Stop bashing SWARAGINI fans


Hi guys!! I am here to share something hope u understand

guys plz stop fighting fr a fictional characters stop bashing tejaswi and helly if u r a fan of swasan or raglak then concenteate on them y r u poking ur nise in other fandoms…stop blaming eachother by saying they hav started first so we r continuing….
If u r ragini/teju fan that doesnt mean u can bash helly/swara same goes to swara/helly fans instead of bashing others praise ur fav actors…even i dnt like helly bt dat doesnt mean i can bash or abuse helly if u cant like or respect helly/teju atleast ignore them u need nt hurt others feelings…..
Coming to offscreen bonding if varun doesnt do masti with helly in ivs dat doesnt mean u can bash him nd teju y r u ppl bringing teju in btwn she dnt hav anythng to do with it..ND SOME R SAYING DAT VARUN ND TEJU KNWS EACHOTHR BEFORE ITSELF SO HE Z GIVING MORE IMPRTNCE TO TEJU NO….DATS NT TRUE THEY MET ON THE SETS OF SWARAGINI ITLSELF..if u want u can check out tge latest iv of tejaswi
nd some ppl(swasan fan) dnt leave namish even…as he took stand fr tejaswi u ppl started (some swasan fans)started bashing him nd compared him to monkey!!! Wats that c’on guys grow up if we talk abt pairs if u like swasan dat doesnt mean u can bash raglak…same goes to raglak fans u ppl r behaving like kids noo i think evn kids dont do such things if we explain them to not to do dat
u ppl r like U BASH MY COUPLE I”LL BASH UR COUPLE…. wats dat?!!!!! Nd raglak fans if u r nt getting enough raglak dat doesnt mean u shld bash swasan….instead blame cvs or bash even yessss u can bash cvs fr giving us such a biased show…bt u cant blame swasan nd plsss guys stop bashing fr fictional charecters which make fun of love and marraige…nd ha some ppl r saying dat ragsan look like siblings..seriously JAB SANKY KA ENTRY HUA THA TAB THO HUM SAB KO AISA HI LAGA KI HE Z GNG TO PAIRED WITH RAGS ND SERIOUSLY KISIKO ANDAAZA B NHI THA KI IT”LL BE SWASAN KYA AAPKO JAB WO SIBLINGS JAISE NHI DIKE KYA JO AB DIKNE LAGA U PPL R HAPPY FR SWALAK RYT FIR AAJ KYU AISA haaaa…..
Bashing of urs doesnt affct their bonding it may b tevar or vahe or temish ok wo jaise hai jaise hi rahenge aapki yaha ladne se kuch nhi hoga

ha u might b thinking dat i am a raglak fan so am saying thz all so let me clear i am neithr a raglak fan nor swasan nt even swaragini am jz a biggg fan of temishvar i dnt watch serial evn i jz watch offscreen videos….i am here jz bcz i am fed up of watching d fight btwn two fandoms dats it…!

Credit to: Pammy

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  1. Panmy you are absulutely right. Thumbs up for you, why do people bash writers who like other couples than their fav. Couple? Did I ever bash anyone, who hates Swalak and Ragsan?

    1. Thank u crazygirl fr supporting me

  2. agree with you totally even I’m not a fan swaragini i was but not now…
    dint know what they get bashing other that for reel character…

    1. Yeah exactly…!!

  3. AnuAnn

    I too agree with some of your points.. I too don’t like tejaswi.. Nd I’m a crazy fan of helly and also love varun and namish.. But till now I didn’t care much about bashers if they bash my helly too.. If anyone bash helly it doesn’t mean dt we can bash tejaswi.. U knw both heltej face bashing bt little more helly…Coming to Te Var friendship.. You r not right.. They knew each other from long before not from swaragini.. Many sources stated dt .. Not take wrong assumptions from interview.. Actually firstly I don’t have any prlm with their friendship.. B’coz I knew, they r frnds from long before namish too know her before dis show… Bt helly is too younger to them.. So their bonding may be different.. But recently I know many swasan fans bash tej due to this in same way many ragini fans also make fun of swara…. Swara sabka piche hai like blah .. Blah .. From then I too start hating it more… But still now I’m against bashing any real characters for just a serial

