Storm of the Bruised Hearts -Chapter 13 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hey guys!!! How are you all? I know I had been very inactive and didn’t even post an update this month while I was supposed to end it by the following week. Don’t worry I have an estimated 3-4 chaps coming and then it’ll end. I am completely drowned in hot water and sandwiched up due to workload but I’ll try my best to end this story asap in a good manner. Sorry for no comments on your posts. Not gonna lie, I can hardly make it here n didn’t even get the chance to read all stories. But my March break is coming so I’ll catch up to all. K enough of blabbering I’ll get started. This chap doesn’t hold many significant issues but is just a build up for present years. Pretty long but not much compared to my writings. Boring af for sure and 100% unedited. So ignore all grammatical mistakes.


(Shravan’s POV)
Current time- 4 years from Flashback

Disenchant -My current position. After a quick talk to Mr. Robbers for the fiftieth time regarding Sumo’s missing report I was left with a torn hope rope of getting her back. Each and every appoint with that personal inspector bankrupts me. Seriously $450 per visit? But all would have been worth if I could find a set of her cells.
4 years she left… 4 big fat years of pure torture. I had everything- a perfect spoiled brother, a dream job.. scratch that- THE dream job, a Ferrari F60, and huge mansion. Yet it’s not home. All those dream lifestyle never mattered without her presence. Life gave me more than what I wanted but not whom I wanted. This brutality is unforgiving. I do wonder every night whether my effort on getting her back is less than what demanded or not because for these 1461 days, I heard, smell, saw, or felt nothing of her existence.

I kept my phone down on the table after fixing another appointment with Mr. Robbers for little anticipation as Chote brought in the breakfast.

“Oh I forgot to let you know Preeti is coming over tonight.”
The sentence cut me off my train of thoughts and reminded me of his maturity. Despite of Chote’s silliness, he is actually one of the best brother, boyfriend (well as per Preeti) and a business. His lines of understanding are beyond words. Sometimes I feel like he takes my responsibilities over himself. I am glad finally he found someone to spend time with than just bugging me and eating my head off. Preeti is a nice girl too. She is very thoughtful and compromising. I know their relationship wasn’t easy from the beginning as I have that stubborn head to not marry and Chote- that traditional snail won’t commit until I get a tail.

“You know Chote I can have a talk to Mr. and Mrs. Tiwari regarding you and Preeti. It has been long, you should get serious.” I tried explaining but as usual, all in vein.
“Not until you get someone.”
“Hey bro look, forget me. My life is a mess. I really don’t know when I’ll find her back and when things’ll get better. You see I am trying. But things are not easy. You are young, and this is your time. Don’t keep Preeti waiting like I did to Sumo. Too late can’t be our family trend, can it?”
He smiled getting my words but I bet didn’t get a single I his brain. “Bhaiya, would it hurt if you move on? It has been 4 years, you get it right? No trace of her presence. She never looked back at you.” I sighed as he continued, “I know I was the one throwing you two together and felt like Sumo could be the best one for you after Sanam di, and we both know I was right. But life… –“

I cut him off, “Circumstances pulls us to different tracks.”
“What are the chances your destinations would be same?” He asked with that serious Pushkar Malhotra look which girls die on. As for his question, I knew the answer- Isn’t our ultimate destination, at the end, is death? Hers too, as mine. “To not forget, it also involved her choice. She chose to leave you. Maybe for betterment. If she had that little bit of concern, she would have contacted. We know how she is, once taken a decision, all head to toe glued to it. Maybe she chose for a life filled with your memories than you. Now you should too move on. Just from her, not from her memories.”

I nodded looking down at the maple wooden floor. He was right. If Sumo really willed to contact, she would have brought Japan to America and India to Antarctica to get her wish done. But she didn’t. It was clear as distilled water, but I really don’t know why I couldn’t just move on.
I took the courage to look at his eyes making a final commitment. “I promise Chote, tonight would be the last in my diary with Sumo-words. If I get clues of her by midnight, I’ll go grab her, if not, let that be the future to write with a new pen.”


“Shravan wanna watch movie with us?” Preeti offered bringing popcorn from the microwave.
“Not really gonna disturb you love birds. Watch something convenient with zero lead on. I have the least interest of becoming an uncle sometime soon.” I laughed making her blush as Chote threw the nearest couch pillow on my chest.
“Get lost Bhaiya, you are unwanted. Let me spend some personal time with my love.” He gave me a cold killer look then smiling at Preeti,”So which movie are we watching again sweetheart?”
“Notebook!!!” She exclaimed jumping on the couch next to him as I walked into my room for some ‘me’ time.

