Storm of the Bruised Hearts -Chapter 10 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Happy New Year sweetheart!!! So it’s a brand new year with old boring dumb headed Aru but my wishes r strong. Hope you all r enjoying well n made perfect resolutions. Add one small thing if u didn’t yet- Smile everyday.
I won’t blabber much rather would jump onto my story coz it’s step no. 1 towards revelation n also the last Sumo’s POV. Hope you make your way through coz the revelation is somewhere hidden in my small description.



My feet pressurized each clustered mass of white crafted snow as I kept walking on the sidewalk…dead. Every step was more like deleting moments of my life. I was experienced, I consoled myself. Betrayal isn’t new nor was I a mudded toy. I named me, I was me, I formed me. I had all powers to control myself. “Please don’t” shouted inside my soul as I wondered who it was. The answer was well known yet I ignored and walked on. At one point tear made it’s way out of my big dried eyes making me realize my continuous breaths. Finally I was back to reality. I got ditched by the only chance I took this life. Once again my soul shouted in pain and the fact haunted me but he also wished me the brightest life ahead. I was ‘moving on’ as he said. Where I don’t know but I was moving on- Wherever this street shall lead me.
Oh crap obstacles aren’t done playing with me! I thought once again what happened realizing my butt all moisturized due to wet melted ice, as I lay over the thick pile of roadside snow like a drunk frame. I smiled looking at the sky. It was all dark yet lighted with millions of small stars. Oh look I can see me there, with others…


I turned my head at an angle to see the big framed clock hidden behind the high raised glassed buildings showing midnight. It was 12. A perfect 12 am and my best day begins.
Slowly curving my hip I tried balancing on my legs but luck was too nice this time too. “Happy Bir-woooaaa” My left leg slipped off the black ice yet again making me fall straight on my face. Good job Sumo! Best birthday gift you can give to yourself! My hands, gloveless, which were freezing till now went all warm and numb as I moved my chest up making a push-up pose. The ice under my stomach laid red, with shots of heavy colour. Oh man people should stop drinking, I thought until I cleared the fact that my hands broke through the ice shield and those red viscous liquid mixed in layers of ice was nothing but my blood.
Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt. I broke rest of the ice and took my wrist onwards hand out as my eyes trailed small scratches all over my palm.
“Oh jeez! Come on I’m helping u get up” A sharp melodic voice spoke as I felt thick arms around my waist pulling me up and bringing me on my legs. I was on the road level once again yet my eyes kept looking down at the cluster of blood which faded away in the shiny ice. I wish my pain also burnt away that easily.
Rubbing my bruised fingers on my stomach, clearing the small soft snow off my jacket, I turned around showing my back to the merciful soul and kept marching away shouting a warm thanks. I walked…marched…jogged…ran, yet leg on the very same spot jerking.

“Leave me” I cried out trying to push away the same thick arms which held me strong on the same spot.
“Relax! Why are you running away on this slippery snow? Besides, it’s late. Not safe either.” He spoke again sounding much concerned.
“Why do you care? Following exactly what your brother wanted.” I broke off resting my stomach on his arms.
“What?” Push asked confused, removing his arms from my body making me fall yet again on my face. “Oh!! Sumo it’s you? I’m so sorry! Get up.” He cried out pulling me up once more. Before I could balance on my feet, he carried me to a dark room filled with cars and layed me on the edged wall of the parking lot.

“Girl you are frozen. Why are you on your jacket only? Where are your gloves and snow boots? Omg!!! Your cheeks got some cuts too. Were you lost?” He kept scolding me trying to rub off the dried blood off my left cheek.
“Nope. Finally entered reality.” I smiled removing his fingers off my face.
“You hands!!! Bruises!!! What were you up to? Wait I’m coming.” He jumped off immediately running to a random car and talked to the person inside bringing an aid box.

Pulling my hands, he started rubbing off alcohol to clean my blood, while I kept moving it away. I don’t deserve such care after all.
“Listen, I know it hurts but let me do it.” He explained once I snatched my hands away from his control.
“It doesn’t hurt. These bruises are too small to be detected.”
“Sumo are you drunk?” He asked as concerned as confused,
“Was,” I grinned. “Drunk….LoooV-err”
“I’m here you know right? Your best friend, your brother. What’s wrong? You were completely okay few hours back. What happened?” He interrogated again as tears rolled down my eyes. It was just saltwater- no emotions attached to it. Push crawled on my right hugging me cornered as he placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I placed my head under his shoulder while he kept cleaning my bruises. Slowly, stabbing my heart I spoke finally before bursting out with tears again, “He is committed…already”
Push looked at my face for a while, judging every cell of me before I traced large water droplets coming down his eyes too.
“Hey don’t cry Push,” I console him clearing off his tears, “It’s okay. I bet she’ll be a far better sister-in-law than me. After all, he chose her.” I hiked ending my words as he took me into a bone crushing hug.

