Stony Inseparable Part:6 “Bite him”


Nat revealed that Clint likes Pietro.

Loki turned himself into snake form to bite Wanda

Wanda played a game to make Loki furious.

Clint and Natasha found Pietro outside lift


Part 6:


Scene 1: Tower’s hall


Nat was about to leave…..

Clint:”Nat.” and Clint slapped Nat.

Nat was about to fall but Steve and Tony caught her.

S:”Clint. What the heck is this?”

T:”Barton. Yo’re crossing the limits.”

C:”What, huh! She was about to cross hers.”

Ba:”Barton. Just come right now.”

Banner dragged Clint away from there while Nat to left without uttering a word.


Steve was about to go behind her but Tony prevent him.

T:”Let her Steve.”






T:”Hey calm down Capsicle.”

Tony hugged him and calm him down.

S:”Why Tony, why? She didn’t deserve such things.”

T:”It’s okay Capsicle, we can fight this.”

End of Scene 1:

Scene 2: Outside Stark Tower

Loki turned into snake and rushed towards Wanda….

L:”Today, this God of Mischief will give you death.”

Wanda smirked in returned and did nothing in return.

Loki was about to bite Wanda but fall with a big jerk and again turned into human form.

L:”What you just did, b****h!”

W:”I have told you not to mess with me, I’m telling you not to mess up again.”

L:”But what you just did!”

Wanda laughed evily and said “That’s my powers, do you want to experience more, you d*****s”

Wanda again went towards him and was join her hands, the ball of thunder began forming around her hands….

W:”Yo’re gone Loki.”

L:”Leave me. I won’t tell anyone your truth.”

W:”I can’t leave you.”

L:”No Wanda, I will help you out.’

Wanda stopped herself and waved a hand in air wiping that ball away.

W:”What did you say?”

L:”I, prince of Asgard will help you with your revenge.”

W:”I can have my own revenge, you just save yourself.”

L:”Even I need to take revenge as I have lost my sibling due to that Stark.”

W:”What’s yours back story?”

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3: Inside a Stark hall

T:”Hey ladies and gentleman, we’re sorry for today. I think we should call a end of party.”

All guests began leaving….

Steve sat on the sofa and tears began forming in his eyes,

Tony put his hand on his shoulder

T:”Capsicle, be strong.”

Steve looked at him and wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist.

S:”But why Nat! She didn’t deserve this.”

T:”Capsicle, it’s okay. Don’t cry, she is all okay and we will make manager her too. But you should be strong first. So, stop this.”

Steve didn’t say a word but remain as in same posture.

Thor came towards him and sat on the another side of him

T:”Friend, don’t cry over this. We will manage both of our friends.”

Steve release Tony and looked at Thor

S:”But this seems little bit hard for me.”

T:”One minute friend, tell me do you want to make Nat sad?”

S:”Nope. Not at all.”

T:”Then stop crying and try to make her happy by being happy, okay?”

S:”Hmm. Yo’re best friend Thor.”

T:”My pleasure, friend.”

Tony left the room without uttering a word.

End of Scene 3:

Scene 4: On Stark Tower terrace

Natasha was sitting on the bench and feeling the cold breath over her. Suddenly, she felt someone’s presence behind her and turned to look…


U:”May I?”

Man said pointing towards the bench..

N:”No need to be formal Banner.”


Banner sat besides Natasha.

Ba:”So what are you doing?”

N:”Just feeling soothing cold breath.”

Ba:”Want this?”

Banner said offering Nat her cup


Ba:”It’s your favorite, hot chocolate.”

N:”But you like Coffee!”

Ba:”I have made this for you only.”

Nat smiled little and took the cup

N:”Thanks Banner, I wanted this badly.”

Ba:”Pleasure is all mine.”

Few minutes passed silently….

N:”So are you here because yo’re pity for me!”

Ba:”Nope, I’m thinking yo’re one of the strongest woman I’ve ever seen. The way you managed the whole things despite being called so much it takes courage.”


Nat said smiled in return.

Ba:”So are you all okay now?”

N:”It will take time but soon will get along with this.”

Banner returned the smile and again silence covered them.

End of Scen 4:

Scene 5: In Stony’s bedroom

Tony barged in and band the door.

Steve too came behind him and went to Tony

S:”Tony, are you okay? What happen to you suddenly!”

T:”Nothig, I’m all okay Steve.”

S:”There is something as yo’re calling me Steve. Tell me Tony, now”

Steve demanded the answer but Tony remained silent.

T:”I’m.. I’m”



S:”I can figured that out. Why are you even jealous!”

T:”Oblviously, I should be. Yo’re with Thor.”

S:”Ohhhhh… Tony, yo’re a kid sometimes.”

T:”I have to. Thor is your Ex.”

S:”Haha. Mr. Stark, I’m yours only now. We are just good friends.”

T:”Everything begins with ‘just good friends’ only.”

Steve smiled and nodded his head in negative

S:”Aww. My Tony is jealous.”

Steve went to him and gave him a hug from behind.

Tony tried to release himself but Steve made his more hard.


Tony melted and turned to him and hugged his Capsicle.

T:”My Capsicle” and kissed his forehead.

End of Scene 5:

Scene 6: Outside Tower

L:”So what’s the next plan?”

W:”We need to do something big in order to make them suffer.”

L:”What? Killing them!”

W:”Good option but that will be direct, we should do something in order to make it big.”


Wanda thinks for sometimes and then smirked evily


L:”What! Whom!”

W:”Bite Steve…………”

End of Scene 6:


End of Part 6



Loki bite ……

Can Banner and Natasha’s relation will see day of light?



So this the 6th Part. Tell me how’s it was? Next part will have more twists. Press a star and leave a comment.




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  1. Parulkashyap

    awsm mindblowing dr sorry coldnt cmnt u

    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      It’s okay di. Don’t worry. ????

  2. Medha

    It was FABULOUS one specially that scene 2 Wanda was just awesome ….Good luck & update the next part soon dear Sairandhri !!

    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      MT. ???. I’m glad that you Iiked it. Will update soon.

  3. Niyati

    Wow ….Awesome update di….Loved each & every scene ……..Aww,.Jealous tony ……Update soon di & Love u ? ?

    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      Niyu ????. Glad that you loved it. I’m happiest one right now. ????

  4. Siddharth

    Fabolous episode deeps Tony consoling steve was nice ?. Waiting for next part ?

    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      Will update soon…

  5. Renimarenju

    Twisty Brain*****************Loved this episode to the core….That bite part was just out standing, didn’t expect it …..U nailed it deepa, and liked Batter’s concern towards Nat also….I hope our nat will be superfine from next update….And my lovey dovey, stony….mmhhhh,…..loved them to the core……Awww, my tony felt bad because steve is with that Thor………. Mmhh….Give tony more tight hugs and kisses……… Waiting for their cute romance………

    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      Hey Renju di. I’m glad I was able to give unexpected twists. Nat will be fine, right? Steve was with Thor and they were in so love but why did he left him then???? Hmm. I will give more hugs and kisses. Will update soon.

  6. Fenil

    Aww its so superb !!love bite !!

    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      Not a love bite HM. It’s biting of a snack. Btw I’m glad that you loved it.

  7. ItsmePrabha

    Firstly so sorry for being super late.. was out of station..Really loved this amazing update…Stony’s small scene was beautiful…tony’s jealousy was so cute.. precap is hell interesting…can’t wait for ASAP.. till then take care Sairu..

    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      It’s okay di. Glad that you like it. ????. ?????. Even I enjoyed that jealousy. I will post soon dI.

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