A/N: Solely for those thick-headed people who hide themselves behind their mobiles and computer screens and create havoc.

Hello everyone!!! I’m an ardent fan of the show ‘Swaragini’ and immensely love all the 4 leads?

But recently, the on going random fandom wars, the constant bashing of actors and the negative vibes that it is creating has definitely made me insane. It’s seriously suffocating to read all those harsh comments darted at the actors’ personal lives and preferences. Like really…Grow up Guys!!! At the end of the day it is a fictional show whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment to the viewers and not break their heads by imagining all these characters to be real. I understand we tend to go overboard for the persons whom we adore but seriously not at the cost of defaming another person by giving filthy comments. Do you even realise the hurt the actor might be feeling and how it might affect their personal equations with each other…

I would like to give a few examples of how much these 4 actors have been bashed by some weirdos:

1. Helly Shah(Swara)- She has been getting tons of harsh comments on various social media platforms. Called by a number of degradable names like Jelly, Belly, Frog etc…and not to forget the constant attachment of ‘Mahan’ with her name. Seriously if u wanna blame anyone, attack the CVs for destroying her chirpy character and transforming her into ‘one-woman army Adarsh Bahu’ avtar. It is not her mistake. She is a lovely actress doing her work so please don’t bash her.

2. Tejaswi Prakash(Ragini)- She is a victim of tons of bashing too. Right from the time her character turned negative, people have ranted on her being a negative soul even in her real life. Not to forget the way they called her ‘Nagini’, overacting ki dukan and what not! She fearing that people are giving personal comments, asked the makers to turn her positive. Obviously she got scared as it was her first out-and-out negative role and didn’t want a bad impression of herself in the viewers’ mind.But this was claimed as a drama by some idiots. Not resting here, some degraded people even tell her to quit the show even now after being positive and be jobless forever in order to stop fan wars. She is a beautiful actress, so stop bashing her.

3. Varun Kapoor(Sanskar)- Never imagined that he ll be bashed too. Some idiots call him a hypocrite and blame him for not being close to Helly anymore after winning GPA…Like seriously!!! In YouTube under some specific videos they have mentioned these things…Why do u have to interfere in his personal life??? Maybe they are still close friends but they have their own lives and busy schedules to deal with rather than giving IVs all day long. His wife Dhanaya was not spared too, some told she was insecure of Helly hence restricted him to be friendly with her, some advised Varun to divorce her and start dating Helly and also that Dhanaya has kept Tejaswi as his bodyguard?
Some even tell Tejaswi and Varun to be chipko…they are close buddies since last 8 years so it is obvio their bonding ll be better…don’t you guys do that same thing in ur own life too like being more friendly with an old friend???

4. Namish Taneja(Laksh)- He was bashed even after getting the less screen space than the above 3. He was called ‘Kala bandar’ in one site…Like who the hell r u people to judge someone based on looks??? Some intrude in his personal life too by ordering him to start dating Helly or Tejaswi in real. C’mon this is the biggest decision in a person’s life and without knowing him in real how can u just say that??? Even parents don’t say such things to their children nowadays…

Also there are SwaSan vs RagLak vs SwaLak vs RagSan and Swara vs Ragini fan fights…Some even say that ‘their favourites are most important so get over the fact that ur favourite ll get any screen space’ or ‘l hate this character’…People have the liberty to have their own favourites and no one has the right to dictate them to like a particular character. But not to forget that if u don’t like a character keep that to urself no need to announce it to the whole world with pomp and show. Like ur favourite and support them but no need to offend others’ choices and hurt them.

Yes u can definitely blame the makers for turning the show a battlefield by instigating the minds of the viewers. The CVs inability to portray all the 4 leads in an equal manner has lead to all the bashing and fights and I fear the day is not far for the show’s closure!

Again m mentioning this article is solely for those losers who don’t have any work other than creating a furore. Bashers I know u can’t digest ur food without ur usual job so feel free to bash ME as much as u want because I give a damn! But don’t create any more wars between the actors.

I know I have ranted a lot but I needed to get it all out. So if u r true fan of the show and the 4 leads then stop getting biased and just enjoy the show till it lasts…

Thank you?

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  1. Incredible …
    Actualy I appreciate u for this work …….
    I think this peoples are thinking they are real
    not any fiction charector
    So they are behaveing like that…

  2. It’s true I too really feel bad to see those type of comments in social media.. they r just entertaining us to kill our time but for that y r u people blashing them.. really onscreen is our entertainment means off screen is thr personal life right thr is no any our choice to tell about them.. we can comment about swaragini sanlak but not an any helly, teju, varun & nemi..

