Storm of the Bruised Hearts-Chapter 4 Part 2 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hiiii guys I’m back. Sorry for a laaaaaaaaaaaaattttttteeeeeeeee update. Ik I was supposed to post sometime last week but nah my hand wanted to rest so it broke down. Thanks for ur sweeeeeet nd warm wishes. No worry the plaster has been removed nd I can move my hand sort of freely now. Sorry for those very late comments. I was under medication most of the time so didn’t manage to comment.
Anyways as a sorry for late comments nd late post, here I’m gonna update a sort of long chapter.


(Shravan’s POV)

The shiny metal frame of the terminal robot now lost its lustre and showed clear, visible cracks. The cables were disconnected…cut, and the rubber insulator over it was torn letting the copper shine from the center. Slowly, my fingers hovered over the red wire to check its harm. The copper end was rough with scratches all over. I tried to tape it with the thick fabric duct tape but alas! As if fortune would be on my favour this time.

My body fell over the soft cozy bed and shrank into it as tears of frustration rolled down my eyes. 4 months, 15 days, 18 hours and 52 mins. Was that big? Honestly, NO. What looked big was these 7 years, 11 months and 28 days of uncountable hours hard work. All in vein! Neither do I expect that dream job nor do I hope for the scholarship which was always the almond of my hand. Now, it would be struggle.
“Sumo…” I mumbled. She not only ruined my future but my only peace too. Nothing can be done now, I convinced myself and tried to reach the land of possibilities. Quietly, I allowed my legs to flip under the woollen blanket as I ran the fingers over my hair before closing my eyes.


Those screams…my name…the laughter…that warmth…those eyes…the fear…that guilt…her movement. I jumped off as sweat took over my forehead. My tee all wet, letting its colour to darken in moist.

(Sumo’s POV)

I started reading “The Four Traditional Pillars of Medical Ethics” louder than a usual reading tone to make my brain aware of what I was supposed to do but all attempts were failing horribly. Pushkar’s words shattered on my head as guilt took over the atmosphere. I read loud, so did his words grew louder inside my head. I started screaming but the non-audible yell of guilt and pain had more pressure…

(Text) “Traditional approaches to medical ethics quote the four fundamental principles
1. Respect autonomy of the patient. Autonomy refers to the capacity to think, decide and act on one’s own free initiative.
2. Beneficence: promoting what is best for the patient.
3. Justice.
4. Non-maleficence: do no harm.”

At some point I realized all that made out of my mouth was “Non-maleficence: do no harm” as Pushkar’s words howled into my brain cells.
No harm…NO harm… But I did HARM him. I didn’t only harm him but also the words of doctorate ethics. Great Sumo! What a successful doctor you would turn into after all these years! All integrities broken, so what’s the use being the top student?

Suddenly my eyes scrolled up at Law 3-Justice…
Pushkar’s words faded away as my vision got filled with the ethics laws. I bend my cheekbone and curved the muscles to smile freely when the moment arrived. It was all fresh. The air around me smelled cotton-candy once again as I knew the old Sumo was back
“Time for JUSTICE” I reminded myself.

(Shravan’s POV)

I heard soft cash rubbing the air, but my eyes were too lazy to open and check for robbers.
Again… Soon I felt the pages of some book being flips as the chuckling noise made its way to my ears, but I was tired. No move from me. For a while I recalled her ‘they’. What if it’s them? But then I wanted to throw away those thoughts and sleep. It can’t be them, whoever she meant, because as far my memory lies, I kept my windows open as general autumn nights, today too some pigeon sipped in. The wind might’ve caused the pages to flip.

The side on my bed bent as if some weight was on it. Someone was here and I felt that someone being near me… now nearer…even nearer… My brain requested my soul to get awaken and look for safety but my mind ensured how I’ve already been sort of bankrupted so no one can do harm to me any longer. I kept my eyes closed not caring of that stranger’s presence. Thin cottony fingers went across my messy hair. I could fell the warmth. It was close…very close to me. My heart started beating faster…the breaths went heavier…sweats started covering my forehead however it got rubbed off with a dry but smooth fabric. Those fingers ran over the fabric and came down tracing my jawline when I clutched that soft hand with both my rough ones at a supersonic speed and pulled it over my chest just to realize it wasn’t anything smaller than a grown up soul laying over me. Slowly I opened my eyes killing all the laziness I have stored within myself for all these time and….IT WAS HER…
Involuntarily I loosened the grip, jumping off seating straight with my backbone being at a right angle causing her frame to misplace and fall backwards on the floor. Crap!

