Storm of the Bruised Hearts -Chapter 4 Part 1 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hi everyone. I’m back to disturb u and ruin some precious moments of ur life. Remember the questions I asked last time? Some will b answered on this chaper but others will b unfolded at the end. Okay so this chapter is very big….like llllllloooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg so I decided to post it in two parts. Here is the 1st part-
CHAPTER 4: The Fake Mirror
-PART 1-

(Shravan’s POV)
“Yes Sumo it was just a revenge.” I said trying to freckle bold and less guilty but the sound that made out of me for sure reflected a complete different form of me. Her eyes grew wide as those dark caramel brown lenses stared at me…without any blink.

One min…two mins…three mins… Soon I lost the track of silence. The clock paused so did the time I believe. My breaths growing deep and asphyxiating with each second that passed by where hers, calming down into a regular rhythm by now. Those rough fingers were still subconsciously rubbing her soft cheeks which were now returning to its normal tan shade. Our eyes tangling in the air lost in each other. While she was in an unknown comfort, I was stuck with a guilt causing me to stay back in my sense. My eyes traced my fingers down when hers followed to widening realizing by roughness. She took a step back causing my hands to fall in open air as it was balancing on her collarbone earlier. I was taken back with a shock by her sudden move but then I saw her eyes wondering around in onus and terror. What was she so scared of? Why was there a distance of fear?

“I never imagined the outcome. If I had the slightest clue this would happen, I would’ve never even thought of a playback. I’m sorry Sumo, I’m sorry.” I said as my vision traced back to the clean maple wood floor.

Both of our heads turned towards the living room questioningly as Chote rushed in towards her. Fear followed me as his old words played on my head. He did inform me how she would be his responsibility as long as she lives here and she would be given no reasons to complain. My recent activity did put my bro’s head down. What a brother I am.
As he stood in front of her wondering why the atmosphere is so cold she begun, “Any way I can help?”

The smile was back to her face and those eyes which sobbed mins back were now perfectly fresh. She must have been an experienced player. Chote, well impressed by her sweet words and convincing look started talking about their half-term assignment as I bent on my knees to collect the wires, pocket saw and the broken terminal robot. When I was done, I stood back to position trying to walk away, letting all thoughts of my prank out and the anxiety of failing this final practical assignment take over me.
“F Bhaiya wasn’t this ur final assignment for this year? What happened?” Chote barked from the other end of the wall rushing towards me. If it was a regular day, I would’ve pointed him out for his words but now I didn’t have the energy to talks so I gave the most pathetic smile that could ever make out of my facial muscles and walked out uttering “Karma”

(Sumo’s POV)
Karma? How? Wasn’t that word applicable for me? I was the one playing with him and ended up in that dreadful situation. It wasn’t his fault. He, like everyone else just tried to teach me a lesson. I did go doing all crazy stuffs with him lately. Giving him strawberry jam with bread when Pushkar warned me on my 1st day, how much he hated it. I also laundered his clothes without his permission. He had reasons to fight back.
“Sumo what should I show in my statistics data? I’m sooooo clueless. Never should’ve taken business as core.” Pushkar interrupted as I came out of my thought, but not fully.

“Was that really Shravan’s final assignment? I mean isn’t construction engineering his core? ” I asked still wondering about the event that took place few mins ago.
“He is studying construction engineering as a core but electrical is a part of technology so he has to take it too. If he fails it then he isn’t allowed to apply for jobs at the end of this semester. U knw he has been the top engineering student ever since…” He paused as a drop of water rolled down his left eye.
“Ever since?” I asked. To a stay back, for the first time I saw Pushkar going emotional.

“Ummm obv ever since he started engineering,” he giggled. I knew that wasn’t the truth but then I can leave that aside for now and focus on Shravan’s story for now. He continued, “So yah this is bhaiya’s final year and if he fails this assignment, his average will drop dramatically. Obv he won’t b anywhere in the list of top students and his job is also gone. I hope for a magic now. Sumo bhaiya has been working on it since last four months.”
“Wait. I’m staying with u guys for six months, I never saw him working on that.” I interrupted helplessly. I needed to know it all.
“How much do u know bhaiya?”
“Oh Pushkar listen I have a plan. Back into our topic, my yearly assignment is on dislocated bones and how to use cadiopathicthicy to heal it. I’ll get my samples soon and get it done. I was thinking, how about I give u my sample data. U can work on the cadiopathicthicy business and their profit on ur statistic.” I offered trying to ignore the topic
“I must admit Sumo tu ek piece hai. Look + brain. Bhabi banegi?”
I was left with a ‘o’ mouth as he spoke in hindi. Besides, I guess my hindi understanding isn’t even that bad that I misunderstood the part where he offered me to get along…Shravan