  3. i second you.. well said dear.. i too made some analysis on same topic.. only people like animals can bash others.. that too by seeing their iv’s and reel characters.. if anyone should be bashed it should be cvs.. they are doing injustice.. not actors.. and it is cheap in interfere actors personal life.. if anyone comment on your personal life it will hurts us like hell.. actors are also humans.. they are not some robots.. helly and tejaswi get so much bashing.. now also.. i don’t know what is the problem of these people.. if you love any particular actor you should praise them and ignore others.. but some people always interested in bashing the other actor than praising their favorites.. these people are shameless than animals.. i swear they will not get any success in life.. i advice them to look at your own life .. i find 4 leads and highly talented shinning stars.. helly and teju are real sweethearts.. they are equally beautiful equally talented equally lovable girls.. some tej fans says helly ugly and helly fans says tej ugly.. i want to tell only one thing…. definition of beauty varies to person to person.. it lies on others eyes.. and you have no right to compare 2 girls beauty.. because if you find one girl beautiful i may find not.. it is depend on person to person.. for me both are equally beautiful and lovable.. and comparing is a worst thing..

  4. Hats off! I cant say much. You said it all. And I agree to each and every word

  5. tisha(raglak fan)

    yes ur absolutely right I agree with u. I always think why people bash on actors (both positive n negative character) they are doing their work and work hard to entertain us we should appreciate them for their work n performance and commenting on their personal life is very bad ……

  6. tisha(raglak fan)

    yes ur absolutely right I agree with u. I always think why people bash on actors (both positive n negative character) they are doing their work and work hard to entertain us we should appreciate them for their work n performance, rather than bashing

  7. yes ur abstly right…

  8. Right said friend . It is bad to do like this. I Want to tell one thing that serial is just a reel life not real life. So don’t bash up anyone. Because of you their real life is like this. Please don’t take the character and the pairs seriously. And your right divya. Thanks to you and I need all of them to read this. So that they can change their mind hereafter.

  9. I totally agree wit u…

  10. U r so damn correct.. ..

    Hatts off to you… Finally someone has said this…

    Hope this get into those basher “s mind…

  11. I agree to u whole heartedly.. I m a teja fan….but I liked swasan even after being a crazy ragsan fan …in one swasan page I saw one girl constantly (till now)commenting abt tejaswi not abt ragini…she is saying her ugly, dirty, and etc….etc…I dont think there is some bad word which she didn’t represented her…I dont want to say neither the page name nor her name….not only their in sbas page also many swasan fans spoked abt teja…they said she is a *** dancer… Chii…that’s so illegal…they don’t have any rights to speak abt her personal life… be frank now a days I started to hate swasan just bcoz of their fans…sry to say if anybody get hurt of this comment….

    And ya in YouTube I saw it too….they r saying bad abt varun…they r saying he is laughing a lot with teju but he is not even seeing helly….. And speaking very bad abt him….. They both r frns of more than 8 years…then they l be like that only….hare yar agar aap kisi ke saath 8 years se frnd ho to aap uske saath comfortable hi rahogi…and zyadha jolly behave karogi….take eg of urs …..ur 8 year frnd and one year frnd….u l have diff bond with both….and I dont think varun is behaving like that with helly like u r saying… See one recent gift segment of herun he is laughing with her too…. but I love terun frndship …as I said I m teju fan but I like helly too…

    U people dont have any rights to speak abt their personal life….that’s their opinion how to be in their life…and ya dont speak like that abt teju…. Do u know she is a ***dancer???? Do u know she is ugly and all….u dont know abt her real life… Do u know that she is like ragini in her real life????? No na???? So u dont have right to say ill abt her in real life (teju)….and u people dont have any right to say him to divorce his wife ..that’s love marriage for him.. And u can speak anything abt sanky character u can request everything to him as sanky…but u can’t say varun to danya….u cant say him to date helly?? Pls see the diff btw real life and reel life…

    And I couldn’t understand what is chipko???

    Sry If I had hurt anyone its just my opinion …no bash comments pls…..

  12. Yes exactly whatever you said was 110% right…You jave said in a way that people who bash those 4 actors could easily digest the fact…Four of them are as you said are not actors to bebashed and your content was incredible and mind blowing… So proud of you 🙂 😀

  13. U r really right. I appreciate u. I am fan of all 4. Dont bash them about their personal life.

  14. u r right dear someone said the truth that ” what u think about others without knowing them in real, will show how is your nature or how is your character”

  15. No words to say…..!!
    Good you let your heart out….!!
    Even I feel bad after reading those comments….!!!!
    Thank you so much for writing this….!!
    ❤ ❤

  16. Hats off… not a swaragini follower. But whatever u said is correct. Coz keeping character in mind,bashing actors and even getting into personal life is not at all acceptable.

  17. Please tellyupdates change my montage…keep the one I gave…please it’s a request…please

    Msg from Team: Done.

  18. well said…. hatz of to u……… really so glad to read this… yes ur ryt peoples want to grow up… y they bashing the stars….. n according to me thy r doin thier job very well…

  19. well said… it was so correct

  20. Girl u rocked.i love u writing this.and u r damm correct.but really did varun got bashed for such reason??. i cant bealieve it plp can go to this level.

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