“Are you OKAY?” I barked as I saw her hipbone smashing into the floor and the spinal cord bending to let her arms hug her knees. Slowly she got up wrinkling her skins around her eyes to express her pain while her palm rubbed her hips. My eyes followed her body with an unknown desire but today I would blame her as her dress was inappropriate: A long, loose white t-shirt of my size flowing over the upper body covering the left knee as the right side was tucked in near her waist. The tee’s neck was pulled towards the right showing much of her collarbone and side-shoulder. The sleeves were meant to be a regular half one but as it was oversized for her; it came down till her elbow. As I looked down, she was wearing a black three-quarter pants exposing her lower legs. Yet her feet were covered with fluffy fur slippers with bongs. She looked cute!

“How can I be OKAY after being pulled over a ‘guy’ with strong muscular hands at a light speed and then being pushed back to the floor to let my butt turn in mashed potatoes?” She groaned in pain but it didn’t sound less than heavenly sweet child’s ‘toy-tear’ to me. “Is that a manly work to hurt an innocent girl?” She continued as I kept smiling at her fresh face. Sumo was back to that old one and nothing mattered more now.
“Well sneaking into a guy’s room at late night, seating next to his sleeping soul on his ‘bed’ and playing with his hairs is a lady-like work, eh?” I asked with same fighting spirit as hers.

“Did you actually accuse me rubbing your sweat off? Hell you were having some sort of nightmare and your hairs were all messy with forehead wet, so I just tried helping you. This world knows no humanity!”
“Can you stop your philosophy? And why are you here? GO and SLEEP! You got more drama left?” The words slipped off my mouth and made me regret on them.
The freshness signed to fade away but then like an experienced player she smiled at me taking a deep alarming breath. “Drama! Shravan Malhotra you know me? I bet you never even tried to, because how can a normal-functioning brain miss out a talented actress like me?” she made faces expressing her super-talent. “Anyways now you don’t dare to sleep as I won’t even let you.” I opened my mouth to deny when she rushed to the table to hold my terminal robot for a close up ‘scientist-y look’. It made me feel in space. She was back. Sumo was back. Those eyes had childishness not fear.


While placing the cord on the logo hand antenna, I felt warm air rubbing my cheeks. My heartbeat rose with up with a higher audibility as I could sense her presence. I knew it wasn’t a ‘love’ or intimacy but something different. She had a special effect on me which I’m unaware of.
As the warmth rubbed against my skin, my thoughts broke making me turn my head around just to realize a black mug letting out smoke on her grab. As I smiled with questioning eyes, she begun,

“Hot White Chocolate with vanilla caramel, my favourite”
“Then have it yourself, why r u suggesting me?” I asked trying hard not to make her notice the difference in my behaviour.
“Not suggesting. Ordering. Have it.” She stretched her body down and kept the cup on my table right under my nose and pulled her frame while my eyes followed her. Fortunately, her returning back to position wasn’t simple, as her right arm rubbed against my torso causing her eyes to widen for a while, I meant unfortunately! When she returned to her stable legs I saw the same fear on her eyes…that known one. What happened now?
I wanted to ask her if all’s good or not but I knew that topic shouldn’t b brought up ever again so instead, I said making a puppy face, “Sumo!!! I don’t like sweetened items and it’s WHITE CHOCOLATE with vanilla CARAMEL.”

She gave a mischievous smile out of the blue and started her melodrama. “Does that matter Shravan? I mean yah it does in general but to me it’s a useless info. I ain’t Mrs. Shravan Malhotra to take care of your likes and dislikes.”
I could feel my mouth falling open as her words penetrated through my ear drums. Did she put her name beside mines for a reason? Even if it wasn’t an intentional pull yet it sounded strong to me. Imagining Sumo as Mrs. Shravan Malhotra… cute but I’m not planning to suicide.
“Where does Mrs. Shravan Malhotra pop up? It’s about my choice and if someone makes something for me, it should go according to my style,” I declared when I noticed a big white-pink coffee holder with bunny ears. “What’s that?”
“Something someone loves.” She giggled answering my question. Was that even an answer? I wonder how can she get marks on her exams. None of her answers are specific.