“I’m sorry Sumo, I’m so so so sorry.” He kept muttering as I reminded him that it was me who fell for his silliness. “No Sumo you don’t get my guilt. I knew. I always knew about it yet a small hope inside me shouted that you could change Bhaiya for betterment.” He sobbed harder finishing his words as I stared, perplexed.
“You know Sumo the day you walked into our house and Bhaiya allowed you to stay with us, I knew you had an unknown power to control bhaiya. I thought, just for a moment, just for a while with my childishness, that you could fix his bruised heart. And look I was so right! You melted Shravan Malhotra’s frozen shield but who knew it was at cost of your pure heart? I’m sorry Sumo I pulled you into this mess.” He explained avoiding eye contacts.
“Push…Push stop. What’s bugging you? What was it all with Shravan? I didn’t change him. He is the same. But what were you up to? I really am done with your and Shravan’s hide-n-seek game. Please for god’s sake tell me what’s so off with him” I pleaded when he finally dared looking into my eyes and faced a poor smile.
“You still love Bhaiya don’t you?” He asked as I looked down. Is forgetting someone that easy, i wondered as he began…

“I lied. All of it. My life, Bhaiya’s life, our life, everything.” He spoke as my eyes found it’s way back onto his which were flooded. “Our family isn’t back in India. We didn’t come to Canada when 5 and didn’t grow up in Toronto’s Boarding School. Remember how I made you promise on the first day of our friendship that we would never talk about our family or anything?” He asked clearing his tears as I nodded recalling those moments. “It was all for a reason. We have a dark- well not dark but tragic story behind which we don’t like bringing up. I did get over most of it but Bhaiya didn’t. He just couldn’t.” He sobbed again when I paused, asking him to elaborate.
“Well mommy and papa ran away from their families and married settling in Canada. So you see we never had large family or any Indian background. It was a small happy family of me, Bhaiya, mommy and papa. Then our family enlarged as our one Indian neighbour family supported us. Their only daughter, Sanam was our best friend. I mean mine, as for bhaiya, things went beyond. We trio explored the whole city and always ended up in Tom Uncle’s Paan Store. So yeah today, Tom Uncle just mixed you with her.” He smiled as I felt him going through the best moments of his life.

“What happened to Sanam? And where is uncle, aunty?” I asked not being able to hold back my curiosity an longer.
“To the point I see,” He winked out of his tears making me giggled a bit. “Our happy family with a fixed bhabi. What can you expect more? When Bhaiya was 15, he finally asked Sanam out and they turned into the cutest couple of the town.” I smiled adoring his memories though my heart tore apart with the fact that Sanam is his that love.
“But you know sadly good things ends quicker?” He asked when his smile faded behind those painful tears. I knew, very well, so I nodded. My days of love and adore also rushed away in a second. “It was bhaiya’s 18th birthday and Sanam planned the biggest surprise for him. It was indeed the greatest surprise.” Push threw his arms around me once more hugging me like a teddy bear while his tears rolling down my waterproof jacket.
I was lost on that one name which rhymed mines so well yet owned much more authority than me- Sanam, but Pushkar’s small hik helped my way back to his story. What was so wrong about Shravan’s birthday? What happened that day? I kept throwing darts all over my head until Push mumbled some words, unclear yet clear enough to explain me all of it… “CN Tower-Bhaiya and me on subway-Family up-2010”


“Please don’t” it shouted with weak view as those hands pinned around.
“Promise?” She smiled letting her petit arm in the air to be landed on the greatest vow.
“Wake up…please” it moved shaking the world aside
“Forever” the thick voice declared in pride
“Leave” she cried as darkness covered her own disgust.
“Change…once more.” The curved smile vanished behind cold tears as the ink dried.


“Sumo wake up” he cried again shaking my head as I opened my eyes finding myself lying cold, dry and nearly soulless on the rough pavement.
“Push go to Shravan-NOW” I demanded balancing on my hip and sitting facing his perplexed view.
“Are you okay? And…Why?” he asked confused, looking through my walls.
“Don’t worry about me. I broke-” I admitted letting large water droplets roll down my bruised cheeks once more. This time with huge burden of fear and terror. “He… is still a child from heart. Unprepared and fragile.”
“And you can see through him, Sumo. You get him better than me without any connection.” He tried convincing when I corrected-
“WITH a connection.” Push wildly stared at me as I forced him up and prepared for a departure.
“Go” I ordered.

