Storm of the Bruised Hearts- Intro+Prologue (EDKV) [by Ariana]


Hi sweetos!!! Ariana the pagli is back with another boring piece of ff to waste ur time. So how r u all? I hope exams r over nd u guys nailed it up. I have some news for u at the end so do scrawl till the last word.

Just in case u r new to TU or never came across me then don’t worry here is a self-introductory speech
“Ladies and gentlemen welcoming myself the dumbest girl u will ever know-Ariana!! U can call me anything u like. But I am commonly known as Aru so forget ur age, elder or younger, call me tht. I’m a very nice girl and will screw u up soon so get ready. Throwing garbage at me works coz literature is my enemy nd u’ll b reading my writing in a sec !!!”

Before I jump into the intro I wanna thank u all for showing sooooo much love on my previous ff. I relly don’t knw wht to say abt it. So much love nd affection is something I’m not use to but u guys flooded my heart with butter nd love. I can’t write much abt that coz obv u guys made me SPEECHLESS so I guess let’s get started with this:

Storm of the Bruised Hearts

::Character Sketch::
(pls note the characters have two parts – 1. On present, 2. On flash backs however imagine both time period played by Namik n Nikita)

Shravan Malhotra- Male protagonist of the story. (Present) A 27 years old construction engineer who lives in Canada with his brother Pushkar. (Flashback) 22 years old handsome guy studying on the 3rd year of his university. The top student.
Pushkar Malhotra- Brother of Shravan (Present) 25 years old Business man in a relationship with Preeti Tiwari (Flashback) The most popular guy on the University. Social and friendly. A party hard type boy
Sumo: Female Protagonist (Present)__________Missing_________ (Flashback) A 20 years old bubbly girl. Best friend and classmate of Pushkar. Top doctorate student of her batch.
Preeti Tiwari: Pushkar’s girlfriend. (Not included in flashbacks)

**Certain characters will be introduced later on as the story progresses. There is NO connection between the show and my ff story line. Pls don’t interconnect the characters, u might just mislead urself**


By the end of his 3rd year of university, Shravan Malhotra started having a settled life. Days started with the cry of 90s traditional alarm and ended among the thick layers of hardcopied books. Smiles rarely made up to his face but muscles did curve everyday as his smaller soul yelled “Bhaiya” and started the regular popular dude stories. Having a loving younger brother and same routine cycle. All organized and well planned. But what he was unfamiliar to was the fact that things were to change and it won’t be according to plan this time…. Her entrance on his life was like a storm. Destroying all routines and messing up the settlements. It was a storm that brought happiness. The wind it carried was the air of love. It was a magic…it was her… Life was simple, yet perfect.
But then, when the lines of perfection came to an end, her mysterious departure left him devastated with a messed up life once gain. Following invisible traces and the interconnected heartbeats, will Shravan be able to find his love again?

::Sneak into the story::

“It has been 5 years now. Why don’t u admit it she left?” Pushkar said in a concerned voice
“She just kept her promise.” He replied coldly as usual.
“But she left! She could have returned if she felt the same…..” His words took a pause as Shravan shook the red book he was reading. “A journal doesn’t define someone’s feelings. And that was 5 years ago, she obv moved on. And even if she didn’t and due to some reason she is away from u, then how r u finding her? Do u know her name? Sumo sounds stupid. Back then even u and I, both knew it wasn’t her real name. How r u finding a nameless, trackless girl out of these 8 billion people of the world?”
He kept mum knowing each and every word of his brother had 99% possibility of becoming the truth. “Bhaiya don’t wound urself. She is never gonna…”
“She is the only one who can heal my wounds. And she will return…I’ll find her…”

That was all for the intro. I’ll be posting 1-2 epis each week on regular basis. If my life messes up like Shravan’s then I’ll let u knw nd if I can make time out of my studies, I’ll try posting 3 epis a week. I knw it’s very confusing and boring. The original story was a 254 pgs novel with romance and social conflicts which I had to write for my Canadian High School English Diploma lately last year(Yah so just in case u guys still don’t know, I live in Canada.) so I guess u guys can understand y I made the setting of the story in Canada not London or USA. Pls let me knw when will ur exam end (if it didn’t end yet) coz I don’t wanna come between ur studies so I can start the ff according to ur convenient timing.