    1. Yeah we dnt hav any rt to bash….nd am sorry to say fr ur kind info teju herself said dat she met mr.kapoor on the sets of swaragini only nd ya temish each othr bfr swaragini she evn said dz….if u still beliv dat tevar knws eachothr frm ages u can go and check out d latest iv of teju by glitz vision

  4. i hate tejaswi/ragini….bt i knw i dnt hav ny rights to bash dem…i m nt a mad dog yo barklng…evn if me nd my frndz hate tejaswi we never bashd her..instead we praise our cutie pie hellu….why we waste our time for bashng no one relatd to my nthng….
    nd for ur kind info helly bashd brutally in social networkng sitz just bcz of some insecure jealous tejaswi fans…i didnt say tejaswini got bashd…bt tejaswinu didnt get bashed like hellu…..i love helly very very much..indeed my frndz too love hellu nd alwayz suppprt her….love u hellu
    nd we only watch swaragini for hellu

    1. Yeah we shd nt waste our tym in bashing…nd ya i jz knw dat helly z bashd bt dnt knw exactlyh hw bcz i never poke my nose in matters which z relatd to helly

  5. Moni

    You are right pamela…i was supporting Want RagLak Saga in twitter and i tried many to convince to spread positivity and trend and many agreed and are doing it ☺☺ i love bothbcouples but raglak a bit more as their story is not well explained and personally i like heltej both helly is a doll and teju is so cute but some people really don’t understand. …i being raglak fan was really angry when some called swaracsl*t and swasan fans also called ragini nagini…but talking with many of tweeters i realised there are many who would like to unite and i asked 3/4 swasan fans also but they disagreed so i thought i contacted wrong persons and with hope of finding true swasan and raglak fans here who would want to unite leaving all differences behind i posted here. Let’s decide a day and time to trend we are swaraginians we love both swasan and raglak and remove the wall between two fandoms. If you want to support me pls reply

    1. Yeah moni ik abt trndng…i wuld luv to supprt bt i am nt on twittr and i dnnt want to b evn so am srry soo srry dear

  6. Well said pammy. i totaly agree with you..i don’t know why people bash teju nd helly 4 some fictional characters..nd what is the fault of teja if varun doesn’t do masti with helly..what is the fault of namish if he stand 4 teja when some swasan fans bash her..seriously guys it is there life…if varun nd namish is closer 2 teja then what is your pblm..nd iam sure temishvar keep good bond with hely..nd about raglakians,if cvs don’t give imp to raglak then what is helly’s fault in this?instead of bashing her do some thing with this cv’ stop bashing each other guys nd sry if i hurt anyone

    1. Yeah neha thank u nd well said dear

  7. Yap u r r8 pammy de…even i m a hugeeeeee tejawi fan…bt i nver based helly…i mean who m i to bas nyone yaaar….although i supportedtejaswi my times bt nver said bad word against helly or ny other co star…i jst pray for tejaswi succeess…may god alwaysbless her .shez lyk an angel to me…loved her sooooooooo much…
    So plz basher dnt bash ny celebrity …..

  8. i hate swara\helly bt i never bashed helly..i jst watch swaragini only for teju bcz she z bst actress i have ever see..she portays negative and positive with equal passion and intensity..hw can writers neglect though she is a wonderful actress…She is most most beautiful actress i have ever seen…though i dnt like swaras acting but i never bash…some social netwrking teju was bash harshly in fb too sme insecre jealous helly fans says her nagini and etc hw can smeone be so insecure of our cutipie teju..they r nt humans..u knw wat i try ma best to like helly but helly fans bash on teju so i cant like helly…jst bcz of jealous fan…ma friends also dnt like helly but i nd ma friends never bashed her..bcz why we waste our time for bashing no one related to us…

  9. People..really stop bashing them; they r nowhere at fault ok..n truly to say both couples r awesome. wen sanskar entered d show i did want him to go wid swara as she cud only contrl n handle him;laksh n swara didnot share tht love kind of bond so its fine.

    chill guys…. its useless to fight lik ths!!!!