I gave a mild smile walking away from there as my mind took over the thoughts of him. He ruined his months of sweat for me. What a jerk I am. My heart overflooded with guilt. It was me…
But then why did he do so? He could’ve easily waited for the robot to stop and then console me. He could’ve have…but he didn’t. Why do I feel like he is hiding himself, the true Shravan behind a fake mirror. What he showed wasn’t him…probably…or maybe it is…Indeed, how much did I know Shravan Malhotra?
This much for part 1 chap 4. Ik u might b feeling all these going on in a draggy speed but it’s in fb so obv I won’t explain each day of the four years. I’ll focus on some main events and trust me, nd a few more chaps, u all’ll go wht they just met. Y bye bye so soon?
Here r things that should b noted from this part:
– Pushkar’s tear and “Ever since” (Shouldn’t have said much but idk now detailed readers u guys r so must leave behind hints)
– Pushkar’s little hindi with the bhabi offer
– What’s ur opinion abt the hidden Shravan if it actually exists? And how well will Sumo knw him by the end of my ff?
Next part will b up by Wednesday(isn’t tht too early?)

love u
hugs nd kisses

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  1. This was amazing. Loved it so much. His guilt at first and then hers, pushkar’s talks, her feelings, in fact everything was so on point. Your explanations were too good. I could have done a longer comment but I’m already late for my classes so I should better leave now. Waiting for Wednesday now. Love you. Take care ??

    1. Ariana

      Hae!!! U make me blush. How does it sound ‘on the point nd well explained’? Even i don’t understand wht I wrote!
      anyways thanks dear. Sry I couldn’t post yesterday. But this time Wednesday is close so np I guess. Just a day in between.
      love u too

      1. Just read in a comment of yours that you’ve injured your hand. Get well soon girl. Did you go to the doctor? What did he say?
        Take care of yourself. Miss you ? Love you ?

      2. Arianaaaaaaaaaaaa (this was saved in my predictive text xD)
        Anyway… I miss you bro. Be back soon. Hope you are well now. Take care.
        I hope you see this xD
        Love you ?

    2. Ariana

      Awwww Zainu I was removing my plaster when I read ur comment. That kharus doc wants me to rest but I’ll b back tmrw with the nxt part. Thanks for ur wishes thou. Love u too

      1. Oh. Don’t type much. It would be hurting, no? Anyway take care of yourself and no need to say thanks after all we are friends cum sisters na?
        Take care sweetie. ??

  2. Marie

    Aru Aru Aru darling!!!! This part was such an awesome part yr I just loved it yes yes I m confused actually very confused ? But I know that at the end everything will just go perfectly n no need to take tension Nai?? But wat the hell wat u mean by end soon or by by soon no way I will never ever let this happen u just started this no ways ant end this great ff very soon ok warna I’ll kill u for sure!! Acha acha ziada Bol did but I mean it dear???
    Btw ep was bomb and Kia!! Next pet we’d or he jaldi hai beta wed is par so still one day God!! He kahan SE jaldi hai bhe?????
    Anyways do post soon soon soon m desperately waiting yrrr!!!!?????????
    Ok ok love by by !!!!!!
    Take care ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????

    1. Ariana

      Wow I’m ending my ff? Really? No yaar it has a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggg way ahead. Even idk when will it end so u don’t have to kill me now. But if u hit me with love I won’t mind getting it :p
      I understand that it’s even more confusing to u but don’t worry I’ll solve it all for u guys. All u gotta do is eat nd sleep. No tension….take Namik naps
      take care of ur health nd best of luck for ur remaining exams. I hope those ends sooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn nd I get to talk to u more nd more!!
      love u x infinity

      1. Marie

        Hahahah u don’t have to take tension of my exams cause they will end to morose and I didn’t give my two exams BCZ of my injury n they were just common exmas so my school management will not take them again so in short I m free!

      2. Ariana

        R u serious? Really??? OMG!!!! I cannot be any happier…Mario is almost back!!!! ???

