Stop Bashing…… (Swaragini)

Hei guys it’s not a ff….

I just haved a idea in my mind so thought to share……if you dont like it I am sorry…

Guyzzz I am seeing everything that is happening in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….you all who are tejaswi fans are bashing helly….Some are saying she is belly,jelly,jerry,berry,and etc….but guyz har name is HELLY….Under mark it HELLY SHAH NOT BELLY OR WHATEVER….Some are writing go and commint sucicide…..Why are we mixing reel and real…..If you like tejaswi then why are you poking your nose in helly matters…..people have their own choices…..and if you like helly then stop bashing tejaswi…..Some say she is old….to much of fakeness…try to have attention and all that stuff….but guyzzzz are we really their fans??????…..They are bestfriends and they have good bonding….Personally I like tejaswi more then helly but I never bashed her….I know everyone have their own opinions I can’t just hurt their opinion…..I lover raglak more then Swasan but I never bash Swasan or Helly&Varun… be honest I never liked this show in the beginning of the show…..because I thought it was liking two sisters boring drama….so I never watched…..I used to watch saraswatichandra their I liked varun&shiny….kusum and Danny……when I got to now that varun is making a entry in swaragini only then I start to watch it….first I thought it’s will be Ragsan and Swalak…..After when Swasan and Raglak get married….so we all liked more raglak and swasan that why they are pairs now…..I was a varun fan so basically I liked Swasan but then seeing all the point of view…I start to like Raglak and I still like them….I like teja because she is down to earth…and same with helly,varun,namish….EveryOne is different in their own way….Some start bashing namish saying that he is stupid…never take a stand against helly always after tejaswi…Saying he is a slave….Some or saying varun is useless…stupid..All other…..I never bashed any one…. I like all of them in their own way….I mean if some one like Swalak or Swasan….Ragsan or Raglak….I like all of them and never bashed anyone….They are enjoying their life….dont even now about us even exist or something….They are friends,buddies……And people saying tejaswi is after varun and namish but guyz….They are friend and if helly is not so close to varun and namish what is the fault of tejaswi…..helly is busy in her own work….and as all know or maybe not….Teja are friend with both of them before the show…..and guyz helly have her Collage work also to do so maybe that why she is busy….but they all have a good bonding….and why are we even bashing them….Are we some unique people’s….Their is many show which have two main leads….They don’t bash eachother…..

Now they are saying they are not going to watch swaragini because of raglak track….guyzzzz you all had your track so why to bash other….I don’t get it…..but I must say those who are helly fan or focusing more on Teja and same with Teja fans….you guys are too much busy in bashing eachother blaming eachother why because of a serial…..which may last some months or years you guyz or showing bad image of you……Some of Swasan fans or bashing Raglak and some of Raglak fans bashing Swasan…..that all we do….juse because of some fans whole fandom is having a bad reputation…..I know everyone have their own point of view and I respect that and you all basher also need to respect that….if not then stop bashing and saying I have a mouth I can say whatever i want…..plz if you dont like some one then please let it be to your self…..Why bashing……and ya if you all say that varun is better then namish or namish is better then varun… guyz we don’t now anything about their life…..who they are in really life so stop it…..if you all want Ragsan and Swalak I am sorry but keep it to yourself…..I don’t mind if you right ff or os because I read all four couples ff and os…..and saying that stop writing Ragsan or Swalak ff you guyz are hurting others….and ya we all Teja fan are not desperate…..only if you all now…..

If you did liked it so plz dont mind because It was my opinion….that all…?

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  1. Sanjanaagrawal

    I am also a helly fan but I never bashed tejaswi fans …. plz guys stop bashing n unite hope u all understand ….

  2. Silent_writer

    Yes u r rite stop bashing our fav needs our support not to bash their opp actor n actresses….

  3. KritikaRajpoot

    hmm u r right i love teja but never bash any one but i hate people who bash others and if teja or helly fans bash teja or helly it means they are not their real fans because tej and hell are best friends but if anyone bash teja weather it’s hell fans i will not keep quite i will answer them with out bashing helly we should give answers to the people who bash heltej but with out bashing them and pavani too wrote an analysis in which she was bashing Ragini saying that we should not write RagSan ff who is she saying that we should do this or do this…… and yes yaar RagLak are only in side role they are getting less scene the creatives should give equal importance to both pairs and show the bonding of two sisters they should give 10 min RagLak 10 min SwaSan and 10 min SwaRagini bond by this only the TRP will increase by showing one week RagLak and one week SwaSan will not increase the TRP…hope you understand..

  4. I totaly agree with you katie..iam a die heart fan of i didn’t bashed hely..both the girls are beautiful and have there own personalities..both of them are friends i don’t why people bash each other 4 them..plz guyz stop bashing and respect your favorates..

  5. U r right dear..i love helly nd swasan is my faviorate..but i nver bash ragini aka tejaswi..we shuld jst suport our fav..

  6. l love teju maximum people says that she negative but why can’t they see its showed her acting skill she has most beautiful face she is very talented we know she done her engineering with good marks that Mumbai university and she fab actor singer and dance she is complete package I am not saying hello is not good she is also A good actor and belly fans said teju is old she is only 3yrs elder than belly and in show she is younger sister of swara

  7. I am sorry helly belly is Mis printed bcoz my phone got hang don’t bash me bcoz I love belly emotion also

  8. Ragz_teju

    I am huge fan of teju but I respect all the actors of swaragini they are really doing very well and I request all the fans not to bash any of the leads. It’s only happening with the Swaragini fans so please stop bashing

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