N I have news… Today early in the morning I received a mail saying I got a one year high school scholarship due to my last year’s academic result!!! U guys might be wondering why am I bragging but trust me, I’m not. I just can’t believe it. I knw I’m a dumb girl and deserves none, not even if I claim them as “paid by hardwork” so yah it was a miracle. I wanted to start ff from Oct after all of ur exams end, but after getting this new I really needed a reason nd post something just for thanking u all coz… I realized what made me get all these was all of ur LOVE nd BLESSINGS! U guys have been supporting me soooooo well since I joined TU that I just can’t have enough words to thank u. It is sooooo sweet that u guys send me soooo many warm wishes. And look what u all did. Gave me some assets to keep till my death!!! It was YOU ALL that made me boast up my confidence. I love u all!! Thanks sound really low in front of what u guys have done for me. I don’t knw how to return the favour, but I’ll try my best to please u all. So just before I actually start writing it, I wanna ask, should I carry on with this ff or u guys want something different? Pls share ur point of view without any hesitation. Do share ur opinions regarding the intro.
Loads of love
Huggies nd kissies
Ariana (Aru)

PS: I am a horrible writer nd literature is not my piece of cake so don’t expect anything good from me. The only positive thing abt this ff would b Shravan being an engineer nd Suman being a doctor coz Bio n Math r my field so yah I can crack academic jokes in between! But then again, the writing would b terrible so pls pls pls consider it. 🙂
PPS: I don’t knw when will I start the story. It depends completely on when all of ur exams end.

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  1. Nikita

    Awwhhh dii…!!
    My math exam is day after tomorrow, and you totally ruined my concentration by giving this beautiful news about you getting a scholarship! I mean we haven’t met, just talked, yet I feell sooooo happy for you.. Well that’s what TU is, I would definitely prayy that you do well everywhere..
    And next thing,
    This prologue killed me .. Di, it was beautiful..
    It seems lot interesting..
    Plus the fact that flashbacks+present would be beautiful.. And moreover, it’s written by you!
    And yo know, this whole prologue was heavenly amazing..
    And the intro, was amazing.. I mean Shravan waiting for her, and Pushkar destroying his hopes [kinda] was LOVE
    Di, this was beautiful..And as I always say, i’m gonna take a flight and come to Canada, and slap right across your face if you say that you’re not a good writer.. *DO NOT SAY THAT* [and that’s a warning*
    Anyways, alll the veryy best for this ff, and CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR SCHOLARSHIP.. Okay now, as I have spoken a looottt
    Nikita 🙂
    ps: my exams would end on 1st oct, but keep posting! Cause i’ll be there to read and comment, like always..

    1. Ariana

      Oh I’m sooooooooooo sorry niki!!! I ruined ur nd math’s chemistry!!! Holy me, I’m so bad!!! Don’t worry math is my soulmate, I’ll request it to go easy with u. U’ll rock on ur exam for sure. I guess ur paper will melt in ur sweetness. Thanks sooooooooo much for ur love. It’s sooooooo heart touching. And if the fact of me being a stupid writer bring u here to me then I’ll love u ignore ur warnings. *_*
      All the best for ur exams. I’ll start the ff after u r done. I don’t wanna interfere in ur studies as it’s always 1st. Oct 1 isnt far. I can wait. And thanks sooooooooooooo much for ur support. Honestly u r like my family including everyone else in TU. All of ur support made me wht I am. It feels so blessed to have u all by my side. Thanks again honey
      and again all the best!!!
      nail the math nd other exams
      take care

  2. Sriya

    yeeeeeeee hurray my sweetheart is back with a bang okay i will beat u hard *warning you* if u say that u r dumbo and not a good writer sweetheart ur amazing writer if u want & can then do write a novel for sure it would be famous in the entire universe okay it was ummmmmm
    master piece
    full jhakas
    wow omg
    okay my exams are ending on 29th science last exam others are over only science exam is left waiting tic toc tic toc tic toc post asap……..! pls plssss pls pls……! *love u to the deep down of my heart *sweetheart byeeeeeeeee tc…! keep smiling always and about scholarship i know u r too talented that’s why school people had to give…!!

    1. Ariana

      Sweetheart thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for ur sweet comment. Really made my day with ur words. I’ll start this after u r done with ur exams. All the best for tht. Nail it up. Take care nd study hard

  3. Aru….??????
    So lovely..dear…
    Happy to see you back…
    Loved this intro…
    No problem wt ever it may b ..terrible..horrible..hilarious…
    We were that we gonna enjoy it.after all its you who r writing..
    My exams will b in Nov or Dec..
    Now u think ..wt u wana do..?????????
    Love you too dear????????