She passed a warm smile as she tried showing off and sipping a bit of that ‘someone’s love’ and ALAS! I. am. wet…yet burning.
“How come living on this planet U drink such shit? UR choice is no less than nightmares! Jezz- Malhotra grow up, come to present world, sugar has been invented!!!” She blabbered while I tried rubbing off the dark stain from my powder-blue tee. She made no sense. I know sugar has been invented and even if I didn’t know so, her hot white chocolate with vanilla caramel was enough to make me realize so. Hell why is she barking at me after splitting that drinks of hers on my tee? I could smell raw…dark…something strong. Is that my American Espresso? I looked at her who was making ‘gross’ expressions explaining how much she hated her drinks but…

“Is that my American Espresso?” I asked being cold and calm.
“Nooooooo….it can’t be ur American Espresso, it’s poison. How the heck do you drink it?” She exaggerated which made me fume even more. How dare she touch my stuff? If she has so many problems with my choice then she can stay away. I’m not biting her off. “Pillar no. 2 in medical ethics- Do wht’s the best for the patient- Ur best is to forget this forever. I’m not allowing you to drink this thinking of the best for you.”
Did I not warn her before not to share her stupid bio knowledge with me? This girl!!! What does she want? But now it was enough….I won’t repeat what I did that cause me such a damage. I gave her a cursed look as I begun, “What r u talking about Ms. Sumo whtever ur last name is? Medical Ethics no.2? Well I bet u forgot the 1st and most important one- Respect self-sufficiency of the patient,” Her eyes enlarged as I continued. She looked pretty impressed by my words even though it made her lose. “This Espresso is my choice and u must respect it. Anyways y did u try it?”
“I would like to explore u.”
That’s all for chap 4. Ik boring eh? Sry for all spelling nd grammatical mistakes as there r many chances. I really can’t type properly. Anyways there r not much points to b noted from this part so let’s go through them quickly
-Shravan’s faces (Wanna think or should I give more clues?-btw it’s indirect so hard to get it)
-Sumo calling herself “Drama Queen”
-Puzzle: Try switching their drinks. It might b a huge spoiler for u if u can figure it out (or else wait for another month until I unfold it)

Oh yah sry for the medical ethics (yah these r real ones) these r the core of this chap if u have observed carefully so I had to include it. If u r not interested in bio then a huge sry for filling ur brain with garbage. I’ll post the nxt part soon….nd it’ll b a surprise. (Actually I don’t wanna give a fixed date nd then disappoint u all by not posting due to complications so better it stays a surprise)
Loads of love for all
Take care

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  1. Ariana

    Oh yah 2 more things to note:
    -Sumo’s fear as her hand glidded along Shravan’s body while puttingvthe bug down on the table
    -Sumo’s last words….
    Ummm that’s all. I guess the next epi won’t b up until Halloween as I got many pending assignments but I’ll try my best.

    1. Ariana

      Putting the mug*

  2. Haha…
    Sumo…wt a girl..she can make shravo anger and can break it..too..wtever may b the tactics she fallow..haha..????
    Well..we will b wait for surprise

    1. Ariana

      Lol yah Sumo is an expert drama queen. Well that isn’t a surprise SURPRISE. It’s just idk when I’ll b done writing the nxt part ?
      Hope to post it by 1st Nov.

  3. WeirdSister

    U shouldn’t hve done that…
    U really shouldn’t hve..
    Those points at d last..nd that puzzle..they hve just hijacked my mind…nd how hard I try..I can’t kick them out..
    U really shouldn’t hve done this..I better solve that puzzle soon…coz I can’t wait for one month…
    D title was so well justified…
    I m loving d mysterious atmosphere u r bringing…gosh that makes me die for ur story…
    Well d prblm wid me is..that I can’t wait to finish a story nd reach its end…I always finish my books in a day or fat they may be…coz I just want get my answers..
    But here I can’t do that…nd that is my poor poor luck…
    Send me d whole book…goddamit…!
    I really hate u for not keeping a soft copy…!!!!!!
    Ariana u better post quickly.. If u want to see me alive…
    Nd u know hard I try to resist writing short comments for ur chps…but it just can’t happen…
    U always manage to surprise..intrigue…nd awe me…!
    When this will get over..I mean ur story..plz don’t be surprised to see a huge huge essay..coz I know by d end of this..I would be able to write a book on ur skills..
    I can see it now only..that u will excel in whatever field u choose for urself in future. ..coz u r awesome…in everything!!!!!
    I swear to buttering…I m not that kinda person..who lies or exaggerates to make ppl hpy..
    I genuinely love u nd ur writing…
    Love u till eternity…
    Post really really soon..
    Take care..!
    Nd give me a reply without being modest..!