  3. Hey Aru
    How r u dear? All gud??
    it was amazing yr…
    u nailed it…
    eagerly waiting for nxt epi…
    this epi made me more nd more curious to know sumo’s past… About ‘ever since’…
    cmmnting in a hurry…sorry…
    take care
    post soon
    Love you

    1. Ariana

      Hi Ruchi
      I’m all fit and fine. How r u? How’s ur studies going? Life’s good?
      I’m glad u enjoyed the part.
      Take care
      ❤ u

      1. M also gud dear…
        studies r also going fine…

  4. mmmm annoyed wid u for the late update..why cant u understand that its too difficult to keep waiting for the next epi.. its too interesting..
    its a widening puzzle….
    ever since… struck me well..
    pushkars offer was interesting…
    sumo is also hiding something .. about those people she had thought had dashed into the house…
    well i wont guess anything but keep waiting for wednesday…

    1. Ariana

      Sry dear I tried to post yesterday my laptop got hung so I had to fix that first. Nxt time no excuses, promise. But look, I’ll post part 2 on wednesday which is like tmrw!! So no worries

  5. hi ,
    nice , loved it
    you r indeed a master in describing stuff ya , loved the way u write
    eagerly waiting for the next epi,
    love, y.b

    1. Ariana

      Oh dear thanks soooooooooooooo much. Ur words r so cute, i wonder how am I digesting it all
      love u too

  6. Prettypreeti

    Ohhhhh my cuppu it was so strawberry cupcake.
    Just amazinggg.
    As always wonderful.
    Sumo past
    Cuppy jldi post krna.
    I m waiting.
    U rocked.
    Lots of luv

    1. Ariana

      Awww my sweet cuppy thanks sooooooooo much. U seriously should stop adding so much of sugar in ur cupcakes. It’s harmful for my health! I’ll post on wednesday. Isn’t tht like tmrw? So u don’t to wait.
      love u too

  7. WeirdSister

    Hey Ariana……
    I am really tired of telling u not to say rubbish abt urself….nd ur works …it hurts…it seriously does….
    Coming to d chp…
    Well d points u mentioned at d end…I hve to say but I noticed them….!?
    I read this story of urs…being fully oblivious of d outside world…
    Well I know m commenting late…..sorry for that…but I didn’t want to read it in sa hurry… So now I m in by bed..for my afternoon nap…nd I will surely get a nice sleep??
    Y don’t u hve a soft copy damn!!!!!????
    I so badly want to read it..
    D chp was as usual amazing…
    Nd u r certainly one of d best writers I hve met…nd especially for ur age….u r wayyyyy good…..!!
    I once again repeat what I said..
    I love u..I adore u… Nd I admire u….!!
    U can’t be real girl…u give me d feeling of heaven wid ur stories… buttering….!!?
    Okay then..
    U know how much I love u..
    Love u loads nd loads nd loads…..!!
    Take care…
    Post really soon…
    P.S… I shouldn’t c u talking crap abt urself in ur reply…or anywhere else….!

    1. Ariana

      When did I misjudge myself. Hella I’m awesome nd all swagy ?????
      Nd ur buttering…..u can save money if u stop buying so much of butter just to apply on me. I understand how much u love me, nd I love u too even more than u can imagine.ur words make me feel like the great queen of olympus. ?
      Nd see I didn’t say crap abt myself. Some of what I said was #UniversalFact so those can’t b changed but personally, Ik I’m all trigger nd thuggy
      KK now I’m saying all stupid stuff abt me just to make u happy
      let’s stop here (can’t lie more abt myself)
      Love u too sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
      will post on wed
      u take care too

  8. 1st Thing Is Its Not early And Ur Just Aw……….some…… I Feel Bad for shrav Hope Soomo do Someting And Pusku was So Sweet Suman Hi Tumari Bhabi Banegi Im Waiting plz Update Soon………….

    1. Ariana

      Awww Shanu thanks soooooooo much for ur sweet words. I’ll update on wednesday (like it’s tmrw!!!) So I guess it can’t get any sooner. And yah obv Suman will b his bhabi

  9. Hey Aru!
    First if all, I’d like to apologise for the late comment, I’m really sorry. I’d gotten my exam today and later on, I’d been relaxing and then started preparing for the next paper. Kindly forgive me???
    Now, coming to the episode, OMG! This was sooooo damn awesome man! I seriously can’t believe it that you aren’t an author by profession! The way you describe emotions….aaah! I’m so madly in love with your writing??
    It’d seriously been so hard for me all this while waiting for your update and when I had finally seen your post, I felt so relieved☺️☺️ I’d read the episode but couldn’t comment at that time. Thus, before commenting, I read the episode all over again and trust me, it was still the same as before, or even a bit more awesome!
    Please don’t speak ill of yourself and your writings di! How could you do so despite being such a fabulous writer?
    Besides, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, may I know your age?
    Once again, the episode was fab and I’m so badly waiting for the next one!!!
    Post superrrr duperrrr soon!
    Love you loads and tons!???????