    1. Ariana

      Thanks sooo much sweeto for ur sweet words….ur exams r on nov-dec so I can take a break during tht time coz study 1st. U guys r more imp than my ff. And as for when to start, I’ll start on Oct hopefully.
      Take care honey

  4. Congratulations for your scholarship.good ff n continue what ever you think.all the best .

    1. Ariana

      thanks a lot honey for ur sweet wish. Take care

  5. Dhira

    Hello aru ur back with blast and ya we don’t share a great bond as I accidentally read u ff and comment it I was new that time and it was my bad luck that was ur last post but I must say it was master piece
    Ur are such a amazing great awesome writer I ever knew
    Now about ur promo
    It’s awesome superb fantastic amazing
    I dying for episode from now only but post it accordingly with ur convenience
    Congratulations for your scholarship
    U earned it congratulations again
    – devsfan

    1. Ariana

      Thanks soooooooooooooo much sweetheart. Who said we don’t share a good bond? Well if we didn’t, from now on for sure we’ll share a great bonding. My sweetie pie, don’t worry we’ll along awesomely coz u r amazing nd u can hold on to a pagli like me hopefully. And as for the last epi of my last ff, well forget it. Now I’m back again nd this time u can b a part of my victims whom I’ll annoy all the time. Looking forward to come across u even more.
      take care and thanks again for ur wishes

  6. WeirdSister

    I really don’t want to talk to u Ariana.
    I don’t like when ppl underestimate themselves….nd specially ppl like u….
    Who know that d world knows that they r awesome but still they keep on demoting themselves…?????

    First of all a big congratulations for your scholarship….!!!!
    I know u deserve it???????

    Did u just mention that u wrote a novel of 254 pgs???!!!!
    God girl!!!!
    Take a standing ovation from my side for that….!!!
    Hatsss offff

    Now coming to d intro….
    It was as usual Ariana awesome…..!!!!
    Nd if say a word abt ur literature…I will never talk to u….!!!????
    Very very excited…
    U know what..?
    I saved ur last chp on my phone…!!
    I loved it so muchhh…
    U always write so wellll??
    Now now enough…
    I can go on forever…
    So bye.
    Love u…
    Post soon…!

    P.S…one last exam left…
    On 26th…maths!!!!
    Its not really my subject u know…!
    So wish me all d best…

    1. Ariana

      sry sry yaar maf kardo. I’ll never say i’m dumb coz I’m the dumbest!!! Thanks soooooooo much for ur wishes nd u make me feel so honored each time. U have a magic. And girl….chil!! Math exam…like MATH!! It is as easy as pie. U can finish the paper in half an hr. Math is not at all scary. It’s my 1st nd last love so I’ll warn it not to spook u out. Ur last paper will go awesome. trust me nd chill. Being a “matheholic” I’m giving a small tip- don’t freak out, stay calm coz for math problems, u need a clear head. Don’t eat meat 18 hrs b4 the exam coz it’ll increase ur body temp nd higher ur cholesterol making u more nervous. Eat almonds nd walnuts nd drink plenty of water!!! Kk enough of sharing bio knowledge so yah! All the best. Nail it up. If u can b my lit inspiration then trust me nd take my words as ur math inspiration. Math is EASY nd obv ur thing!
      take care
      love u honey

  7. Omggggggg arIana seriously loved the intro ya confusion will be in the story bt what r u for u will solve our confusion haina ????
    Aruuuuuuu cooooonnnnnnggggrrrrraaaatttttuuuuulllllllaaaaaattttttiiiiiiooooooonnnnnnnsssssss
    Swetu really happy for us congrats
    And ya myou exams will start on 28 to 1 then gaaaap then single paperror of urdu on 8 so wait till 1 pizzazz
    And ya thanks for mentioning it by arIana kisi ki Ff nae parhi siwae apke
    Love u yar
    Take care
    With love

    1. Ariana

      Thanks sooooooooooooooo much dear for ur sweet wishes. Yah I’ll b there to clear out all confusions and don’t worry I’ll post between Oct 2nd-5th so it’ll b suitable for u. I can understand study comes 1st so I can wait for u, not a big deal. All the best for ur papers. Rock it!! ik u can do it!!! Study hard nd take care
      loads of love nd best wishes

