Storm of the Bruised Hearts -Chapter 8 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hi guys. It’s me Aru (just in case u guys forgot me in these three weeks) My regrets for being absent and not comment on any posts during this time. I’m extremely sorry. Being honest I could hardly make it here as firstly, my exams were on,secondly, my laptop screwed up and thirdly, this site including many others r restricted on my freaking white area so without any access of my house’s wifi, or a place out of where I live, I cannot open this site. I went to some public libraries and read all of those updates during weekends however didn’t will to open my acc from a public device to comment. I wrote this whole chap too my regular docs and now, from my mom’s lappy i’m posting it. I hope u’ll understand my circumstances. Don’t worry I’ll get my laptop fixed within a week n Aru will b back. Here is my super late update. I tried making up n typing little longer. There’s a surprise at the end so even if it’s garbage, u can force ur self to read a bit longer. Oh yah this chap is a continuation of the prev chap to do remember where the last one stopped. I’ll provide a recap for refreshing ur memories:
Recap- ShraMan movie night
So here u go…

(Sumo’s POV)
As the tic-toc of the clock pinned through my ears sharply, I realized my slumber turned lighter. My head was resting on the soft pillow of the couch. I pulled my back bone up balancing on my hip and stretched off looking around. The table in front of us was clear with The Metro’s newspaper lying on it. Push must have walked in seeing me sleep like a koala and cleaned up last night’s mess. I wonder where is Shravan…
I was about to stand on my feet when I realized my hands almost tried with large fingers…Shravan!!! He rested his head on the seat of the couch, letting his tall frame to fold into a ball and relax on the ground. Slowly, without disturbing him, I removed my fingers however this slightest movement broke the peace.
As he rubbed his large swollen eyes, I looked at him tensed.
“Someone died?” He asked sarcastically.

“Sumo” I replied regretting at my activities.
“Sumo! Don’t u dare say so.” He jumped on his feet in a sec clutching by my shoulder as he ordered.
“Ok then u die. Shravan u were gone nuts? WHAT WAS THAT?”
“Mr. Malhotra where did u sleep last night?” I asked folding my arms on over the other as if I’ll interrogate him for hours now.
“On the floor-couch sort thingy.”
“And why?”
“Because…” he hesitated as I gave him a deadly look letting him spell the story out. “U fell asleep on my shoulder. I was about to carry u to ur room but errrmmm just..ummm thought better not to walk into a girl’s room without her permission and also wasn’t sure about the carrying part.”
I saw his face turning red as mines to started burning.
“U could carry me to the room.” Slap! Sounds so wrong Sumo!!! U could have said that in a better way but then ur dumb brain as access to limited wordings. “Eeerrrrr I mean u r my friend so u can…” Pause…sounds even more wrong u b*t*h! Talk properly!!! “Ok so this house is ur so am I” Uhhhh!!! When did I get to be his? Ahh!!! Feel like pulling my hairs off. “Friend!” Finally a word made out its way off my mouth.
He looked at me confusingly as I broke down my stupid theory, “This big house is urs and I am ur friend and family” Someone stab me to death! I should stop blabbering. He isn’t my brother!!! What is he and how is he my family? *cry in the corner* Bullet through my frontal lobe- “So yah u could carry me to MY room. Nothing wrong in walking to a girl’s room. And…eh I trust u.”
“Sorry? U trust me in sense of?” Dart on the point! He asked me exactly on my nonsense part.
“Trust u in sense that u won’t steal my stuffs.” Lame excuse Sumo!!!
“And what stuffs do u own that I would like to steal?” He asked teasingly taking advantage of my situation. Uhh I hate that!
“U knw ur choice. It’s a pretty basic theory that we feel more attracted to opposite gender’s items. It’s hormonal!! Like u like my perfume and I’m obsessed with urs!” Crap!!! Confession of nonsense… was that so important to blabber out rubbish?
“Are u?” He asked with a obvious smile of manhood.

What should I say now? That his cologne burn my skin? That his voice makes my blood shiever? That he himself does some magic on me and causes me to blush 24/7? He affects me- Willingly or unwillingly and I can’t stop myself. Like even now I feel like pulling his messy hair which is generally so ‘perfect’. I realized even his wandering question made me turn crimson. I tried covering up myself but failed horribly until my rescuer arrived.
“Finally the lovebirds woke up.” Push walked into the living room holding the newspaper and some letters. I guess he just checked off the mail box.
“Chote don’t start it up!” Shravan pleaded.
“Ok fine. Oh by the way there are two letters.I’ll keep it on the table. Freshen up and take a glance hum?”


