Storm of the Bruised Hearts-Chapter 1 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hiiiiiiii…..I’m back with my ff. So I guess I’ll start it.

CHAPTER 1- Acceptance for Betterment
Quote:“We don’t meet people mistakenly. There is always a reason behind the encounter…Some leave memories….others traces to be chased”

The night ended as the sky showed golden rays. The clock jumped for the fifth time and showed 5:01 am. The table lamp was still turned on as he read through those perfectly straight lined words of the red book. There was a smile on his face though his eyes were deep surrounded by darkness. With each line, his smile grew wider and wider as those moments played on his mind. His own imaginary role play was interrupted with heavy unclear voice. “Bhaiya didn’t u sleep?”

He turned his eyes to see his brother on his pajamas, rubbing his eyes. The answer was well known to both of them yet as a regular schedule, he asked. But today, Pushkar’s voice had more concern as he continued, “It has been 5 years now. Why don’t u admit it she left?”
“She just kept her promise.” He replied in his usual cold voice.
“But she left! She could have returned if she felt the same…..” His words took a pause as Shravan shook the red book he was reading. “A journal doesn’t define someone’s feelings. That was 5 years ago, she obv moved on. And even if she didn’t and due to some reason she is away from u, then how r u finding her? Do u know her name? Sumo sounds stupid. Back then even u and I, both knew it wasn’t her real name. How r u finding a nameless, trackless girl out of these 8 billion people of the world?”
“Found her diary, it won’t take long to find her.” He said still having the hopeful smile on his face. It was a special day today..and his only wish was to get her back…

“Bhaiya pls don’t heart yourself with a fake hope of almost nothing. I know she was just perfect but perfection doesn’t exist. And that’s a fact not a theory. I’ll be there by your side, even if ur nose leaves u on the thick and thin times.” Finishing the last hiss of his words, he turned around to leave when the cold voice mumbled a warm thanks. Pushkar knew it wasn’t a thanks of support but thanks for what he did 5 years back on this day. “I’ll regret for my deeds of this day until u get her back.”
The silence returned to its position as he jumped off the chair and grabbed the calendar showing a large red circle around 15st July. His vision again covered the red book and he rushed through the pages to meet the same date of the agenda.

***Flashback (Shravan’s POV)
“U must be kidding. There is NO way I’m accepting ur proposal” I barked at him for his stupidity. He has gone all nuts. How can he even think of it? He wishes are still so immature. I wonder how someone allowed him on the university. His brain is worse than a high school kid.
“Bhaiya just listen to me. We’ll have profit from it.”
Chote tried to defend his offer but I am no way falling on his traps. However bad he might be with the usage of his brain but I must admit his business communicating skills are amazing and he always manages to manipulate me in such a way that I accept everything. But this time, it’s not going to work. What profit does he find from an unknown girl living with us? Yah he can hook up with her like he does with half of the university cheeks but I’m not allowing that here, under my supervision. I must make sure what’s going on on his mind so that he doesn’t trick me out at the end. “And what are those profits?”

Chote’s eyes went hopeful as he looked at me with joy and started his business presentation “ Sooooo many things to go through: We have this huge house with 3 bedrooms. We use only 2 so she can live on the other. Her good coz she’ll have a place to live in with the people she knows and our good coz she said she will pay $500 per month. Now moving forward, she has magic on her hand. Not only does that magic work with pen but also with the spoons and kitchen equipment. She is an amazing cook so she’ll cook for us. We don’t have to buy junkies every day. Save money!!! And most of all- she’ll be someone to take care of us like a guidance. And now thinking from her side, the hostel rooms are already booked and she won’t be sharing a condo with unknown people. Well it’s Canada!!! Western World. U knw what I mean. Now she is my bestfriend so no way I’ll have my eyes on her. As for you, nah!! U have men-hormonal imbalance coz u don’t even glance at any girl so she can stay here with us, trusted with the words of safety. “
Did he just……? I don’t have a men-hormonal imbalance! It’s just that I never found any girl attractive. Being truthful, I don’t go for looks. I’m a talent seeker. And girls I’ve encountered were mehhhh…..way too much for handling. Besides, every girl likes me because of my tall frame and look. None appreciates my hardwork or the qualities I own so I better stay single until I find that one…..

The train of my thoughts were interrupted by a soft but energetic voice. By the time I coped up with the environment around me, I saw a tall, yet tiny girl on Chotes arms. What just happened? My eyes widened as I scrawled the surroundings. Luggage and bags!
“Bhaiya this is Sumo. Sumo, this is my handsome Bhaiya.” Pushkar said stealing glance from both of us.

