Story of 2 sisters – Part 6


Hey guys I’m back with another part , really sorry for the delay
Btw other TU writers are doing really well . Ly guys ?

I’ve made a change . Naina has a boyfriend named Sidharth . He’s from a rich family and has been with Naina for a while , Meghna knows abt it and she’s comfortable . Coz she knows he’s a descent boy
And also Naina had 2other guy best friends , Tushar and Sharan . All three of them are very close and have an unbreakable bond .
Nairan scenes shall come soon

Here goes the next part

Today was Monday , both the girls got up early . They were done with they’re breakfast and were sitting together
Naina doesn’t eat breakfast on Monday as she fasts
N-Di what’s aaj ka plan ?
M-nothing much re wbu
N-I have no idea
Suddenly she gets a call from sid
N-Di just a min it’s Sid
She picks up the call
S-hey baby wanna come out aaj for coffee together ?
N-yup in the evening after dinner
S-I’ll pick u at 9
N-cool I’ll be waiting
S-me 2 , ly
(Sorry but I’m showing sid a cheezy but street smart lover ?)
N-Di I’m going out with Sid @9
M-don’t make it late come before 10
N-yup I’ll give u a call , chal
I’m getting late I have to go to the temple aswell
She left reached the temple and was finding an auto
(She went to the temple everymonday as she was fasting )
Singhania house –
Both the boys also woke up early , till now karans college was over and he had started to go to office with Kunal .
Everyone was present down , having breakfast .
(I don’t want to drag it )

The boys were getting late so they left together , Dadaji went to the temple and the others were at home only .
The brothers were passing through the temple and saw Naina waiting there , so they stopped the car and spoke to her .
Ku-hi saali ji ! Where are u going , want us to drop ?
N-hey Jiju was going to college but j don’t have my car
K-Come we’ll drop u
They all were in the car
Ku-is ur Di busy today ?
N-I don’t know she doesn’t have any plans today I guess
Ku-acha wbu
N-nothing much after college I’m free and after dinner I’m going with Sid
Karan thought to himself -ab yeh Sid kaun hein yaar ??
Ku -whose he ?
N-actually Jiju Sid is my boyfriend
Karan chocked and started coughing -what ?
Ku-chill dude chill , chalo Naina your college has come
N-bye Jiju thank u
Ku-anytime for u
N-bye Karan have some water
She left

Both the brothers were alone now
K-bhai she has a boyfriend
Ku-ik your expression was so funny
K-ur laughing and here I’m sad
Ku-acha acha sorry
Kunal got a call it was Meghna
Ku- hey topper was with ur sister only
M-hi acha y
Ku-dropped her to college was thinking of u only
M-good atleast ur doing some work
Ku-whatever , free aaj
M-yes but what will u tell at home they will wonder how much ur going out
Ku-chill be ready after dinner coffee
M-cool Bye
They cut the call

K-acha bhai now u all romance aur mujhe chod do ?
Ku-chill ur turn will also come baba
They reached office , completed their work and all .
It was evening around 5
Naina was at home the others at work
She got a call from Tushar
( Tushar and Sharan are nainas best friend nothing thing else )
T-coming to otters aaj ?
(Otters club is v famous in Mumbai )
N-I don’t think so u and sharan are going
N-cool so ill come what time ?
T-come Abhi want us to pick u
N-no I’ll come chal seee u in 10 I’m leaving
All 3 were at otters , sitting near the pool area
S-listen Naina
S-what plans for dinner , stay here na or come home
N-I’m fasting aaj so will eat early at home and after that I’m going out with Sid
T-oh that idiot again
(The boys don’t like Sid as they find him kind off odd )
N-Tushar wth dude
S-he’s right though
N-I hate u guys
T-we love u ?
S-order me something to eat I’m hungry
T-acha Acha OK
N-I’m fasting order me a juice
T-theek hein madam
All 3 of them were having a gala time
Naina loved them and they were v special to her (nothing more than friendship ?) as they understood her v well
In the night the sisters were having dinner together
They finished it and Naina left with Sid
Meghnal decided to meet at Meghnas house

Naina side –
Naina and sid went to Starbucks
Sid-how was ur day ?
N-good What abt urs
Sid -not that gr8 but now it’s perfect
Naina smiled -I’ll get something to drink
Sid -I’ll go u wait
He got it both were sitting at a table
Sid-Naina I wanna ask u something
N-say na
Sid-Naina I think we shall get serious about us
N-Sid but I’m to young to get married and Di also isn’t settled
Sid-so we can tell my parents and someone elder in your family
N-but Di she isn’t married
Sid-we will tell them and we won’t get married now na like let Di get settled and then or both of you’ll get married together
N-We can think later I never said I’ll not get married
S-lets make it serious before u leave me
N-how can u ask this just because
Sid-see take your time we will see then
N-yup , can we leave
He dropped her home , the ride was a silent one
When Naina entered she saw meghnal
N-hey Jiju and Di
K-hi saali Sahiba
N-I’m inside u guys continue your romantic talk
M-it’s ok u can sit
N-no I’ll go
Meghna saw she was kind of dull
Naina went inside
Naina changed and was sitting on the bed thinking something
M-kunal Naina was silent
K-chill she’ll be fine ask her na
M-hmm u say what plans for 2m
K-nothing much work and then home
M-Listen come home na in the evening with Karan kal
K-busy call ,
M-day after
K-Cool I’ll tell him

Naina was in deep thiught when her phone rang it was a conference call from Tushar and sharan
T-hi madam how was ur coffee with ur Sid
N-hi ok re
S-kya hua what did he say ur sounding low
N-nothing re
N-ok ok I’ll tell you’ll
N-Sid told me to become serious and we shall tell his parents and after Di’s shaadi we will get married or on the same day
N-what there’s no so I don’t want to get married now or even after didis marriage I have a life of my own and I wanna make my
S-I get u see I told u he’s not right he’s irritating
N-sharan not this now I don’t wanna get married now but I will later
S-sorry sorry just kidding
N-he said that he wants to tell his parents so we are serious and I don’t leave him anytime
T-what a rubbish thought
N-ikr chal I’m not in a mood
S-u chill tomorrow we will meet for dinner otters only
T-Naina chill everything will be fine don’t take to much stress
N-hmm gn
She brushed and all and then went out and saw the lovebirds
N-gn guys I’m going to sleep
M-Naina what happened ? Silent what did Sid say or did Tushar and sharan do anything
N-nothing Di a Lil tired gn Jiju
She went to her room and slept .

Outside –
K-topper now who are Tushar and sharan ?
M-her best friends they’ve been friends for years
K-what abt Sid is he a good guy
M-he is Naina likes him that’s imp
K-chalo then I’ll make a move talk tomorrow and will met in the evening day after at your place
M-bye gn
She also went to sleep soon

That’s it for now will try to upload soon .
Love you’ll
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  1. Loved it .I really liked the friendship bond between naina,tushar and Sharan.
    Please post soon

  2. Nice..good bonding between naina tushar and sharan..and i dont like sid(afterall we are nairan fans ?)and you are a good writer..plz post next chptr soon

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