Time changed so much. I recall those moments when I watched The Exotic with Sumo. That was the best night of my life. Possibly the night too making her realizes her feelings for me. I wish I could be quick like her, letting go Sanam’s chapters and embracing hers. Then she would have been with me right now. Maybe my family would have been complete and the couple next room would also claim each other officially. All depended on that one night. That one night… She left the next day for her hostel which surprising isn’t the truth. She left for an unknown life until her confession and then BOOM!!! Gone in the fog…

I placed myself over the hard mattress waiting for slumber to empower me when a subject hit me. The day after our movie night, both Sumo and I received a letter each, mine a job letter, hers a University letter for hostel room, as she said. But…

I rushed into the living room viewing the birds cuddling under the blanket watching ‘Notebook’. Guilt filled me up since I’ll be just spoiling their perfect moment but it was important. I looked at the clock- 8:32 pm. A drive would also sound safe. I’ll have an answer and my 4 years of waiting would pay off.
“Hey look I’m so sorry to break into your PDA but-“ Preeti shot away Chote as he cursed under his breath. “Chote I gotta talk to you right now.” I finished my sentence noticing him looking for a knife to probably stab me with. Doesn’t really matter, I’ll buy him the whole Hershey’s store near West Bank. But I need him now, just now.

“Hey you spoil your plan of tonight and I set a week trip to LA for you two, alone. Deal?” I offered noticing Preeti’s face lighting up but hell my blood is just another me, not convinced until the king of Jupiter bows down. “Fine flight through the business class.”
No reaction. Still looking for the knife.
“Okay additional free ferrero rochers for a month.”
No reaction. Ahh!! Walking to the kitchen. Crap!
“Dude a three layer red velvet cake for your wedding.”
No sign of light. He rather started shuffling all kitchen cutleries. I looked at Preeti for help as she nodded me in assurance.
“Push come on, it must me important. You know how Shravan never interrupts. Let him explain at least.” She tried convincing him.

“Baby what did you just say? Bhaiya NEVER interrupts? Who was the one to cancel our first date just because he wanted me to clean up my room? Who dipped the flowers I got for u in vegetable oil? Who added vinegar in the cake batter which I tried baking for you? I got a list, okay? So you better don’t speak.” Finally he grabbed the knife instead. Slowly taking off its cover. I got it- life doesn’t want me to find traces of Sumo. Ohhh maybe we were never destined together.
“Bhaiya spill out your death wish” He warned as I smiled. This is my chance.
Okay so it was kinda short and useless as informed before. Promise next chap onwards is all brain work since u’ll b a detective too besides Shravan to find Sumo back. I wish I could actually build up the current time stronger and have more fun finding Sumo but ik I have been pulling this stupid story for long with my super late updates so I’ll wrap up. Maybe a better version can pop up on Wattpad someday when I would actually feel like writing with less stress. Idk abt that. So yah next chap by next week. I’ll put quick updates now promise.

Ik I am totally unavailable here so u can get in touch with me on
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  1. Nikita

    Hey look! Dont wrap up! Be slow its fine. Your ff is soooo wortb the wait, but please give it a fun nice end. Its always fun solving your ff mysteries. Pleased. And about this chapter, well it was amazing. PreeKar are soo cute. I feel bad for shravan tho. Well, you mentioned The notebook, the best part.. thats my favv movie! So this part was great! Posstt aaraaam se [but pls. Make it properly ending. Dont be like kii ‘I’ve to end this..’ hota h, to hone do, but not like.. done]
    Pleaasse? Anyways, I lovee you! This was splendid.
    Love ,

    1. Ariana

      hi nishi… sry for late reply
      no worries i’ll end aram se
      apologies for not commenting on ur 4 am calls. I read tht part on the subway so couldn’t comment but grrreeaaat strart. i’m superrrr excited. gonna b active soon. n will post soon too’
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    Hey Aru!!! Finally got your post. It was fantabulous. Pushkar trying to murder Shravan ?. Plz post next one asap?

    1. Ariana

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  4. hay Aru… what a episode. it was so funny I can’t tell you my cheeks are paining literally. lovely epi.
    & what you are ending this. please don’t do that. keep it slow & give it a nice ending.
    OK bye and post soon.
    loads of love. & tc

    1. Ariana

      aaa thanks for ur sweet words but the thing is this ff is really near it’s end even if i don’t wanna speed it. So no worries I’ll actually take it slow.
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        No it’s ok Aru. It wasn’t that important message. Forget it. I’m glad that I was wrong.
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  9. Awesome chapters….. Excited…..Very very very much excited…..Plz plz plz try to post soon na but yes don’t just wrap up…We will wait
    But plz post soon??

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