(Shravan’s POV)
As I walked into the living room pulling the head through my black tee after freshening up, I saw two traditional white envelopes lying on the table. One addressing me, at top, and the other addressing Sumo, as per Chote’s words, beneath mines. I grabbed mines while my eyes followed the logo of ‘Construction Canada’ They mailed me? My heart started beating fast and more audible with each breath I took. For sure they’ll say they rejected my resume. Oh my dreams!

(Sumo’s POV)
I hummed ‘Stay’ walking into the living room. New obsessions doesn’t leave u know! It just buzzed on ur ears and makes u play it a billion times until u spill ur vomit over it. My eyes followed the black teed tall frame who was observed on a piece on paper. My other obsession! But then this obsession is different. I’m all over this guy since the very first glance which is more than two years yet, never I had the feelings of ‘getting done’ with him. Uh lord knows where this will led me!
I marched to him smilingly as I noticed his pale face at the verge of sweating.
“All good?” I asked as my voice also turned tensed looking at him.
No response

“Shravan… You okay?”
No response
No response
“Oh god! What’s on the letter?”
No response. My heart shrank in fear. Was all good? He never acts so frozen. I started sweating as my hands rushed over his ones and pulled the letter towards me. His body shaped facing me as the letter kept reflecting on his eyes. If he bursts off at me for snatching his letter I won’t mind. I want him to talk. To say anything. Just not be mum.

Slowly I calmed myself and alerted my ears for a long lecture…5…his eyes followed my face…4…our eyes met. Mines weak in fear, whereas his dark…3…I gulped as he took a step closer to me. The times is arriving. He’ll snatch the letter back and scold me….2… His cheek muscles bend. He is getting his jaws ready for long words. His hands are also going in air….1….uh what? I was up in the air floating!
Opening my eyes which closed in fear a sec back, I realized I was balancing on two arms which were wrapped around my waist and a bunch of messed up thick black hair tickling my neck. Am I dreaming? I tried pulling myself off as he looked at me. For the first time our levels met. He kept smiling at me as I gave him a confused look.
“All okay Shravan?”

“Sumooooooooooo” he kept shouting as we both roamed in circled. Gosh he is treating me like a kid now! What’s wrong with him? A min of seriousness and a moment of fatherhood!
My head went all dizzy as I pleaded him to stop spinning around. He stopped at my request but rather he threw me off at air shouting “you are the best.” I was sure now I’ll fall on the carpet but alas! His strong arms came around me as my hip settled over it. Wow I’m taller than Shravan Malhotra!
It feels great. To be with him, so close, with a smile. But I had to know the reason behind our closeness so I asked him of the matter.
“Guess who sent me the letter.” He asked, still with same passion and care on his eyes.
I gave him the general confused look. I had no clue what that was, but for sure those words on the printed page had enough power to fill every cell of this 6”4 with pure joy. “From Construction Canada” he answered his own question.
I gave him a big smile as my heart overflowed with proudness. He did it!
I slowly placed my arms around his neck as I spoke,
“Congrats! I knew u could do it.”

His eyes widened in shock as words made out of his mouth, “wait… What are you talking about? U don’t even know-”
“I know.” I cut through his words, “Isn’t it that they offered u to be the designer of something great?”
“How do u knw?” he asked both surprised and confused at the same moment.
I took off my right hand from his neck and pulled his nose as I spoke, “Mr. Talented Malhotra, it doesn’t surprise me that they chose you as their lead designer. A brain isn’t even required to pick u off the rest. You are one of the best engineer.”

(Shravan’s POV)
Her words penetrated not only through my ears, but also my heart. She trusted me, when even I didn’t have faith on myself. She stood strong, stubborn and leget from her angle. And now too, when all is because of her, she credits me.
“Sumo, it isn’t me, it’s you” I spoke, meaning each of my hiss.
She looked confused as I decided to elaborate, “They liked my terminal robot off all my works. It was you who helped me build that.”
She smiled tapping my cheeks. “If my help for a week in completion of the project makes u spin me around for so long then I guess Mr. Jackson should be on your lap forever onwards. After all he taught you all of construction engineering for 4 years!”
Her sense of humor! It’s so cheesy…. ? I’m not carrying Mr. Jackson. “You know u can just ask me to put u down. No need to pull ‘Mr.Jackson’ here. I’m sry! I got carried away.”
I lowered my hands to place her on the ground when she clutched my Tee’s collar with firm hands.
“Hey don’t. I like it…this closeness….errmm I mean being taller than u!” Her voice soft and warm, went through my skin. I was so busy staring at her all these time that never realized our faces came at such distance. I could feel her every breath against my skin as we kept staring at each other. Involuntarily, my thumb started making circular patterns over her waist as my palm helped lifting her up and her hands made up to my hair. Generally I turn into a dog if I find someone playing with my hair but this time it felt blessed. I tried breaking the eye contact just to find myself staring at her half apart lips. ‘Shravan don’t’ I warned myself as I, very well knew what my heart desired for. Quickly I managed changing my vision but all it wanted to see was her. Now that I saw her complete Crimson face, my body started giving up even more understanding my effect on her.