As I focused on the person standing in front of me, I realized I have been giggling for no reasons. She was a tall girl so I had no problem maintaining my level. My eyes started interrogating her look from the bottom. Simple sandals exposing most of her foot however the very last inch of her ankle was hidden behind the tight jeans. On her top wear was a loose lavender t-shirt knotted at the waist to match her body shape. As my eyes followed her neck and up her chin, it grew wider due to some reason I’m unaware of. I realized my stomach also twisted awkwardly as my eyes went up her natural stain-free lips. I paused my vision there for a while not knowing why. First time ever I felt my cheeks burning due to some strange desire but it got interrupted as I realized her hands being aired, towards me.
“Nice to meet u Shravan Bhaiya. Pushkar talks soooooooooo much about you that I was always very excited to see u personally and here we r standing together.”
I coordinated by placing my long fingers on hers and shaking them together. She was warm which made me feel more comfortable. While I was stupidly staring at both of our hands some words left my mouth and my ‘sense’ wasn’t responsible for that. “Shravan works….”

Quickly I looked into her face and found a light shade of vermillion rose appear of the edge of her cheeks which made me shiver. A broad smile made up to her face which soon disappeared with Chote’s words.
“Sumo…actually Bhaiya isn’t comfortable sharing the house.”
Her eyes played back the moment again to completely understand the situation and soon a sip of water reflected off her eyes. She tried faking a smile however, I felt like I have been used to her for ages and caught the fake mask instantly. I made my voice sound bold as I spoke, “It’s okay Chote. Let her stay. I’m fine with it but she must follow a civilized routine. No late night parties. Must be at home…”
“By 9:30. No drinking/smoking/drugs. Proper dressing. No friends allowed until assigned from the class. Should be well mannered. And will leave as soon as a room is available on the hostel.”
She completed my words with such confidence. It impressed me from the core. She was aware of all these so I guess I should try trusting her. Maybe this time acceptance was for betterment. Maybe she can teach Chote something…Maybe…. I smiled as while nodding and signalled Pushkar to show her the room as she followed him.
Flashback ends***

“Bhaiya, this time the acceptance of betterment would be to let go off her memories….” Pushkar’s unsatisfying words penetrated through his ears though he pretended to act hopeful. His heart was sobbing but his soul knew traces were to be found soon and he would get her back. He had to get her back…But for now he had to accept…Accept her absence…not to move on but to hold those precious moments of togetherness forever…

Okay so I realized this chapter turned very long. Idk whether to make the next part this long or short. But now here I wanna share something. The show is ending and I am all broken. Trust me it hurt so bad when I typed each word. As I promised previously so I posted the 1st chapter but now I wanna ask do u guys wish me to carry this ff? Will u guys read it? Bcoz if u guys don’t want I won’t carry on and besides, I have to go through much emotional pain while writing it. I was soooooo close to the show so I really can’t even imagine it ending like this. I feel like crying. Now enough of emotional melodrama so yah sry for grammatical mistakes. It’s a late night post so possibilities for mistakes are above 99%.
All the best to sweeties who r still giving their exams. Those who r done, congo!! Now is all fun. Just a note- EDKV corner will be removed from current SonyTV show list soon so to come to this EDKV page just click on the red bar below the logo of SonyTV where it says “Show SonyTV Finished Shows” and u’ll find EDKV on the option.
Since many of u requested nd some of my frnds also suggested I did open a Twitter acc. My username is @Aryana1806_ (Aryana is my passport name coz some ppl screwed up the spelling) so pls let me knw urs so tht I can follow u.
Love u all.
Take care…..

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  1. U continue writing this I like it

    1. Ariana

      thanks…I guess I might continue

  2. Ariana

    I’m sorry guys!!! I was supposed to post it tmrw as I said 2nd Oct. I’m stupid nd forgot the date. Pls pls pls forgive me I messed up. If u have exam then kick off this epi nd focus on ur studies. And yah next epi won’t b up till 6th/7th Oct as I got many assignments plus EDKV is ending so it’s an emotional torture for me.

  3. Anushika

    Hey Ariana, Pls don’t stop writing,it just rocked,We will still post OS,TS,FF after the ending of EDKV… Am also suffering from mental torture….Hope Nimik get paired for another serial together…
    Lots of Love

    1. Ariana

      Then I would love to read ur shots!!!! Nd I really want Namik back somewhere…like ANYWHERE!!!! I can’t afford missing him!!! Anyways pls pls pls stay back here. Love u

      1. Anushika

        Will surely stay back on EDKV pg….Even after show ends

  4. pretty preeti

    Aru cupcakes it was tooo gud.nice that u forgotten the date I m happy reading it lovely update as always.
    U r marvellous sis.
    Post when u get time.
    Love u

    1. Ariana

      thanks soooooooo much for ur sweet comment cupcake. U r always sugary. Nd still I’m feeling sry for updating a day bad. I broke my promise!!! I’m bad girl now

  5. Angel_pari

    NO NO NO!!!!!
    This was tooooooo short i mean , trust me! u wrote this novel of around 250 pages write??????
    Mail me that i can read it without any break….
    This is awsomeeeeeeee seriously no butter wutter i loved it by ur each and every word i was getting involved in it…. But but did sumo just called the sharvan ”bhaiya”????
    Or i read it wrong??????