  8. finally ur back wid a puja gift.. lovely dear.. cant comment more .. i am too busy wid school stuff but i will surely read ur ff and not miss a single epi

    1. Ariana

      thanks so much honey for managing a time out of ur busy schedule for reading nd commenting. Means alooooooooooottttttttt. Love u honey. Take care

  9. Neeti

    Ki kotha, ato valo lekheo kharap bolen nijeke. Bengali ra agula kore naki, are amra joto pai toto nijer tarif kori apne to full record bhange dilen!
    Congratulation, u r such a brilliant stu!
    Ki bolbo ato valo, atto sundor, ar ki boli!
    sry Aru apu I crying so I cant write anymore just tell me is Shravu ur neighbous, no I mean u live in Canada nd he also lives in Canada:-P
    nd I am crying bcs our Angel_pari di left us, dat too forever! Pls contact hr if u can.
    Onek onek valobasha- Neeti, Cryti, Sadti

    1. Ariana

      Thanks for all the tareefs. Lol Shravu doesn’t live next to me. If he did then i would have gone all jhingalala. But what r u saying? Pari left? I talked to her few days ago nd she seemed curious nd was waiting for my comeback nd also started carrying her ff. What happened? Y did she leave abruptly? How do u knw? Pls can u tell me…pls pls pls
      love u too honey

  10. Happiness is when your favourite writer is back with a ff having an amazing yet unique storyline..
    So… Heyyyyyyy… I can’t explain how happy i am rn that you are back. How are you? How’s life going? I really missed talking to you.
    Okay so I loved this intro. It’s super interesting made me way too much excited.. I really can’t wait to read your episodes now.. Your self-introductory speech was epic xD
    Wait did you just say that you wrote a novel? Woah.. that sounds great.. wish i could read the whole novel too.

    Congratulationssssss baby for your scholarship. Wish you a lot of happiness and success in your life ahead.. Keep rocking girl ?

    Hey bio and maths are my fav subjects bro xD *high five*
    I’m not having exams. The studies ain’t easy though and it’s really difficult to manage everything nowadays.. but I’ll read your ff for sure and won’t miss a single episode In sha Allah.
    I won’t stop talking but i should get back to study now. So much work to do rn..
    Anyway, waiting eagerly for your episodes now. Do let me know when you are going to start with those.. so bye now..
    Loads of love sweetie. Take care ?

    1. Ariana

      thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much sweetheart for ur words. Touched my heart. I missed u alot too but I’m happy now I can talk to u frequently. Well yah I had to write tht stupid novel for for -_- they bash though my life. I’m pretty sure u wouldn’t have enjoyed the original txt coz it’s too formal nd social conflict based. But yah this one will b fun coz I’ll make it. Nd hi5 sista!!! Math nd bio…Yah ik these r blessed subjects!! Nd we both love them. Finally I got someone who enjoys maths like me. We’ll make great together. I’ll start my ff on Oct 2nd or onwards as many has their exams till then.
      Loads of love for u too honey
      best of luck with ur studies.
      Take care
      see u soon (i mean talk to u soon)

      1. Haha same here. Usually people don’t like both of these subjects… And I’m like oh please people get a life xD Because I love both of them.
        2nd Oct.. ahan okayy. Gotta wait but damn excited 😀
        Love you too sweetie.
        Thank you ?
        Btw what’s your age?

    2. Ariana

      I’m 14 so u r actually my Di.

  11. Angel_pari

    Yayyyyyyy aruuuu is backk with a blast god!!!!! This was soooooo amazing hayeee i had become ur fan…

    Wait wait can i have ur autograph plzzz abhi lelon na coz u will be known as great writer in future seriously…
    And wait why u keep talking stupid abt urself???!

    Go!!!! I wont talk to u :-/

    but soo many congrats for scholarship vaise treat ke lye canada aana parega????!

    And hey bio and math ur soulmates hi5 sisso i,m in that category also i just love these two subjects though it has been 2 years that math is not in my course but once it was… Nd i love it….. 😉

    okkk tata i hv to prep for quizzz and my exams 2nd to 30 oct no need to wait for me just post it i can read it 🙂

    lov u shoooo much

    1. Ariana

      So u forgave me for posting the intro without letting u knw? Thanks so much sweetie I was really sad nd guilty for a while when I realized I didn’t inform u abt it. Sry again. And yah best of luck for ur papers!!!! Rock it all….
      loads of love nd warm wishes

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