Story of abhigya marriage (epi 1)


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In fine morning pragya and bubul wakeup and chorously ask bhabhi….coffee.

Mithali: give the coffee to them and asked how is the coffee my dear princess?.
Prabul:your coffee is always superb bhabhi
Sarala:twisting ears of pragya and told Today your marriage but now too u ask bet coffee from your bhabhi.praggya face is going sad.i know pragya u don’t like this marriage.but I am your only know which one is good for her child?
Mithali:I can able to feel your pain?because I too don’t like marriage first.after marriage your bhai and me understand each other and know we live happilyna.marriage is made by heaven dr
Pragya think but my marriage is made by hell.because that rockstar will my hubbyna
Bulbul:omg..pls ma and bhabhi stop your lecture morning itself u both r startah.di is not going no wherena.after u give lecturena
Mithali:today your di going to her husband house bulbul.did u forgot?
Bubul:s I forgot in sad tone.
Pragya:don’t worry.u can come to me meet any time ammu(bubul nick name).i daily call u dr and then they both hugging each other
Sarala :k..stop yours drama.getting ready both of them.

Sarala:raj….how is marriage preparation is going on in our kumkum bhagya hall?
Raj:going good ma.baboo(pragya nick name) and ammu what dng?ma.baboo is happy for that marriage?because of me only she is doing to dng this marriage ma
Sarala:they are going to getting ready raj.don’t worry son.she is happy…

In mehra mansion

Abhi is exercising that time dadi enter with coffee

Dadi:good moring is your marriage do u know?
Abhi:hmm…dadi…I know.abhi think for u only I am dng this marriage.
Dadi:k..go and get ready and she went
Alia:hi bhai.. don’t think about tanu and spoil your life.try to accept pragya bhabhi
Abhi:k..alia..i will marry her and think how I forget tanu that much she only my first and last love(guys abhi love tanu in college side love).how I make pragya run from this house after marriage?wait and see alia.
Alia:what u think bhai..hereafter u thing about bhabi only with naughty smile..
Abhi:hmm..and think That pragya using black magic on everyone.that’s why everyone dng favor for her?.that day how much she insulted me..i take revenge for u that..k abhi don’t much think about her after marriage I make run from her house afer I enjoy my bachelor life
Alia:bhai…again u thinking get ready soon

Purab and abhi friend’s:comes to mehra mansion and call abhi
abhi:why u calling that much chorous…
Purab and abhi friend’s:we already told u na.that one side love not workoutna…waste of timena..why u not calling us for your marriage?
Abhi:he think how these idiot find my marriage?.purab also not in indiana..i only send him to London for contractna
Purab:what u think? social media we found your marriage..
Abhi:kk..come and join with my marriage?
Purab:kk we know that..hey I want to see my di da…
Abhi:di?confusing tone
Purab:your’s wife..say how u accept this marriage?
Abhi:hmm..k..after I say that story da..i want to go and ready da
Purab:kk da

Abhi see the wall poster of pragya weds abhishek mehra and smile..pragya see her mehandi that written ‘a’ letter and she also smile..they think each other why I smile unknowingly? Screen frezz their happy face…..

Credit to: lakshmi

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