  10. I hate temish..n there r 100 reasons 4 hating them..BT I never bash I want to spend my tym by praising my swasan/vahe..for not basing any1..n I know swasan/vahe fans never bash any1 without any reason..phir bi I want to all swasan/vahe don’t waste your tym by basing wanted unwanted’s better they n their fens..n keep praising our swasan/ it can increase their popularity more & more.. 🙂

  11. Yeah we shd nt waste our tym in bashing…nd ya i jz knw dat helly z bashd bt dnt knw exactlyh hw bcz i never poke my nose in matters which z relatd to helly

  12. Yeah moni ik abt trndng…i wuld luv to supprt bt i am nt on twittr and i dnnt want to b evn so am srry soo srry dear

  13. Lila

    Wow a whole load if truth there… true I don’t like Swasan…but I don’t bash them. I’m a Ragsan fan. Exactly my POV about VK started the show all thought he would be paired with Ragini…no one said them as siblings. But when Swasan got paired automatically everything changed… a pair (Ragsan) that everyone liked nw they see them as siblings. If anyone doesn’t like any couple u don’t need to go an annouce to everyone… just keep it to urself…Pammy u r right these bashings need to stop it’s getting out of hand..

    1. Thank you Lila dear…..yaar seriously he can they say that they are like siblings?!!!! Hhhhhhh seriously

  14. Yeah u r absolutely correct…. Bashing is totally time waste…. I m a Raglak fan but I don’t bash Swasan…. Nd the people who bashed Tejaswi nd says that Namish is a monkey they all r stupid fellows….They have no right to say these type of words to these talented actors… Disgusting…

    1. Pammy

      Yeah riya….

  15. Pammy

    Yeah riya….

  16. Nope dear….teju n varun r friends before swaragini….u can watch in many interviews they said….n about vahe….who said they will not do masti onsets….if in any interview or selfies will only decide their bonding or what….i cant understand problem of others who r saying vahe didnt have gud bonding….like really..?if they didnt have gud bond how can their chemistry is working….bcs of some dating rumours b/w vahe they r not giving so many iv’s n selfies like before….but if they give interviews anybody can see their bonding…VAHE HAVE NICE ONSCREEN N OFFSCREEN BONDING…

    N for tevar bonding we dont have any problem but some teju fans always irritate us by saying nobody likes helly…that hurts us very much…n bashing starts from there








  17. Very well said sis…….Even I don’t like Helly Shah…..but I never bashed her…there is no need for me to do so……instead I would praise my Teju nd Namish……..coming to Tevar bonding,even after mentioning that they knew each other on swaragini sets,some people still say that they knew each other since long time…FOR ALL SUCH PEOPLE HERE IS THE LINK OF TEJASWI’S IV in which she mentioned about how she met VARUN…BEING MORE PRECISE SHE SAID THAT EXACTLY AT 3.08……..””””””””
    Now coming to Ragsan….once i have read an article I think in telly bytes only…….someone wrote that very crap saying abt ragsan nd even abt ff writer’s of ragsan…first of all the writer said that they look like bro nd sis nd how can someone even think them as a pair…………but when sanskar was introduced all thought that ragsan would b paired but that didn’t happe n like there r sm die hard fans of those couples also…but they won’t get to c their fav couple onscreen …for people like them ff’s r the only source….so there is no wrong in writing ff’s on ragsan bcz there r only fictional names taken from SR nd every ff has their own story which is entirely different from serial…..SO DON”T ASK PEOPLE TO STOP WRITING ON RAGSAN…….There r some people who say that they can’t see sanskar being paired with ragini nd askinfg people to stop writing on ragsan…..Isn’t it too illogical……..if u can’t bare them who the hell asked thm to read ragdan ff’s nd comment in that ff……………

    Coming to raglak……ll raglak fans please come to twitter nd weet to CV’s for OUR RAGLAK (Want RagLak Saga) rather than wasting your time in bashing the other couple…..

  18. This bashing is really irritating.. I am a die hard swasan fan but I love to watch raglak too..infact first I love ragsan and swalak but when cvs introduce swasan pairs I was disappointed but later I started loving them…
    Bashing is not an option… I m a die hard manmarziyan fan also(dont know whether u all know about the serial or aired on star plus )..this show also had two leads Arjun( Aham Sharma) Radhika (monica sehgal) Samaira(Kashmira Irani) and Neil ( Shravan Reddy) but neither aradhika fans ever bashed nesam nor nesam fans bashed aradhika…we love both of them equally.

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