, it only seemed as a distant dream.

Rose was an orphan, yes. She didn’t know about her mother and father. She was aware from the whispers about in the orphanage, that she was found in the small wooden crib outside of the orphanage door. The name Rose was given to her by Mrs. Donalds. The smiling fifty year old matron was very loving and cheery. Rose loved and adored her lots.

The moorlands streched to an endless green grass, it was beautiful view but if not Rose was tired, she would havd stopped walking and admired the blue sky, darkening over the earth with her eager pale brown eyes. Rose staggered on her feet feeling a little dizzy. She finally gave up and decided to rest on the comforting soft green grass.

Ah! Her back felt good resting it on top of the grass, it was stiff and hurting. She removed the mitten gloves from her hands and spread them over the green blades. The pale pink dress spread on the grass.

If Mrs. Linda saw Rose in this state, she would have disapproved quite heavily.

“Tch! Tch! This is not the way to behave, Rose.” Mrs. Linda’s disdain filled voice, that she remember made her giggle.

A beautiful sparkly green butterfly flew past the sight of Rose, as she was looking up at the evening sky. She got up and ran towards it. Rose tried to jump and catch it, but it went flying up more. She was persistent too, so she went bounding after it uncaring about time and place.

The faster she moved and the faster the butterfly flew. Rose didn’t know how long she followed the butterfly. After too long she was breathless and panting. The woods cleared and the green jay butterfly disappeared into the trees.

Rose stood there mesmerised by the view. She shivered and pulled the thin coat tight around her body. Her pale brown eyes glimmered the reflection of the huge Mansion before.

The mansion was spectacular, resembling a castle. It was brozened with dark grey rather than ordinary seeming white.

Rose stepped on the grass clearing. It was so beautiful that she wanted to scream in joy. There was a big pond where ducks were quaking and taking a dip cheerily. A huge fountain was bulit with clear water drizzling from top of it. Rose felt as if she had died and had come to heaven.

She ran towards the pond squealing in happiness. She slid down and touched the cool water. The white flawless ducks from heaven came closer to her hand. A small duckling pecked it’s beak on her fingers expecting a treat.

Rose giggled.

“Hello, lovely duckling. You’re beautiful.” Rose spoke to the pecking duck.

It quaked enquiring about the absence of a treat. How silly that she forgot. Rose still has the bread crumbs somewhere in her small kerchief she had packet a little sandwich in the morning. She got up and searched the pockets of the blue long dress

Aha! There!” She cried in triumph.

Unknotting it, Rose dusted the crumbs on her hand. She sat down and offered it to the eager duckling. Smelling the food the other ducklings treaded and paddled their way to her. Rose laughed at their wriggling bottoms.

Rose heaved a sigh and got comfortable on the grass.

So immersed was she in the blissful tranquility that she missed hearing the distinct crunching sounds of footsteps coming towards from behind her.

“Who are you?” A deep, sharp, penetrating voice, startled her out of the trance.

Rose shriked and turned around putting her hand on the rapid beating of her heart.

Her chest heaved up and down in fear. Rose stared wide eyed at a teenage boy, he was incredibly taller than her, almost towering like the castle mansion from behind him. Rose gulped hard. The boy was scowling at her fiercely. He looked quite rich as she could understand with the clothes he wore. He was wearing a dark black riding habit. The cloth soft velvet cashmere. He had a hat on accompanied by gloves and long boots.

“…” Rose started to apologize, but her tongue felt heavy.

She shivered in fear.

The boy’s blue eyes narrowed at her stuttering mouth. He raised his left eyebrow in enquiry.

At the same moment, there was someone shouting from the entrence of the mention.

The boy turned towards the voices and gave a frustrated sigh.

“blo*dy hell.” He growled.

Rose never heard anyone curse in the orphanage, she was taught to cover her eard when someone ever did. Today, she did hear it. Her cheeks bloomed red as well, he tears turned red.

Two people were running towards them. Mabye, they thought she was a thief. Her eyes widening in fear as she cowered back. The boy looked back at her. The fierce expression still attached to his face. A whimper escaped her lips.

If Mrs. Linda get to know about this, Rose felt herself fall as her eyes misted over with a thick black fog which eveloped her mind into a chasm of darkness.


Rose woke up with a jerk. Her head felt heavy, and it was aching too much. Blinking back in surprise she sat upright. There was a warm fire burning bright, Rose was sat on a softest plush sofa chair, there were loads of similar looking chairs. Rose looked up. There was a large golden chandelier hanging down from the ceiling. She gasped and gaped, it was mesmerising how it reflected everything. Rose was inside the mansion.

