Story on Ardhika (Part 3) final part

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Both Sam and Radhika were shocked.
Sam: When did you come?
Neil: Just now. I forgot to collect keys from you.
Sam: where are the rest of them.
Neil: they are having tea.
Radhika was worried. Did they hear anything. She left for her room without saying anything. Neil and Arjun looked on.

Sam: So, you guys heard everything.
Neil: yes. I can’t believe she left us because of this. That bastard. How could he do this to my Chashni. I will kill him.
He kept on cursing him.
Sam looked at Arjun. He had tears in his eyes.
“Arjun” Sam called.
” I knew something was wrong. I never imagined this would be the reason. Why didn’t she tell me. I want to talk to her.” He walked towards her room. He tried to open it but it was locked.
“Radhika. Open the door. I want to talk.”
Radhika: Go away Arjun. I told you already. Everything is over. I don’t love you. Just stay away from me. I don’t want to see you anymore.
Arjun: Open the door or do you want me to break it. I will count till ten. If you don’t come out by then, I swear I will break it.
He started counting. “One…………… Two…………… Three………”

He heard movement inside. Maybe she was coming to open the door. He didn’t stop counting. Sam and Neil stayed away as they did not want to interfere. They should sort out on their own.
“Four…….. Five……”
Radhika was standing near the door in confusion. “Should I open it. I say those harsh words again. But I have to. It’s for his own good”

“Six………… seven…. Open the door Radhika. If you don’t, I will break it for sure.”
“Eight…….. nine………… te…………”
Before he could say ten, she opened the door.

“How many times should I tell you. Don’t you get it. Just leave me alone.”

Arjun: Stop it Radhika. I know why you are saying this. How could you believe I would leave you for that. It wasn’t your fault. That bastard tricked you. He took advantage of your depression. All this happened because of me. I had stayed with you instead of going for that stupid ride, this wouldn’t have happened. After being nursed back to health by some tribal people, I rushed to the camp. But I did not find you there. Everything believed I was dead.
I was dying to meet you. And when I came here, all you could say is this.I love you, no matter what. You brought light to my dark life. You thought me to how dream. If you leave me, I return to my old self. If that happens, no one would be able to help me.
Please Radhika. Don’t leave me. I need you. I want to fulfil the promise I made to you.

They never saw Arjun like this. He was was always the angry young man kind of guy. But now he was on his knees, crying like a toddler. They felt bad for Arjun.( they= Sam and Neil)

Radhika couldn’t utter a single word. She can’t see him like this. She always tried to make him happy. Now he was crying, heartbroken, because of her.She couldn’t control anymore.

She went near Arjun and kept her hand on his shoulder.

“Arjun” She called in a faint trembling voice.
He immediately hugged her and said “please Radhika don’t leave me. Hug me, scold me, shout at me, love me like before. I can’t see you like this. I want my old Radhika back. Don’t change into something that you don’t want to be.”
She couldn’t control herself anymore. She hugged him back and cried in his arms.

When Teji, Zubin and Krithika went upstairs to check them they saw them, hugging each other. They felt happy for both of them.
After a month or two, Radhika and Arjun were married to each other.

As in case of Rohit, he was killed by someone. His murderer was never found.
So, how was it. I read all your comments. Thank you for encouraging me. Share your views and opinions about this. Also read my other story ‘ALL ALONE’
Thank you for reading my story.

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