    I,m lacking of words for u u r marveolus writer i hv included u in my fv8 one…

    The way u play with words describing single minor thing left me awstruck……


    But hehehehe glad u post it today coz i hv exam tomorrow hahahaha i know like me my institution is also full of stupid i mean who take exam on SUNDAY

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    take care lov u

    1. Ariana

      SORRY!!!!!! U got exam tmrw nd I ruined it……….Uh!!!! I’m soooooooooo bad…kill me. SOrry again. Nd tht 254 pg novel is boring….all bla bla bla… need to read tht. nd I’m not coping tht story here, i’ll just take the plot from it. tht story has literally no romance till the last chap. like EDKV current track. so even more boring… buttering was good. inta butter khake mai toh balloon hogaunga. thanks sooooo much. All the best for ur exam
      love u

  6. Nikita

    Di, it was beautifull!! I loved it like hell!
    And it’s okay, this much long is fine..
    The flashback was adorable..
    Finally, Shravan found someone of his height..
    It seems so interesting..
    Do postt sooon..
    I’m crying to with the fact of EDKV..
    You know, whichever song I listen to now, I relate it to ShraMan, and start crying!
    I don’t know why!
    Anyways, I’ll check you on twitter!
    Love you. Ssoooo mucchh!
    -Nikita 🙂 <33

    1. Ariana

      Don’t cry sweetheart. I’m telling u this nd i myself am sobbing after listening to all of my fav soft country songs…it feels like crap being useless nd watch the show end like this. The worst of all is their confession would b around 10:28 pm IST on Friday I guess coz their fights!!!! Soooooo annoying at some point. I really don’t wish it to end…nd sry yaar I fell asleep so couldn’t reply to ur DM. I’ll reply soon. 🙂

  7. a happy durga puja to u dear… epi was wonderful… pls pray 4 me so that i can win eastern dance competition solo category for our inter house feast…
    i am extremely upset as edkv is ending but ur ff brings a smile on my face..

    1. Ariana

      Doetima!!! My sweetheart 1stly congrats for making it sooooooooooo far in the competition. U rock girl!!! Nd now, ofcourse u’ll win it. Don’t be nervouse. Ik u r awesome so chill. every1 would love ur performence I bet nd u’ll win it too. All the best!! My prayers, wishes nd loves r with u.
      Take care

  8. Awsm epi

    1. Ariana

      thanks dear

  9. WeirdSister

    Hey Ariana..
    As I promised..I m here for just u nd u….!
    U said this was long????
    Well I don’t think so..
    Nd dare u stop…
    I m totally in love wid d stories that come up here..nd specially urs….
    So plz don’t stop…
    Coming to d chp..
    It was way awesome..
    Nicely written…
    Well portrayed…!
    Ok then hope to meet u soon…
    Love u loadsssssss….!!

    1. Ariana

      Ohhh girl I miss u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Pls come back soon. I need u, we all over here need u. Thanks so much to manage time reading this bakwas epi nd comment such sweet words….
      Love u alllooooootttttt dear
      take care

  10. Hey Aru…
    sorry… I know m very late…
    but now a day i dnt feel like opening edkv tu page… Bcoz of the shock or heart break which we all r going through…
    Anyways how r u swty ?? All well??
    Missed u all so much…
    it was a amazing,superb nd a mindblowing start…
    “bhaiya” 440 Volt shock…
    Now m very much curious to read the story…
    u nailed it…
    Post soon
    take care
    Love u

    1. Ariana

      Hi dear… feel so good to see u back after long. Ik the situation now is so frustrating. The EDKV off air news literally stabbed me on my heart. I did sob aloooottttt… Anyways how r u? How’s life? I’m fine just study pressure. Thanks soooooooooooooo much fr ur sweet comment. Means alot.
      Take care nd pls visit EDKv corner more frequently. We miss u
      Love u sweetheart

  11. I opened this site today as I remembered you were going to post on 2nd and just saw you posted it a day before so sadly I’m late on commenting ?
    Coming to the episode, it was wonderful. I loved it from the start to the end. So beautifully written and brilliantly explained that there aren’t much words to explain how amazing this was (specially the flashback, it was just so adorable). ? ?
    Waiting for the next update.
    Love you loads. Take care of yourself and don’t cry. We all feel the same pain as our favourite show is coming to an end but that’s how it is meant to be. So do take care of yourself sweetie ??
    P.S so 6th/7th confirmed?? I’m way too much busy nowadays that I can’t even get time to open this site so I’ll open it when you are going to post. Waiting anxiously for the episode though.
    Love you ?

    1. Ariana

      Oh dear I’m sooooooooo sorry! I knw I said I’ll post on 2nd and my plan was to post on tht day too but I messed up with my calendar. Bad on me. I’m not sure it’s 6th/7th. U better check on 8th as I’m sure to let the next epi up by 8th. I’ll also PM u the link so that u don’t have to worry looking around when I’ve post it.
      Now, thanks soooooooooo much for ur sweet comment. I’m glad u liked this boring part. I’mm trying ton console myself. I’ll miss this show sooooooooooo much. :'(
      Take care honey
      love u too

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