Hello guyzz.

I have read all the things u all said about helly and tejaswii. To be honest i feel pity on those who dont have any work and start bashing other. Like really guyzzz. Get a life. Why being so jealous of helly&tejaswii.

I haved read all comment you do about helly and tejaswii. Why guzz you start bashing other. Get a life guyzz.

Swasan fans.
I know i am raglak fan. But you now what some of swasan fans start bashing tejaswii calling her. Fake,childlish,sl*t,b*t*h. And etc. So stop it guyzzz i mean cant you all be in peace what u think helly like it. NO. What you all think she is happy that you all are calling tejaswii.NO. Stop it. You guyzz are really bad. Coming to raglak. What they think of them self. I heared the twitter fight. Ok i understand swasan fan started but raglak fan was also not right. Both swasan and raglak were WRONG. Raglak fans why you all start making fun of helly name: Jelly,Jerry,Belly and etc. Stop it you all are now one to say that ok. So mind your tongue. You cant take the words back you say ok. I heared many raglak fans say to helly go and die and all other stuff. But dear raglak fan who are you all to say that. Come on get yourself together guyzzz. Stop being childlish. Grow up yaar. I really feel pity on u all raglak and swasan fans.

Guyzz plz stop bashing swaragini. I domt understand their are many show which have two couples their fans never fight. So why are you all bashing eachother. Do u think swasan and raglak have respect for you all by doing this.

And stop spoiling tejaswi and helly friendship. Keep your opinion too yourself if not then learn to respect others opinion.

I sometime think if they now what reel life and real life are. U all get so personal while bashing eachother.

What u all think of yourself helly&tejaswii enjoy when u all get in fight and goes personal. Do u think they enjoy when they get to now that their fans are bashing eachother. I dont think they are proud of u all. Stop being childlish, Grow up. You all are not kid who dont now manners. Maybe kids are better then u all. Like really get a life. And who are u all to say characterless and sl*t and b*t*h to them. I am sorry to say but i think your parents never told you how to behave and say something about other and manners.

So stop bashing eachother. If swasan fan start to bash tejaswi then be quiet sometime your silent say manything instead of saying something. Same goes to raglak if they bash helly.

I hope you all who bash got a mind and growed up after this. . And yes i write it after reading jwala post. So stop bashing eachother and grow up u all are not kids.

Note: Dont you dare to say anything about raglak or swasan. And yess if you all wanted to now then i am a raglak but i also love swasan and helly very much. So stop bashing eachother. Never say anything to Tejaswii or Helly.

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  1. Kudos to u! I m a swasan fan but still i really hate when people bash any of the four. All the actors share a good friendly bonding offscreen, so why can’t we? I am not saying everyone to like all the actors but atleast we can respect them as humans atleast. Bashing the characters (to some extent only) can be ignored, but bashing the actors is very very narrowminded.

  2. Aami

    ur absoltly write…… am a swasan fan but i nvr try to bash tejaswi…. n respct n lyk her tll she is in sanskar (serial)…. i dont no why the so called fans bash helly n tejaswi…. both r sooo good in their actig slill n external as well as internal beauty…. when i see bashin commnts i feel pity on thm…. how cheap n childish…. no no thy r bot childhish bcoz children hve more manners n thy ncbr defame othr…..
    i se this serial from first bcoz of swaragini…… i lve it bcoz of its the stry of two girls…… but as evry one hve thier personal fvrte me tooo hve swasan… thts dont mean i hate raglak…. thy both r adorable…. ???

  3. Very nyce…..I’m swasan fan ..but I too like raglak…. I agree wid you dear…who r you we to comment or scold them… All the four lead characters are excellent…n they do their job very well… N we have no right to bash any one….. I too used feel the same…..

  4. Bang on post dear.Its really sad how these people are bashing actors.Its really bad.Iam a raglak fan but I really respect varun and helly a lot.Helly has achieved so much at such a young age which is commendable and varun the way he is portraying his character is amazing.Its to both the fandom’s please stop bashing actors its degrading and disrespecting the hardworking put into their show.You guys will never understand how much their characters are special to them.Please my humble request don’t bash any actor.