While he slowly marched his leave, I wondered how much those poor souls went through. That smile, full of innocence and childishness covered the dark marks of unforgettable manuscript. That one day changed their lives so miserably that me-an intruder- is also facing the circumstances. Shravan’s 18th birthday was that very dark day of Toronto when Russian refugees attacked CN Tower and killed 14 souls. Who knew those included 5 of Shravan’s hearts? I’m here celebrating the lose of my one love and he there, I don’t know how kept surviving so long even after losing his family and love. Life has been unfair, not only to me but to these pure beings too. If love had been my destruction, reality had been theirs. Fear explained mines through solitary and theirs- shades of humanity.
I stood on my feet once again with maturity as those past few mins taught me another story of this world. A deadly cursed smile curved my face as realization of the fact dealing the true character of this planet hit me- we all are victims of this overpowered greedy compassion and none were, are, or will be safe until the air of death welcomes us casually.

Leading my brain out of theories I looked at the exit door which shadowed the frame whom I ordered to fortake.
“Hey Push,” I asked as he turned around, “What differentiates me from Sanam so miscellaneously that he could never accept me?”
“Sumo- Bhaiya loves you, he just needs to let go the past. Or I can say-let go her ‘va te faire foutre’ red hair…” he replied mixing in the mist
Aha!!! Could join the dots now? To all those who imagined Sanam as Sumo- dude I’m proud to blow off your mind with the fact Sanam is the red haired girl. Now this chap was very nonsensy ik but I am SORRY. Remember how I informed you all at the very beginning of my story it is more about social conflicts than a sweet ‘pink unicorn’ love story? So u’ll find more of these nonsense than bubble soaped spa romance.
If you are a non-fic lover buddy welx coz I’m sure u read at least We All Fall Down edition 1 on 9/11 or edition 2 on 2nd June 2010, CN tower terror attack (it’s not fictional- it’s true.) n u could relate.
Now back to the story: Hope u got the answer behind Shravan’s coldness and also all those mysteries related Shravan, calling him CN Tower, and him being committed.
My two questions: If Sanam is dead, why does Shravan count himself committed still now?
Is there a connection between our sweet red haired girl which Sumo intercoms and Sanam?
Nxt update by the end of this week
Happy New Year again!!! Many many warm wishes of happiness, success, peace, good health and a prosperous life. Enjoy this year. Keep smiling n spread love. Chase ur dreams and exploreeeeeeeeeeee
Loads of love
Huggies n kisses

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  1. Nikita

    I’ve never beeen so speechless… seriously you naaailllleeeedd ittt….
    So you just blew my mind off today.. you proved yourself as the OFFICIAL MYSTERY WRITER OF TU…
    Reallly amazing.. those two questions..
    Umm 1st wala pata nhi.. but yes, probably there is a connection between Sanam and red-girl.. I remember that one thing that Sumo said that she knows that the girl just does not affect her, it affects Shravan as well.. Anyways fantastic jobb.. Waiting for the next part… and how long till the past gets over?? Lovee youuu

    1. Ariana

      Crap crap crap… Dude don’t butter that it flies off. Like hell u make me blush tho I don’t blush much, even when Ik it’s all like an overflowed words. Now if I’m a mystery writer then u r the sherlock holmes of my story. Detective ready with ur magnifying glass?
      nxt update was supposed to b on this Sat but idk. Too lazy currently so i guess I won’t b writing it
      But ‘ll try honey

  2. Beas

    Wooooooooooowww!!!!!!! Amazing. Just nailed it. HAPPY NEW YEAR ?. Post soon ✉ ?

    1. Ariana

      thanks girl

  3. Gosh!!shravan’s past is miserable. I had concluded that somehow he had lost his love and family so he was not prepared for sumo. Is the red haired mysterious girl
    sanam ? Shravan knows it that’s why he said that he is committed as he found his lost love but he fell in love wid sumo. Its time to explore sumo’s past. Happy new year.

    1. Ariana

      wow see detective u too r hella smart n did figure it out all of Shravan earlier. Smart ya
      now yah it’s time for Sumo’s story so u can just wait n wait

  4. Slang in french!! Sumo said that she had made herself .. What does that mean?? Is sumo really sumo??
    Sumo is really confusing. Post asap.