“Oh, dear god in heaven.” She mumbled shocked.

The door in the far left corner of the hall opened and Rose scrambled up afraid.

The teenage boy who terrified her previously came running towards her. Rose was afraid he would hit her. She took several steps back ready to escape, but he seem to block her exit.

“Look up.” He ordered.

Rose felt her head go up just at his command. Her brown tear filled eyes clashed with that of the luminous blue eyes of the boy.

“For…for…forgive me, Sir.” She apologized, and bent down her head hurriedly.

The tears slid down her cheeks as he voice hiccupped. She just want to go home. To her orphanage and hide herself in the warm arms of Mrs. Donalds.

The boy took hold of her cold hand. Rose shriveled waiting for the slap to come.

“What are you apologizing for? I was the one who startled you. Here, come by the fire, you’re cold.” The boy’s gentle voice travelled into her ears soothing the fears.

“I…I..I have to go.” She said in a weak tone.

He lifted her chin and slid his piercing eyes all across her pale face.

“Jesus, when did you last eat?” He enquired her frowning.

His voice husky and concerned.

Rose eyes filled up more. She never encountered anyone having concern about her except Mrs. Donalds. It was strangely calming.

He lead her to the same warm comforting chair. Her tight bun held her heavy hair. The pins hurt her scalp.

Rose was tired and hungry. She looked up at him hesitantly. He was looking down at her curiously. He was tall and fair, as his hair gleamed golden silk. The locks were falling on his eyes. He slid his fingerd over the hair and pulled them back.

His eyes slid to hers and stayed locked. In her twelve years of life, Rose never saw someone’s eyes speak louder than words. She always was searching for something in eyes of the orphange people, but they were sad and empty.

He moved his gaze away and barked out a name. Rose flinched instinctively.

“Samuel!” He shouted sharply.

The door from which the boy came from opened and a servant came in. His hands were folded down in the front.

He bowed to the boy.

“Yes, my lord.” He asked, the words meekly and expectantly.

Rose was surprised.

“Bring a bowl of chicken soup and three pieces of warm bread.” The boy ordered in a thorough mature tone.

“Yes, my lord.” The servant again bowed and left as he came.

The blue orbs then settled on hers. Rose stared. She couldn’t look away.

“What is your name little one?” He asked.

Rose licked her lips and looked down at her hands. She gasped horrified. The gloves. Her hands were bare. It isn’t proper to sit down when he was standing and she was sitting with hands bare, as if a dirty rat. Rose stood up hurriedly and hid her hands in the folds of the cotton dress.

“My… name is Rose, my lord.” She told to the floor.

“Eyes up.” He ordered again.

She hesitated and finally looked up. He was more closer to her than she thought. Her eyed widened. Royalty did never come closer to the commoners. There was always a large distance. And Rose was a mere orphan.

“Do you have stutter?” He asked.

“No, my lord.” She frowned.

“Do you have lisp?” He asked again.

“No, my lord.” She replied again in a plaint manner.

“Then why the hesitation?” He asked gently.

Rose hardly kept her gaze on his unwavering hynotic stare. Uncertainity clouded her mind. Mrs. Linda always was satisfied with her speech. The most she learned from her, was to be silent and obedient, to never raise the voice beyond normalcy. She was told to look at the floor while speaking. Puzzling as it appeared to her, she never was acknowledged but till today and it seems like she was better in the shadows according to the discomfort she felt in having been seen.

Rose remained slient, didn’t answer to his question. He titled his dark gloden head to the side stared at her in bewilderment.

The door opened and the middle aged servant bought the bowl and bread. He lay down the food in a practiced flourish, bowed again and left without squeak of footsteps, with complete refined smoothness.

Rose stared at the empty space in awe. Everything here was polished and perfect. Even the butler was impeccably dressed with black shiny long tailed coat, white shirt, white breeches and gloves.

“Here.” The boy put the small chair in front of her.

The waft and steam of warm delicious broth filled her nostrils, almost immediately her stomach growled angrily.

Rose squirmed and fushed hot in embarrassment.

The boy chuckled in amusement

“Come on, little, Rose.”He insisted and sat opposite to her.

He tore a piece of bread and dipped it in the broth. He pushed it on her lips.

Rose stared surprised. She was baffled by the tender care reflected in the boy’s face, feeling emotions well deep from within her, she opened her mouth reluctantly. Almost immediately the savory sweet taste of the broth burst sensations on her tongue. The warm bread melted away before she could chew. The warmth spread from the centrd of her mouth to every cell in her body.