    1. Ariana

      Oh god I really don’t know what to type. If my words make you write an essay then ur words make me illiterate. I seriously am clueless what to say. As for not keeping a soft copy for my original txt, then I’m sorry. But I can turn you happy with my next words…..I am planning to post my original story on wattpad this winter break if things go easy. I’m not sure so I won’t give hopes but yah you can wait till then. That’ll be after I finish this ff obv so u’ll already knw my story ending. So don’t u dare die before that!
      For the puzzles and clues, I’m sorry I can’t help. All you need to do is have patience.
      Now as for your butterings, I can feel those thick layers of white oily cream all over me. You should really stop praising me. I’m not being those humble girls or someone who misunderstands themself, I’m just being enough honest to admit I suck at literature. But thanks! These butterings do help me boost up during exams.
      U take care too
      I’ll try post soon but please keep a deadline of 2nd Nov
      love u

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ohhhhhh dear .. so much mysteries to unfold .. nd m not that kinda person who is good at solving mysteries so better I should wait for ur SURPRISE … plzzzz plzzz plzzzz post very very veryyyyy soon cz I can’t just can’t wait …
    Bcz u r awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome ..
    Ur writing style, skills r just beyond everything .. ur every chapter make me go awwwe ??
    Take care .. ??

    1. Ariana

      Awww Fatu tnx soooooooooooooooo much for ur sweet words, but I’m not that awesome. It’s just u r tooooo nice to compliment gd abt me. For now my Surprise is my nxt update as I’m so lazy to write in a fast pace. Won’t lose sweat on my puzzle. I bet none can solve it. Just wait till I reveal it.
      Love u dear

  5. Prettypreeti

    Haye thank god ur hand can now move freely without any restrictions
    Now let’s talk bout the epi.
    Aaj tune mujhe itna creamy cupcake diya that I m not able to digest properly.
    Seriously man itni confuskon mysteries u r really superb in making us eager.
    Aru u wrote beautifully.??????????????i m now fan of ur writing skills.
    Both sumo and shrabo POV was tooo interesting.
    U r really very suspicious. I m more curious
    I have 2 wait till Halloween nooo okay I know projects imp.
    So nooo problem.
    Love uuuu.
    Aru diet cupcake to u lot of sugar

    1. Ariana

      Awwwww cuppy u talk to sweet. I’m seriously having cavity now, Etni sari mithi tareef!! Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
      Don’t stress out I’ll clear all ur confusions soon. U just wait nd eat cupcakes.
      I’ll try post soooooon
      love u too
      take care dear

  6. Nikita

    Firstly, how do you wanna die?
    Natrual death, or me killing you?
    Ms. Ariana, this is ssooo nott faiir..
    I’m cracking my brain , twisting it, turning it upside down, polishing it, but I can’t figure THAT out.. I mean how can you even write such mysteries? Hats off to you gurrll!! You’re different. Good different okay? This part was amazing. OLD SUMO’s fun.. And TBH, I reallllyyyy likkeee Sumo’s dressing sense in your writings.. Me and her kinda have the same taste..
    Anyways, Shravan’s POV killed it today!
    I can’t post a longer comment, have to hurry up! So sorry!
    Love you more than you can think of!

    1. Ariana

      I would prefer dying on ur hands. At least I can hug u b4 I die. But don’t stress out. U’ll get the answer of these questions someday. Nd as for me being different then yah I am veeeerrrryyy different. There isn’t another mental girl on this world. Ur taste goes with Sumo? Hi5 then coz that’s my pajama style ?
      thanks for ur sweet words thou. U always make me blush. U should really stop doing so. Don’t even compliment so much that I’ll turn into a tomato.
      I’ll try posting nxt part soon but not sure when. Sry for tht.
      Ik u love me but I love u mooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee

  7. Hey Aru!
    Dude, you’ve left me speechless today! My mouth is awestruck while my brain is all jumbled with all those questions passing around!
    Wow! Simply wow! How do you simply manage to write so beautiful? All those words sure seem to be simple yet they play an important role in the wonderful script scripted by you!
    Ahh! I’m simply sitting her with my mouth opened wide and girl, it all because of those beautiful and mesmerising words!
    Man, this is soooo damn cool! The way your write explains every emotion and it all feels so damn realistic!
    I would have loved to crack the suspense, but I’m eager to know what you’ve gotten in store! I bet it’ll be amazing!
    What a piece of writing this one was! Suspense, suspense and suspense are the only words that are coming out of my mouth!
    I’ll be sooo baldy waiting for the next post! Do try to post really very soooooonnnn!
    And yeah, do take care of your arm! Hope it gets perfect soon!
    Love ya loads and loads!????????