‘Ouch!’ I screamed internally as I felt my hair being pulled ‘that’ hard. I was about to suggest myself she was driven high but soon I realized it was me… I had been pressurizing my thumbs on her waist. Apologizingly, as I looked at her, I caught an inch of fear covered with deep desire. My manhood wanted to proceed further but I stopped myself because neither did we share a relationship, nor did I want to rush into her, if she felt something. Because the greatest fear wasn’t of her innocence but of my feeling. I was unsure of not only our level of friendship but also of letting go off my story and starting a new one with her.
Slowly, I placed her on her own feet and took of my hands as Chote walked in the room rubbing his hair with the towel.

He removed his towel with a mischievous smile as he spoke, “So much of shouting. I somehow managed showering in a sec. Anyways what’s up? You both look so red. Don’t tell me-”
“Construction Canada chose me as their lead designer for the new project in Downtown.” I broke through his words. I don’t like bragging but now it was necessary because I knew he would be gaining me and Sumo and this wasn’t a perfect moment.
I noticed his eyes almost popping up and mouth falling open as my words ended.
“U doubt ur brother?” Sumo asked trying to get back to her old form.
“Nope just…. I don’t know congrats bro!!!!” He jumped onto me giving a tight hug as I felt Sumo too moving from her position. After Chote was done reading the letter, we turned to Sumo who was too lost holding the letter which was addressed to her.
“What the Management decided to cut off ur final year and offered u too a job?” Chote asked jollily.
“Nope. Richeal mailed. He wrote a bed is empty on the hostel and this time with on a female roommate.” She responded coldly. Something was wrong on her tone. She didn’t sound pleasant.
“Is he really not over it? Literally three years and now he managed a room. Tell him u rn’t switching.”
I knew she would reject this offer too but my subconscious mind was alerting me. I really didn’t enjoy the look at her face.
“I am” she spoke, cold and rough.
There was a silence in the air. We three shared looks with no words until Chote broke it.
“Sumo I guess u forget but we, me and Bhaiya allowed u to stay with us until u wanna leave.” I nodded too agreeing to his words.
“And this is when I wanna leave.”
So how was the surprise? Yah it wasn’t their romance but Sumo’s decision. If u r willing to kill me far that I would bless u coz I’m almost done with life and wanna give up! These studies r annoying. Anyways I’m sry for this, but next update isn’t till the Christmas. So wait till then until u decide to actually stab me to death. Another thing, I really don’t find much to point out from this chap except for ShraMo (coz it’s Sumo) growing feelings. Oh yah the letters! Ignore Shravan’s. That was very well elaborated. But Sumo’s one…. I can take out a bunch of mysteries from that but I won’t leave behind any clue. Ok just a cluey question: How can u mail someone without knowing their last name?

Yah yah enough for nonsense. I promise to be back in form my next week. Pray so that’s get my sweetheart back soon. I’m so nothing without it. Besides, keep writing. I’ll b back commenting once my laptop returns from servicing.
As for this chap-all fruits and veggies allowed with chappals and eggies.

Loads of love
Pls forgive me
Advanced X-Mas!!!
Take care

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    1. Ariana

      Awwww tnx!!! U praise too much! U gotta chill. I must admit ur ditective mind is wayyyyyyy ahead of the stry but it’s just the beginning of ShraMan case. We r still on fb n this isn’t Sumo’s final depart. Anyways-
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  2. this was a wonderful update aru, u nailed it
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  3. Hey aru, it was fabulous! Too good yaar
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    1. Ariana

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  9. I’m so sorry for being late yet again though this time there was some problem with this site as well. I typed such a long comment and it just disappeared. Then the next day, I tried again and nothing was appearing in the comment box. So finally today I’m able to comment.
    Okay so first of all, how are you? How are your studies going on? How did your exams go? Hope everything’s well. I missed you. ?
    This chapter was amazing. It actually made me speechless. ShraMan moments were so lit. Loved those. His feelings are increasing for her. Awww. xD The letter thingy was awesome specially the way he was shocked and then excited. Loved that part. Is sumo lying? I guess so. The letter was about something else and not about the hostel.
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