This is a one shot. I was thinking about writing it from a long n today I got a time for it. So, let’s go.

At a cliff. A girl is standing there, like a calm ocean, fighting inside with a turmoil of emotions. She lost everything, just in a moment. Nothing left in her hand___her parents, possession, passion, near ones n interest to live her life. The events of her this condition flashed on her eyes..

#1 How her best friend, in her marriage day, came to the marriage hall with her supposed to be husband, married.

She closed her eyes ____a drop of tear escaped____friendship = trust ____’nonsense’. She let out a sarcastic smile.

“I hate u Swara. I’ll never forgive u.” She cried out.

#2. “Sekhar u r financially ruined n ur companies r going through bankruptcy. U have nothing left with u, not even a shelter for ur family.” his lawyer.

“But, how is this possible?” Sekhar.

“Ur partner Mr Maheswari cheated on u but we don’t have enough evidences against him.” Lawyer.

“This can’t be possible. He can’t do such a thing with me____ what will I do____ n my daughter….. what about her?…..she is going through a dark phase of her life……what will she do?…”

“Sekhar……” A scream of her mother echoed inside the hall n in the next moment, her father’s lifeless body fell down on the cold, harsh n hard concrete floor.
N the event continued to her mother’s lifeless body lying on the bed, with a suicide note.

Another tear drop escaped____ Betrayal____ her mind registered.

N her thoughts occupied with the events of her last 3 days, she spent, roaming around, insane, thinking about the drastic twist n turns of events in her life. N now, she is at the top of the cliff.

LIFE____ blo*dy HELL _____A sadistic smile creased on her lips.

“Today, I don’t have anything left with me except complains n a HELL called life. I don’t wish to burn in it anymore. God, u snatched everything from me, even a reason to live my life. Now, it’s over, I’m not gonna bear it anymore. I put it at an end but unfortunately, if I survive further, then it’ll be unfortunate for them because there will be only one emotion left in me ____REVENGE.

She stepped forward n jumped off the cliff.

Its a 2nd time she is in a same situation, all broken, at a same place, the only difference is ___ yesterday, she was here with the extreme feelings of rage, hurt, disgust, complains n grudges on Them but today, she is here with a same emotions on her own Self.

“Ragini, I’m here, now u can do anything u want.” A male voice hit her from back n a tear made it’s way out of her vision but she wiped it off before turning around.

“There is nothing left in u for me, so u r free from now.” She.

“Really, then what about ur so called revenge, don’t u want to complete it?” He, sarcastically.

A sharp pain spread all over her sensation, because, till now, she was living in an illusion of being a victim n blaming Maheswari’s for her condition. But truth is different from her pov. Her dippression phase, suicide attempt n survival, the 2nd birth in a single life, all remind her only one thing___ REVENGE.
She did everything to ruin their happiness, destroy their life. she succeeded in her goal. Everyone is now on the same situation, once she was passed through. But it turned into a guilt.

“My revenge……it was just an illusion, now I got clear about.” She.

“Y did u call me here?” he.

“To give u something, belong to u.” she.

“Laksh, what r doing here?” A female voice hit them from back.

“Swara, what u r doing here?” He.

“I called her, here.” Rag.

“Y?” Both.

“For a game.” R.

“What? Game? R u crazy?” Swara.

“Yeah, don’t waste the time. Its a confession game.” R.

“We r not interested.” L.

“U have to, or else it’ll not be good for ur little one.” She eying on Swara’s babybump.

“How dare u?” Laksh, in a utter rage.

“Cool, angry man. From when ur concern came into life for ur so called wife, hmm?” R mocked.

“Just shut up.” L.

“Then answer me.” R.

“Fine.” Before L, said anything S interrupted.

“Friends……no….best friends….we used to be best friends, right? Y did u betray me? Y didn’t u tell me once, that u loved this man? Y?” R, composed herself, “Answer should be genuine.”

“I’ll answer it.” L, Swara looked at him, shocked n he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “Because she was pregnant with my child, that time. Neither she wanted to marry me nor I, because being a Casanova, I used to play with girl’s feelings n she was one of them. I agreed to marry u because I lusted on u n wanted u in my bed but do thank her, she saved u from me. If she shouldn’t have blackmailed me with the dna report then I would never married her. She sacrificed her life just for u, n u r blaming her for betraying u. She shielded u from getting pains n what did u do with her? U separated her with her husband, who has just started to feel for her. U r a complete ruin. U r a curse for us. Now, we don’t have anything except this lifeless life, if u want then u can take it, also.”

Every word felt like a poisonous arrow to her senses. She felt extreme guilt running inside her nerves. The dam of her eyes broke off n pool of tears streamed out. She was readily waiting for this as she already got to know about the truth. Her friend was loyal to her all the time but what she did to her? Till yesterday she was thinking very bad about her but now, this is the time to make it right.

“I have no right to even ask forgiveness from u but just a wish. Please don’t say no to ur idiot friend’s last wish. Can I hug u once?” R smiled in tears, a pained one.

Swara hugged her tight n they burst into tears, complains n satisfaction. N after some time,

“Now, u guys go home. I have someone to meet with.” She turned to other side n they left.

‘God, what I have done? I ruined their life without their fault.’ She closed her eyes. A cool-stinging breeze hit her face, she felt like uncountable wounds creases on her body n she felt someone’s presence behind her. Its him.

“What will u do now?” he.

“what can I do?” she.

“Focus on ur future, live ur life, with a man, who loves u more than his life. Marry me.” he.

‘He, Sanskar Maheswari, elder brother of Laksh, who saved me in my first suicide attempt, who loved me like a mad n gave me all his wealth, love n life on my feet, what I have done to him? I used him as a ladder to reach my goal, I ruined his n his family’s life. But then also he showed me the right path, he cleared my vision n the illusion created in my mind. He made me realise that the real culprit is that moron, Sandeep Mishra, my father’s lawyer. Now, also, after all this, he is asking me to be in his life. But I’m a complete ruin___ Laksh is correct. I can’t be a lifelong shadow in his life.’ She thought.

“We can’t be together. Forget me because the girl with whom u fell in love with, never existed. She was just an illusion that got cleared. U, move on in ur life.” She, sternly.

“But I need the one in front of me.” He.

“U’ll never get her.” She.

“What do u meant?” He, confused.

“I LOVE U” She came near him n kissed him___ for the 1st n the last time n he lost in it, “Erase it.”

He came back to sense but she was at the top of the cliff by that time.

“Ragini, what r u doing there?” He, tensed.

“The story started from here n it’ll be end here.” She.

“Ragini, don’t do that, please,I love u, I need u, please don’t do that, please. Let’s give it a 2nd chance, please.” He plead her.

“I’ve already misused it. Now, I’m not able to bear the guilt of the sin I committed.” She.

“Please, don’t leave me.” He ran towards her.

“I know u will understand me. I can’t live in an illusion, let me put it to an end. Don’t punish urself for an idiot-loon head girl. Goodbye Sanakar.” She stepped backward n smiled innocently.

“NO…..” A scream echoed around, n a body fell off the cliff n other at the cliff.

Thank u so much for reading.

How’s it? Please let me know ur view on this one.


Credit to: RSR

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