    1. Ariana

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Anshu thanks sooooooooooooooo much. Mummy ne bhi itni tareef nahi ki kabhi. Love u girl. But I’m not even tht good uk!
      It’s a great idea to just wait till I reveal the story than stressing out. Smart choice girl.
      I’ll try posting soon but can’t really give a fixed date.
      love u too sweet heart

  8. omg, this episode just rocked
    ariana, your sooooo good
    i am in love with your writing, description and shraman
    you always rock
    keep rocking and upload the next epi asap
    waiting for your next epi very eagerly
    love you so much

    1. Ariana

      Awww YB thanks soooooooooooooooooo much for ur cute words. I’ll try posting soon. Love u too

  9. Noooooooo!!!!!!
    aruuuuuuu i cant wait anymore mujhe full story parhni h right now do something plzzzzzzzzzzzzz or else i,ll die ok u want that???

    No na then plzzzz mail me naaaaa
    nd yeah i,m done with exams and and i pass entrance as well… after few years u can call me doctor pari 😉

    well leave that i want full story mail me plzzzzzz i love it sooooi much it was more than awsome i dont hv words sumoooooooo is just simply awsome but i love sharvu character yar he is bae!!!!! Well sumo,s mystries ahhhhh i cant slv it so post soon plzzzz but take care of ur hand as well…….
    Lov u so much

    1. Ariana

      1stly a HAGE CONGRATULATIONS?. I knew u would make it Dr. Pari ? u r sooooooooooooooo talented, no doubt u b do great. Now it’s time for partying hard!!! Woho!!! May ur future b as successful or even more, than now. Stay happy and blessed.
      Now coming to ur comment then yaar u really need a break from these sweet comments. Don’t u get tired buttering me? Anyways I’m sooooooo sry I dont have a soft copy of my original story so can’t send u ?
      But u can wait ? and DONT U DARE TALK ABT UR DEATH. I’ll punch u on ur face. I’m a red belt karate girl so b aware. If u don’t live long who’ll comment sugary words on my story? Live long for me ?
      Love u toooooooooo

  10. First of all hope your hand got better. Did you go to the doc again? Take care of yourself sweetie. ?
    And now coming to this mind blowing chapter!!! Mannnn, I’m speechless rn. How did you manage to write such a mind boggling, brilliantly explained and such mysterious story? I loved your previous one too but this is just so perfect and my favourite too.
    My brain is trying so hard to solve these mysteries rn that I can’t even complete my work I was doing.
    Girl you rock. You seriously do. And now I really wanna read the whole novel (which you call boring though I’m sure it won’t be).
    This story is worth reading.
    I loved this chapter so much. Your biological stuff is super fun to read as i love bio!! And that “sugar has been invented” was the best part. ? I laughed so hard at that because a friend of mine takes no sugar in her coffee or hot chocolate while i drink such stuff for my sugar temptation and as everyone says I don’t put sugar in my coffee, I put coffee in sugar. Anyway the point was i do say her that sugar has been invented since years so please live in this century xD (okay ignore this, it sounds pretty much lame)
    Tbh I want to say a lot of stuff but my sleep deprived body can’t take it anymore so I better finish my work and sleep.
    But i wanna say it again.. YOU ARE THE BEST WRITER EVERRR.. YOUR STORY IS JUST SO PERFECT. I LOVE YOU and your ff so much.
    Take care of yourself and get well soon sistah 😉 Love you ??

    1. Ariana

      Ohhhh Zainu forget that kharus doctor. All he can say is take rest. Is that even a suggestion? I am following his words still he isn’t satisfied. -_-
      Now as for the sugar invention part, its my story with my best friend ? all those drink part is a real even which literally takes place every week when I hangout with my bestie and I try making her realize the importance if sweetness. It wasn’t lame. We r on the same boat!! Hi5
      And can u like stop buttering me? It makes me turn into red tomato ? which isn’t good. I don’t deserve such appriciations so don’t. But obv I can’t ignore thanking u for ur warm wishes as I was ill and now there cool words. Love u girl ?
      Take care

      1. Haha. That kharus doctor is right. Take rest beta xD
        And mannn we’re so similar. Woww. High five ?
        No need to say thanks bro.
        Take care ??

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