Story of abhigya marriage (epi 2)


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Dadi:purab..when u came?
Purab:now only I came dadi..but I have one doubt how abhi accept this marriage?who is that lucky girl?
Dadi:I only make him to accept the marriage.i arrange one doctor for drama.that doctor told abhi my health condition is bad.after that I told abhi I had a last wish.whatever u say dadi I can fulfill your wish.i told within one week u want getting married.he first refused after told k…
Purab:k..dadi who is that girl?
Dadi:u know that girl..pragya…

In flashback shown
After finishing college life of pragya and abhi..abhi doing small concert… he did part time job in one tution center.pragya also searching job and side by side pragya also did part time job in same tution center.first meeting of our abhigya they pumbing each other.
Abhi:u don’t have a eyes.stupid girl.
Pragya:who stupid?u stupid your family stupid
Abhi:how dare u to talk about my family?they start fighting each other.that time purab and sheela(pragya friend) came and stop their fight
Purab:why u fight that girl that much locally?da
Abhi:don’t u know da how she abuse me and family….if any guy marry her means I will salute him da
Purab:k leave it da..i think she also working in this center only u fight after sometime.come late for our class

Pragya is conducting tution for college students abhi and purab is conducting tution for upto 5th std.
our hero abhi is so handsomena.every clg girl coming to tution behind abhi…but abhi is not seeing any girl because he loving tanu One side in college days but she rejected his proposal because she loves nikil.after that abhi took decision not all loving any girl in my life only remembering tanu.
shree(imagination character) tution girl loving abhi…but abhi avoiding day shree planning something to make abhi love her.tution is over every student r left.abhi passing one classroom shree is inside crying.abhi goes inside that time pragya also see that from outsideand misunderstoodd abhi.pragya try to open the door but shree lock inside.then pragya also lock outside and call the police.

Abhi:pls open the door
Shree:pls sir accept my love.
Abhi:slapping her and ask why u love me?pragya also hearing slapping sound and call everyone also
Shree:because u looking good.u r educated sir
Abhi:this is not love shree it’s just attraction
That time everyone knocking door..abhi open the door and shocked.pragya,police,her parents and some people also there.everyone start beating abhi.shree not told anything because her parents also there.pragya told I only called police.pls arrest him.he try to lustly touching this girl I hear slap sound also sir.police ..k mam..u fill complaint.abhi give glaring looking to pragya.court give punishment to stay
Jail in 3 month.after that abhi told purab one day I took revenge.
Flashback end

Dadi:purab……why u give that much expression?
Purab:because of her only abhi staying 3 month in jail.u already know?dadi.why u arrange this marriage?

Dadi:I know da.that girl is misunderstood our abhi.that’s why she did that.i searching girl for abhi.that time akash(abhi cousin bro his parent staying at London)also dng create some problem in I went and enquire about that.i saw pragya.every student respect how much u know?.then I enquire about her principal.he told prof pragya is everything in our clg.she have a multi to behave with every student she only ma know child like that pragya easily understand every student.she got best teacher award also in this young age.i impressed by pragya that day.then I decide our abhi also not have ma and dad from childhoodna.she only correct for abh
Then I see her in our house.i found her brother working in our company also.they also financially stuck in one prolem.i helped them.raj is so much affection towards me.after that I told I want your sis as my bahu.he happily accept that proposal.then they convinced between abhi and pragya fight like a we struggle to stop their fight? U know?after that we emotionally blackmail both of them.then they accept their marriage…..
Purab:k…dadi..i belive your decision…I am happy abhi also moving his life..
Dadi:I want u too move on your life?

Purab:k..dadi…I find my girl in abhi mrg…because of abhi only I didn’t even sighting girls.he always told enjoy bachelore life….
Dadi:k purab..go bring abhi..we want go kumkum bhagya marriage hall for marriage
In saral house
Pragya wearing red lenghanga for mrg….looking awesome in that dress…everyone praising pragya..
Bulbul:if my jiju see my di means because he complety frezzed that my u looking beautiful di…pragya blushes
Raj and mitali:s baboo..miithali putting dristi bindi near ear of pragya..and say no one eye on my baby
Sarala:with happy tears hugging pragya
Arjun(raj mithali son):why everyone crying?masi when u leave from this house?
Pragya:why arjun?today itself
Arjun:I am so happy.because u don’t fight for my snacksna..pragya pout her face then run&chasing arjun

They share their family hug…..and took funny selfies screen frezzes their happy face…

Credit to: lakshmi

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  3. Nice… but i didnt like what pragya did with abhi…. how can she take such a big decision without knowing full truth

    1. it’s just storyah…if it hurt u means sry…everyone took decision without thingna..that’s why i write like this..i want give some msg..that’s it

  4. Nice episode bt flashbach s somewhat shocking I thk thr vl b drastic fight between our abhigya

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