That stormy night : OS by Sachu

‘Oh my God this dreadful storm! I should ve stayed back’,Naitik  thought to himself. It was around midnight n he was driving along the lonely road amidst heavy rain, thunder n lightning.
He was away at Mumbai for a conference meeting since 3 days. He was missing his wife very badly. So only, he set out back home that night itself in spite of Mohit n Naman’s frequent objections.
‘Akshara’s face ll glow when she sees me back. But this rain….. There is still about 6 hrs journey left. How I wish if Akshara was with me now….. ‘
Suddenly he was shocked to see a silhouette of a man standing in the middle of the road. He could manage to apply brakes on time as he was driving slow…. Or else….
‘Hey u ? Did u find only my car to die ? What do u think…….’ ‘ Shhhh…. Just keep quiet n listen…. ‘ ‘No way just move away I ve to go ‘ ‘Just listen to me once….’ ‘ I told know I dont want to….. ‘ ‘Then let it be….. Now u ll hear me….’
Naitik could feel the cold sensation of the metal at his neck. The stranger had placed a knife at his neck n Naitik felt helpless. There was no one near or far on that deserted road to help him.
‘ What u want ? ‘ ‘Thats my good boy’. Saying so the stranger got inside the car first n ordered Naitik to follow.
‘Id ve driven the car but then u might play some mischief. So just drive as per I say n then u ll be safe.’
Naitik started driving with a heavy heart. ‘Cant u drive faster ?’ The stranger seemed to be upset. ‘The road is very bad ahead so I….. ‘ ‘I can see that. But still u can drive faster. If u care for ur life…..’ Saying so he started to gently pat the knife n Naitik could not stop throwing secret glances at him in between frequently while accelerating the vehicle.
‘Go left…..’ Shouted him. ‘But I ve to go right….. ‘ ‘Now u ll go where I tell u to go, is that clear ? ‘
So after a couple of tensed hours, the car came to a screeching halt n even before Naitik could wink his eyes the stranger stormed out of the car n rushed out. It was then only he noticed that he was before a hospital. He felt some strange feeling creeping on to him.
‘ Now I ll have to drive couple of hours more to reach home. N how rude he was…. Did not even find it necessary to give an explanation before vanishing in there…. ‘
He was about to start the engine when he noticed bauji standing in the entrance. ‘Baujii what happened ?’ ‘Munnaaa be strong I was calling u since long…… Naman told u left from there….’ ‘Phone was dead please tell kyaa hua ?’ ‘Bahu…..’ ‘ Akshara ? What happened to her ? ‘ ‘She fell from the stairs n got her head injured….’.
‘ Baujii how is she now tell mee…. Aksharaaaa…. ‘ ‘Munnaaa dont panic she had lost lots of blood. U know her’s is a rare blood group. We were desperately trying to find a blood donor…. In between this storm…. ‘ ‘Papa thank God u came now nothing ll happen to mumma….’ ‘Naksh I want to see her ri8 now.. ‘ ‘Dont worry papa we got the donor. Operation started , come lets wait there…. ‘
‘Doctor …….’ ‘ Dont worry she is out of danger now.’ ‘Thank u so much doctor…..’ ‘ Dont thank me, instead be greatful to God n that guy who reached on time to donate blood.’ ‘Can I meet him ? ‘ ‘Of course he is resting just u go n see him.’
While walking towards his room Naitik heartily thanked the stranger because of whom he could reach his dear wife on time.
‘Excuse me sir, Iam Aksharas husband whom u helped……. ‘
Naitik was shocked to see the same stranger lying on bed with a big smile on his face.
‘Iam sorry sir, dont misunderstand me…. The moment I knew about the emergency I set out from home…. In between my car broke down…. No one was offering help n it was getting late…. So I thought of this way….. To threaten ….. Dont think Iam such….. ‘ Naitik could not stop his tears from flowing…… Here was a great example before him to prove that humanity still exists…. ‘ I should say sorry…… Thanks for saving my life….. My wife ……Mr……..?’
‘ Oh Iam ……… ‘
So guys this was a small surprise from me to all cuties out there who loves me n whom I love. N for the stranger u can decide who it is….. Let me know ur choice in the comment section. Also share with me if it was worth reading…… With lots of love..

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  1. I think that stranger was karthik

    1. Sachu

      Thank u so much for reading dear n sharing ur thought.

  2. Fenil

    Wow Dii its my NaKsh OS.
    Thank you so much for writing this.
    Start was excellent and then stranger’s entry With dagger and Naitik ‘s condition waiting to reaches Akshara…unknowingly stranger and Naitik reached their destination…stranger gave another life to Naitik…rona aa gaya then Naitik’s words about humanity and before destiny no one wins.Totally loved it to the core.stranger ko imagine nahi karna mujhe….what type of song you want dii ?

    1. Sachu

      Hey bro glad that u liked it n yeah I too think that let the stranger be a stranger itself…..

  3. Fenil

    1.Muskurane ki wajah tum ho – film citylight
    2.Hasi-Humari Adhuri Kahani
    3.Humnava-Humari Adhuri KHani
    4.Humdard ,Galliyaan and Banjara-Ek Villain
    5.Baaitain yeh kabhi na-Khamoshiyaan

  4. Fenil

    6.Neele Neele Ambar old song
    7.Pani Da Rang-Vivky donor
    8.Hawaiyaan-Jab Harry Met Sejal
    9.Nazam Nazam-Bareli ki barfi
    10.Saans-Jab Tak Hain Jaan

    1. Sachu

      Thanks a ton bro. Yeah I ll use them in my upcoming chapters.

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