Story on Ardhika (Part 2)

I am back with the next part.
She was standing in the balcony, looking at the river. Mala was worried about her daughter, so was Ankush. They tried to cheer her up. She too tried her best to cover up her emotions in her lovely smile.

As usual, she was lost in her thoughts. She was not able to notice a car entering her house or her surprise visitors. The people greeted Mala and Ankush and asked about Radhika. Mala took them to her.

Mala called her which woke her from her thoughts. She turned around to face them. They were her friends from military. Sam, Neil, Teji, Zubin, Krithika and ……….. Arjun. She was happy to meet them and sad because they reminded her the past she was trying hard to forget.

She greeted all of them. Mala left them alone and felt good seeing Radhika enjoy with her friends.

They asked her about leaving the camp without saying a word. She did not answer the questions and managed to divert them by showing them around. All this while, she was hiding from Arjun. He was dying to talk to her.

Sam and Neil somehow felt it. Arjun wanted to talk to her real bad. Both Sam and Neil excused themselves and took the rest of the gang, leaving Arjun and Radhika alone.

Radhika felt uneasy while Arjun was excited to be with her after a long time. They were in a relation the last time she left.

They were having a difficult time starting a conversation.
Arjun: Why did you leave like that. You had us worried you know.
Radhika didn’t even look at him. She simply hissed in return. She did not want to talk to him. She can’t cheat him any more. She decided to speak.

Radhika: You don’t have to be concerned about me. And I don’t love you anymore. You should stop all this. You shouldn’t come to meet me anymore.
Arjun: But why? Why are you talking like this?
Radhika: It is for your own good. In fact, I never loved you. It was just an infatuation. When I heard you were missing, then only I realised it. You were always a best friend to me and I mistook it for love. I don’t want to hurt you anymore with this fake relation. Just consider me as a friend. If you can’t do that, then stay away from me.

Arjun couldn’t say a word. He felt like the whole world was disappearing in front of his eyes. Tears rolled down from his eyes.

Radhika: And wipe your tears and stop crying like a baby. Try to move on. I am sure you will find another girl.
Arjun: You have no right to say that Radhika. Finding another girl and moving on is up to me. And stop taking decisions on my life.

He left saying that. He was angry, sad, helpless. When he opened the door, he saw his friends standing outside. They sure heard their conversation. They looked concerned. They didn’t want to speak about it right now as they knew it was not the right time.

“So, why don’t we leave now. Or else we would be late.” Said Neil.
Arjun nodded in yes.
Sam said she would come afterwards. She needed to finish some important business here.

“But how are gonna go home” Neil said concerned.
“You are an idiot, idiot. You know, its my hometown too. You don’t have to be worried.”
Neil: okay then. Come fast because we will be waiting for you.
Sam: yep

They left the place and went downstairs.
Sam walked to the balcony where Radhika was standing.
“Radhika” called Sam.
Radhika:Sam,I thought you left with them.
Sam: Radhika, just say what happened. Why are you behaving like this?
Radhika: Behaving like what Sam. I can’t understand what you are saying..
Sam: Cut it out already. Stop acting when you know you are not good at it. I know you more than anyone else. I know you love him. You were crying like hell when you heard he was missing. You refused to eat, go out and now, for some reason, you are driving him away. I want to know that reason you are hiding.
Radhika was crying. She hugged Sam and wept. Later she composed herself.

Radhika: okay. I will tell you why I am doing this. But before that, promise me you won’t tell this to anyone. Not even him.
Sam: It will be our secret.
Fb starts
After Arjun went missing, she felt alone even when her friends were trying to cheer her up. She always believed he would come back. She felt he was still alive .
There she met Rohit. She found a good friend in him. He was a foot soldier. She said him about Arjun.
From that day , she would go up a hill nearby. She used to sit there remembering all the wonderful moments she had with Arjun.
There she met Rohit. She found a good friend in him. He was a foot soldier. She said him about Arjun. He said Arjun would come someday safe and sound. She started believing him. He was like a brother to her.
One day, he said he wanted to show her something. She followed him. He took her to deserted place and he………..
Fb ends

Radhika: I believed him. But he…. He said I was like a sister. He was an animal with no feelings. I cried, pleaded him to leave me.
She couldn’t speak anymore. A lump had formed in her throat. Sam too had tears in her eyes. Radhika was hiding something like this all this while. She didn’t even speak about it to anyone. She hugged her and tried to calm her. After sometime,, Radhika composed herself and continued.
Radhika: After all that, I don’t want to be with Arjun. I can’t love him. I can’t be the Radhika I used to be. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy. I don’t want anyone else to know this.
Sam: I won’t. And Radhika, what w happened was not your fault. Forget everything. Come out of wall you have created around you. We will go out and enjoy like before.Go change. I will take permission from Mala auntie.
They together walked towards Radhika’s room. She somewhat felt releavied after sharing it with Sam. As they walked out of the door, they saw both Arjun and Neil standing near it.
That’s it for today. Will post the next part soon. That would be the last part of this story.

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