    1. Ariana

      OMG!!! I feel so caught! U got my trick. Yah I used a french slang just to spice up the word. I bet none realized except u. Dude u r actually hella smart. No kidding
      Yah sumo is real sumo. It’s just she was off her mind plus udk her past when u’ll knw tht, it’ll all make sense
      gonna post by sunday

  5. hey happy new year.
    nice episode. and really interesting.
    post next one soon.

    1. Ariana

      thanks sweetie gonna post soon

  6. Diya

    Happy New Year !!
    It’s amazing Aru !! Really fantastic !!
    OMG….feeling so sad for Shravan !! Thank u for revealing some of the mysteries ….but as u solved some of my confusion u made more confusion and mystery enter !!
    See dear I am really a slow-witted person so plz clear the mysteries soon !!
    But these also make this story more interesting !!
    So will be waiting for next episode !!
    Take care. Love.

  7. Rukhsar

    Happy new year aru…..sorry for the late comment……today i got lot of time so i can u ny pov from the start when u started the ff after reading 2, 3 chaps i thought that its so confused and complicated i thought of not reading the story but i don’t know what was that in ur story…..there was some kind of attraction that pulled me into it although i kept on going confused with each n every chap but still it attracted me towards it like a magnet and i kept on reading it and now today i m glad that i read ur ff now it has become a part of my priority…….today all my doubts got cleared now i m no more confused about the story and i have made some connections also but i won’t tell it to u coz i don’t wanna sound stupid so i just wanna say that u have made me addicted to ur ff……one more thing the start of this chap was sad as sumo was facing heartbreak but donno why but i was laughing at her state…..they way she kept on tripping and falling in such intense situation and blabbering random stuff made me laugh today i could relate myself with me…..i m just like her no matter how intense the situation must be i have to fall or do some stupidity so according to ne this was by far the best part of this chap now i can’t wait for the next part so post soon ok gotta go take care and enjoy ur new year to the fullest bye love u❤❤❤❤❤☺☺☺???

  8. WeirdSister

    Hey Supergirl…
    I am extremely sorry for such a late comment..was pretty busy..
    Thank you so much..for clearing some air out there…I am so happy that finally you have started revealing the answers to your mysteries..
    I was never a fan of typical love stories…so I am really interested in your ff…as its different..
    There’s no need..yet I can’t resist to say..
    You are just amazingggggg…!!
    And you will never stop talking nonsense about yourself huh… I am really upset about the fact..
    I will love you matter what rubbish you say about yourself…
    Love you lots and lots and lots..
    Take care..
    And please please post soon…
    Hope your new year is going well..!!

  9. _Rida

    Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I was so desperate to finish these 10 chappys of urs. And see i finally did it. Girl! U left me awestruk with ur skills. U seems to be a proffessional writer no?
    The mysterys were like,they can screw up my head but i,m greatfull that i read all chappys together so no complain and do post soon.

  10. Ruchi

    Hey Aru
    how r u dear???
    Again m late!!!! Sorry for that…
    Ummm Finally u revealed Shravan’s mystery but now m more curious to know Sumo’s mystery…
    Still waiting to know who r Somo’s “them” …
    u nailed it Aru…
    it was mind blowing…
    even i feel that the red hair girl is Sanam…
    Aru now u have to post as soon as u get time plzzzzzzzzzz m so excited to read next part ………
    take care…
    Love u loads

  11. First of all I am really really sorry for being so so soooooo late. ?
    Just finished reading this and the previous chapter and maynnnnn…. I am really speechless, I mean it. I really can’t explain how much i love you and your writings. You’re amazing.
    How did you write such a mysterious and way too much interesting story?? I love this so so soooooo much. Tbh I’ve never been a keen reader. Whenever I read any story or something I’m usually multitasking.. listening songs or doing something but for your story I actually sit to read it without doing anything..
    Are sanam and red-haired girl the same? Shravan said he’s committed so he knows that sanam is alive. If that girl and sanam are the same that means shravan knows the red-haired girl. But if so then how is sumo related to the red-haired girl?
    I’ll probably be wrong.. hahaha.. you will obviously bring something even more mysterious.. 😀
    But in the end when pushkar says that slang for that red-hair means he knows her too. .-.
    Dude I’m confused. ? I’ll stop now ?
    I better get back to study. So much work to do. Post soon. I’m waiting anxiously for the next chapter. Much love ?? Take care ?

    P.S ignore any mistakes in this whole comment because I didn’t read it again. xD Byeee ?

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