What the hell guys!!! Literally what the hell!!!!
Why are you bashing varun KAPOOR??!!
Kya galat kiya hai usne??!! Aap log itni bash kyu kar rahe ho!!!! THAT TOO ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!

If helly considers varun as her close friend toh usme varun ki kya galti hai??!!
If varun doesn’t takes helly’s name in his IVs that doesn’t mean you can bash him or call him HYPOCRITE!!!!!!

If he takes teju’s name that doesn’t mean you can point out on their relationship!!!!!!

They are just good I mean prettyyyy good friends that’s it….and for God’s sake HE IS A MARRIED GUY and even dhanya loves tejaswi!!

Don’t you guys think people are overreacting…..sharing your opinion is OK but bashing someone is NOT SO COOL
When namish took helly’s name no one bashed him in such way then why are you bashing varun??!!!
Look guys without varun there is no swasan….so stop bashing him

I just hope TU publishes this article.. Bcoz I am really fed up of this bashing and all

Just keep spreading positivity
*no proof read

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  1. Last time also swasan fans did this hyper reaction and then after swasan Iv it was back to bashing the others and praising swasan. It will be the same now as well. Too much focus on fiction. All of the others (normal people who are now fed up) should stop breaking their heads on this and bothering with the usual bashing by ‘some’ swasan fans

    1. Mica

      the Silly thing, Ragsan or Varun fans YELLED HERE ASKING MEMBER TU TO STOP BASHING VARUN, which we even didn’t do, weird

      1. Dear, my comment was to th fans in TU who are getting carried away by the fans elsewhere (the bashers) and making declarations that we hate vk we will not watch the show or Iv etc. Those who don’t want to watch it, stop watching. Period. I did. Ages ago. But stop getting carried away by the drama of the bashers at least. That I assume is affecting TU fans here as well. I referred to them when I said normal people.

      2. Mica

        if she didn’t drag the problem here, we won’t even bothered by the hell happened on other site, if she (the writer) can create drama here, don’t ask people to stop another drama..
        sorry, but seem even you carried away the elsewhere’s problem of basher here..
        so, what the differences ?

    2. Jwala

      don’t you think you are over reacting? for god sake can you stop this drama miss azure? it is just disgusting

  2. vk lose so many loyal fans on his bday once he should confront his fans and clear misunderstanding of swasan about ivs coz seriously people are regretting to give vote to him

  3. Common guyz just grow up who are bashing varun kapoor. Dnt mix offscreen and onscreen guyz plzzz. Sanskar is just charecter. Varun also a human being he also had his own life and personal likes and dislikes. U ppl are bashing him for he took tejas name as his best frnd, whtz wrong with u guyz its his personal choice guyz and helly is so younger than varun and in btwn varun and teja age different is less. But in frndshif there is no problem with age gap. If he considers teja as his best frnd then whats wrong with it. And u knw guyz teja is not only close with varun but she is very close with nameesh helly and the akansha (parinitha) plsss stop bashing actors for their personal life. And u knw guyz both the 4 leads are very close in real life also. U may can check in social media helly teja nameesh varun are very close in real life also.

  4. pls tell me which iv

  5. really varun kapoor literally had a birthday BASSSSHHHHH…… ofcourse m a silent reader but cant resist myself now …. wt u people think ( hurted people) did he really get affected by all this bashing & hating comments ..its jst shows yours ill mentality ..remember guys pair is swasan not vahe ..much more things are in life which is important ..plz stop revolving around actors life ..dont waste your time in silly senseless things… be your own ideal ..

    1. Mica TU, no one bashed VK, so you better blabbering your mind in the rite place, ..
      really, i even fed up with this Pammy’s drama.

      1. i know mica but i dont use any other platform where these things actually happened.. i got to know about this via this post only…

  6. Tiyasa

    Its not good- bashing one on his birthday…….

  7. Pammy

    If this post hurted anyone’s feelings…. I am sorry guys I just felt like sharing my views here without anyone’s bashing I just asked people to stop bashing but it led to something else….some people are thinking that I intentionally did sorry dear you are wrong in fact I hate bashings and all..I clearly mentioned in my post….still if anyone got hurt by my post I’m sorry …but this post has given me many new friends in TU….a big thanks to those guys who personal messaged me….
    Keep smiling be happy take care

    1. Mica

      the fact, no one love bashing, even the basher itself, most of us are hypocrite fellow,
      yelled hate bashing but in the other hand we did it ourself.
      and even me, somehow bashing you in this post..
      We all member here, we can post everything, but seriously, dragged elsewhere’s problem here will create more problem instead of spreading positive message among us.
      Good to know that you have many new friends…

  8. Guys can anyone tell me where and when varun insulted swasan fans!?!?!?!?!? pls!!!

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