  5. SPP

    Absolutely true and to be honest I was also thinking about the fact that you have posted……..

  6. Whoever you are….I agree with you…they are actors….their characters don’t display their real identity. If you like swasan, you can’t bash raglak….and vice versa. And another thing I see in comments boxes are swalak and ragsan fans creating nuisance abt swasan and raglak….so I request the bashers to be decent.

  7. Exactly…i dnt understnd r thess people so free in this world that they dont hv any work ecept this stupid bashing n all…i mean these r jst fictional characterzzz nd they hv to poprtray the role givn to thm…they hv nothng to do with the track…then we using such cheap wordzzz…on fb too swasan n raglak fanzz r fighting like hell…plzzz guyzz u can show ur fandom without evn criticising the opp one…

  8. Sofia

    The twitter fight happened when namish posted teja’s birthday video. He supported Teja when one girl bashed her & he tweeted her not to spread negativity. Another girl asked him why doesn’t he stands up for helly when she too get nasty comments. To that he replied that his real fans would never bash anyone and if they does they are not his fans. Hope this make those bashers quiet for the time being.I loved that namish took stand for Teja. Teja is really lucky to get such a good friend.
    I think its proper to ignore the HelTej bashers. The more attention the get the more bashing they will do.
    Helly & Tejaswi are good friends. They will never like their fans bashing each other. Only God can put some sense to those pshyco bashers if they do not stop now at least.

  9. Bang on post dear. Bashing needs to stop.Iam a raglak fan.But I respect varun and helly a lot.Varun the way he is portraying his character and the realism he adds in it is amazing.Helly has achieved so much at such a young age is commendable.She is very sweet.Seriously bashing is very cheap.People from both fandom need to stop this.They are degrading the hardwork put by the actors.Please guys understand all the four leads have shot to fame with this serial and their characters are very special to them.Please guys don’t bash any actor.Its plain disrespecting their hardwork.

  10. Bang on post.Bashing needs to stop.I am a raglak fan.But i respect varun and helly a lot.They all are putting so much efforts to their characters and these bashers they are just disrespecting their hard work by passing such comments.Guys stop these things and enjoy watching show.Please be mature and be true fans.

  11. You well said dr… swasan fan.but i also love raglak……
    Why cant we became friends guyss like helly teju namish varun…
    Dont bash eachothers guyss….those who doing this useless work shame on you guyzzz.
    If you havent any work rather than bashing please stay quit…..
    Thats better for those guyzzz..

  12. Shonali

    You know what, there are few crazy fans, only few in numbers, who have started this “I bash your favourite, dare you bash mine” game, and just because of them a chain reaction starts and the fans start blaming each other. The two of the four who who face more negativity are Tejaswi and Helly and in my opinion Tejaswi is targeted a little bit more because of the evil sister she had to play before. You know Teju is even blamed for the low trps?!
    And I don’t care if SwaSan fans like this or not but seriously SwaSan got more importance than RagLak and while the serial is titled as “Swaragini” and should have shown sisters bond at first place, it turned out to “SwaSan-The love story”
    There’s no balance between the characters and the couples.
    It’s useless and baseless to bash the actors and characters of the serial, the writers are not doing their job correctly.

    1. Agree with you

    2. I too agree with you……….this serial has not been giving raglak equal importance………..but this is not an oppurtunity to bash Helly…………….she isn’t one who is directing this………….

  13. Completely agree with you
    I am a swasan fan but I even like raglak
    Both the fandoms should stop fighting among themselves and stay united
    We can support our fav actress , actor or couple but we haven’t got any right to bash others
    Swaragini rockzzz



  15. I am a raglak fan………….but just bcoz one is a swasan fan or raglak fan doesn’t mean you can bash any of the four………………..bashers just remember one thing: when u bash either of the four remember you are insulting your parents as well……………

  16. I agree!!!! I am a big fan of swasan but I like raglak too we all should respect all the actors

  17. nobody knows me

    hello whoever you are you said the write thing i would have done the same they don’t have common sense taking reel and real together hell to them what are they statues no but they are master at bashing teju and hellu are besties there and they have aparted them like a paper i got sometime ashemed that is this really swaragini serial i am watching

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