Story of abhigya marriage-Introduction



Abhishek prem mehra-rockstar.he love his dadi and sister so faith in love.
dadi-gradma of abhi
alia-abhi’s sis
purab-abhi friend
Pragya arora-professor.she love her family.she can do everything for her family
Raj-he is working in abhi company.elder brother of pragya.he love his sisters
Bulbul-Pragya’s sis
mithali-pragya,bubul bhabhi.she loves pragya and bubul
bubul-pragya and raj sis
vijay-alia friend
tanu-pragya’s school friend.abhi’s ex-girl friend
nikil:business man.tanu’s husband.


abhi:I am not beliving love.why i married her for dadi’s shake?

pragya:I hate that rockstar.I married him for my hurt that girl in public?

abhi:i make u go away from me

pragya:i don’t want come near u

Is that marriage life change their life or not.Shall we see?

Credit to: lakshmi

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