    1. Ariana

      Hi Anushu dear, pls don’t apologize. U didn’t reply late. Uk I live in canada so by the time I got ur msg, I arrived home so it’s perfectly on time. Nd u didn’t laaaaaaaaaaatttttteeeeeee. So chill. Thanks so much for reading my ff with so much of seriousness. I never knew u would b so focused on my work. It actually makes me blush! How hard it is to digest such sweet words
      I’m 14 so chances r u being elder than me (what’s ur age?) but u can call me Aru not caring any such courtesy thingy. Is that okay calling u Ashu (di- if u r elder)
      take care
      I’ll post tmrw
      love u toooooo

      1. I had to read it wish seriousness if it has been written by such a fantastic author☺️☺️
        Well, I’m currently 12???? Guess I’m out of the youngest over here??
        So, shall I go ahead by calling you Aru or Aru di?

    2. Ariana

      Feel free with Aru. No di or other subtitles required

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Ariana dear !!!!!
    It was ammmmaaazzzzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg??????✌
    Ufffff !!!! So many mysteries to reveal ..
    Nd I hv told u several times that it is not at all boring nd even not waste of time so y u always says this in the beginning .. very bad ?? .. next time if u will do this then I won’t talk to u .. UNDERSTAND ?? ??
    Nd m desperatelyyyyyyy waitingggggggg for the next part ..
    Plzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon ..
    Till then take care .. ??
    Muaaaaah ???
    Love ya ???

    1. Ariana

      Sry!!! Fingers across my ears. I understood ur words nd I’ll never speak ill about me, but pls don’t stop talking to me. I love u na…
      I’ll post the part 2 on wednesday which is tmrw so not much of waiting
      Love u too
      take care

  11. Nikita

    This part OMG!!
    Man, so many feellss
    One thing, how can you write so well!
    You know what, the points you wrote at end, I noticed them!
    You’re such an amazing writer…
    His guilt, her guilt, pushkar’s words, shravan malhotra, EVERYTHING about this part was hauntingly beautiful! You’re seriously an amazing writer, probably the best here! I loved it..
    I’m glad that I don’t have to say post soon here, and wednesday’s close.. But wednesday ko hi post karna!
    Lovee youu!!

    1. Ariana

      Oh Niki thanks sooooooooooo much. Chalo sugar to butter na? Now u wanna make me fat? Yaar leave food, ur sweet words r so buttering! I’m all oily nd shiny now :p
      I’ll post on wednesday
      love u tooooooo x infinity

  12. LogaMegan

    Hi aru dr it was as usual amazing episode
    Push’s bhabi offer? ??
    Do u know hindi
    And u write amazing dr enjoyed reading it
    Who are ‘they ‘sumo mentioned in the last episode
    Reveal it soon
    And waiting for Wednesday to read ur amazing next episode
    Lots of love from Loga-Megan

    1. Ariana

      Oh u even remember that ‘they’?
      Lol it won’t b revealed till the ending so u gotta wait.
      Yes ik little bit of hindi. My last ff was also hindi but then many requested to make it english so I switched it
      Love u both too
      take care
      pls post ur wonderful epis sooooooon, I can’t wait much longer

  13. LogaMegan

    Hi aru dr it was as usual amazing episode
    Push’s bhabi offer? ??
    Do u know hindi
    And u write amazing dr enjoyed reading it
    Who are ‘they ‘sumo mentioned in the last episode
    Reveal it soon
    And waiting for Wednesday to read ur amazing next episode
    Love u

  14. LogaMegan

    Hi aru dr it was as usual amazing episode
    Push’s bhabi offer? ??
    Do u know hindi
    And u write amazing dr enjoyed reading it
    Who are ‘they ‘sumo mentioned in the last ep
    Reveal it soon
    And waiting for Wednesday to read ur amazing next episode
    Love u

    1. LogaMegan

      Sry for the same comment it got repeated 3 times

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