Rose lunged on the food and tore pieces, dipping it in the broth and started gobbling, the chicken pieces in it were melt in the nouth and delicious. She never had such tasty food in her life. The orphanage bread wasn’t so smooth, soft and puffy, instead it was hard, and Rose had to chew it and chew it. It was tasteless and it felt like chewing on a shoe. The broth she was offered on sundays, only. It consisted of clear watery liquid. This she was having, it was heaven’s food. The cold shivering the bones of her body warmed and the tremors left leaving only lethargy.


Edward stared at the child with wonderment filling his eyes. He saw the transformation of the extremely pale looking little girl. The colour flooded in the papery white gaunt cheeks filling out to roundness. The circles under the pale brown disppeared. He saw with the very own eyes of his, the life return into the half dead girl, he previously saw.

Edward felt his chest tighten, with only as mere as chicken soup and bread the girl seems to relish and savour the taste of it heartlily, whereas, he so adamantly refused the delicacies prepared by the mansion cook, rejecting dish after dish everyday.

How many children were out there? Cold, shivering, starving and famished. His heart thudded painfully looking at the girl. The brown hair glistened on the bent head, light shadowning from the fire.

Edward had two years, in two years he will be free from the clutches of the mansion and his father’s harsh reign.

In two years, he will be twenty, and he didn’t just want to take the title of a Count. He wanted to do something for the under privileged, but he didn’t know how he could help. Now, a beam appeared in the dark, giving him way to his ideas. Edward would work for the missionary. For poor and homeless children here in England. Let his father stew, he may think it was labour’s work, when Edward had mentioned it to him previous month.

Edward didn’t fail to observe the disdainful glances he flickered his way.
He suffered his brutal nature because, Edward was afriad for his mother. She was a woman of poise, royalty and stature, but not one person was aware other than Edward, how she bore everything in silence. The cruel words and even the beatings. He had been very much afriad of his father when he was a child, but not anymore. He was much taller and stronger than him. He had flares of temper that his father was afraid of. Edward had the utmost satisfaction to see the flicker of fear he jad seen in the past few years. He had always stood protectively beside his mother, now he treaded carefully in her vicinity. He warned his father time and again with his hardened look, that is why he retraced his steps and spent less and less time at the ma nsion.

The girl choked on a little while slurping on the broth.

“Easy, easy, child.” Edward said gently.

The girl raised her eyes finally to his and flushed at his scrutnizing stare. The colour around the pupil changed into a vibrant hazel. They were no longer pale brown but seemed rejuvenated and content. He was hapoy that, he could bring out the spectacular change.

She was what, mere twelve or a year less. He knew the gown, a uniform. She was an orphan child from a place close by that his mother often visited. He wondered at the treatment of the orphanage people. The child seemed malnourished yet seemed a thorough hard worker. The lively spirit of the girl at the mansion pond earlier made his usual boring walk around the park a little more interesting.

He had halted when he heard a delightful squeal that had come across from the front garden. He walked towards the source of the noise. There was this blue faded bundle bent over at the edge of the pond. He hated the ducks, those vile ones seem to despise him so much, sticking there beaks up in the air and wriggling their bottoms to his face. Ignoring him and the delicious treats he brings time and again to make friends. Edward suspected if those were even ducks, as they didn’t quake or even made a sound but floated away in silence, in his presence.

But, this evening, they qauked excitedly and as well as accepted the something given by the intruder with whole hearted trust. Edward felt anger course through his veins. How dare the stranger entre into his premises without Edward’s permission.

He stepped into the grass clearing and scaeed the day lights of the girl before she collapsed in a heap at his feet. He instantly felt guilt ear at him looking at the unconscious figure, he stared surprised but then came back to his senses after his butler came running towards them, George insisted that he would carry the girl, but Edward sternly ordered him to stay away and carried the little girl himself into the hall……..


Next Up Part- Edward Protects Rose…


Hahaha, its me again, Farha. So sorry to whip out stories to and fro….but this like a novel n sorts. Kya hai na, ye aurbhi bohot detailed hai…dats why loooooooooong.


First time tryin on a classic 18th century English romance. Totally original and my imagination.


How do u like it, guys?!?!?! Pls do tel…hope u wil read this tooooo and loveeeeeee. I wanr ur opinion guys whats say?!?!

wil update DT tmrw sorry yaar time nahi mila but wil surely write 😀

goodnte dearsssss..have lovely dreamsss…Hear da song…BEZUBAAN from PIKU movie..i lv it 😀


Til den keep rocking my lovelies 😀

Credit to: kfar

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