Stop bashing up

Ppl stop bashing Naman Shaw for the role,Any Person is Actor based upon his Talent,Naman is not a newbie to Industry ,he has done many shows and If a Actor is trying to take thr role forward which Sidhant gave life to Kunj’s role,shouldn’t we put some encouraging words and motivate him to give us his best ? Did u guys ever realize how hurting it would be ,If u bash a actor on his social media profile,We all know one day an Actor will replace,If you start seeing Sidhant in Naman,you can never encourage as both actors have their unique way of talent and Acting Skills,Why are the comments like ‘Better Twinkle married Yuvi than New Kunj ‘ What you mean is No matter what You go by faces and not by depth of the character of Kunj ? How well did Sidhant gave life to Kunj’s character,Just now that an actor is taking the same role forward ,you don’t want ? Then where is the morals associated with any relation ? Will you guys choose faces over morals..yes its just a show that doesn’t mean ,we follow the same fiction in life right ? Supporting Actors is what we need to do when someone enters our fav show,Bashing him and leaving bad comments won’t do any benefit to anyone.What was the Joruney of Kunj and Twinkle,How well they understand,stood by eachother and fall in love & completed their marriage with love..what abt all of that story,Plz We are requesting you to stop bashing the actors over character and support the actors who enter our Show

I will not tell my name …. but u people also think the point if you will not watch the serial the result can also be serial to go off air. .. and then what you people will do . Atleast show some patience let the character try to fit in the role . Even in our telly updates family we give chance to New fanfiction writers .. so why not to New characte . Please stop bashing up. Even sidhant would not felt good . Because after all he prayed that after him the sets should not loose his charm . Please try to understand my point …

Ya I know you all must be thinking who the hell I am I will not reveal my identity . Let me give you one hint I am the writer of most liked fan fiction .

Credit to: Twinj_twiraj_fan


  1. Shatakshi

    |Registered Member

    Hey this was the article of tei admin…
    But really I agree to ur words…
    N about the identity…
    …there is a.long list
    Plzzz reveal fast

  2. Sameera

    |Registered Member

    Yeah u r right I agree wid u every actor has his own charm n we should support naman Shaw also ?? when tei starts we didn’t know about twinkle uv n kunj nature but still we support them
    I think we should support naman also for our lovely tei ??

  3. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    Yes I totally agree with you It’s not Naman’s fault Sid left the show and someone had to take his place so why not Naman
    Is it true that Jasmine is also leaving the show??

  4. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    Yr …..I don’t know who r u but what u said is right…
    See I’m not bashing Naman …as I said earlier he did many shows nd acted well..
    But everyone has his or her perception nd as per me I can’t accept anyone in place of Sid whether it be Naman or any other ….
    As for me Twinj always remains as Sidmin ….nd I just love them nd can’t even think of replacing someone with that position

  5. Mannat

    |Registered Member

    I completely agree with you .. you have did a good job by copying this article over here . I have read this article on the fb page but those who are not on fb and bashing over here . For them it is a good message . But there slight addition in this message comparatively to fb one…..
    Really hot each word is true . And we all judge the serials by storyline not by faces

  6. Rossy30726

    I to agree as a fan of this show it is our responsibility to encourage an actor not ditch him with harsh wording guys.

  7. Jasmine wani

    I agree with u…but d problem is naman didnt match with twinkle as husband…he is just like her…. U all knw wt.

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