Storm in my Heart (ep 13)

Episode begins with Vandu calling Amma at Iyyer home.
Vandu -Amma,Where is Ishu?
Mrs Iyyer-She went to clinic.Ishu suffered a lot these 6 years.Don’t know when we can see a smile in her face again.
Vandu -That’s why I am afraid of.She was not in clinic.I went there to meet her.
Mr Iyyer-What, Madhu I called Ishu to ask her to bring your medicines.But she told me that there are lots of patients,so that she will get late.
Mrs Iyyer-Then where did she go?

Next Raman with little Ruhi on the way to home after school.
Ruhi -Papa the set of colour pencils that you gave me on my Birthday are very beautiful.Everyone ask penciles from me.Love you papa, you’re the best.
Raman-Okay my princess.Wow,who gave you these beautiful bangles?
Ruhi -My best friend Riya,lattest Birthday present .

A group of cars surround their car.Raman stops the car.
Ruhi -Papa why they block our car.
Group of men holding rods reach the car.
A men-Get down Mr Bhalla,if not we will break the car and take you and your daughter.Get down now.
Ruhi starts to cry
Ruhi -Papa,don’t go papa.I’m so afraid.
Raman-Ruhi promise me, no matter what happen you don’t get down from the car.Ruhi look at me,promise me.
Men -Stop the drama and come out.
Ruhi looks at Raman.Raman looks at his phone and signals to Ruhi.Raman locks the car and gets out.
Raman-Who are you ?what you want?Please don’t hurt my daughter.
Men -We want your daughter.
Raman-Don’t dare to touch her.
Goons attack Raman.Raman fights with them.Meanwhile Ruhi immediately takes the phone and calls to someone.
Person-Hello,why Raman .
Ruhi -Abhishek uncle save my papa they’re hurting him.
A goon hit Raman’s head from behind.Raman holds the head.He fell down..”Ruhi…”with that he faint.Ruhi cries..”papa..”
Abhishek-Ruhi talk to are you..
Phone fell from Ruhi’s hand.She gets down & runs towards Raman.”papa get up papa..please don’t hurt my papa”..Goons tie her mouth & take her to their vehicle.

Next Ishita comes to Subbu’s house.The door was opened,so she went inside.She directly goes towards Subbu’s room.She stops at the door.”I cannot stay away from you Subbu.I know that it’s same to you too”.Subbu comes out & gets shock seeing Ishita.They have a short eye lock.
Subbu-Ishu you here.Why you came here?How you entered the house?
Ishita -Do I need anyone’s approval to enter my house.How long are we going to live seperately.We both need each other.Let’s forget our dark past.Please don’t tell me to leave you again.
Subbu-Get lost.Don’t you remember that I divorced you.You barren women,you killed my child.Don’t come infront of me again.
Ishita with broken heart touch Subbu’s hand.Subbu angrily push her down.Ishita starts to cry her heart out.A beautiful lady comes out from Subbu’s room.

To be continued..

I am sorry for the delay.I do remember all of your comments and promise that I’ll continue this story to the end.Love you all a lot..

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